BlekkoGear Publishers Tools, SEO And Other Cool Stuff

BlekkoGear Publishers Tools

It has been a while since I have written something about Blekko. Interesting actually as Blekko is one of my favorite “on the fly” SEO Tools, among other things. If you have not heard of Blekko yet, then you might want to take a moment and get familiar with this not so “talked” about search engine and find out why I also called it an All-In-One SEO Tool.

[note]UPDATE: August 2012: Recently, Blekko announced that their SEO tools will be a paid service, as reported on If you are looking for other alternatives, try using Bing Webmaster Tools, or these ones here.[/note]

So, what is all this about BlekkoGear, SEO and Other Cool Stuff anyway?

BlekkoGear’s Link Widget and Embeddable Search Box

Community-driven search engine Blekko has introduced some publisher tools focused on link transparency and customized search via Blekkogear. Among the available tools, perhaps the most interesting one within the suite, is the Link Roll Widget. The tool is actually an embeddable widget and a way to “show off” organic links that points to any site (in this case yours). The widget is both customizable by number and size, and is pretty similar to that of Twitter’s latest, or FaceBook likes. Another way of looking at BlekkoGear’s Link Roll, is somewhat like a Google Alert, the difference being that you can have it showing in your site and results, as stated by Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta, is real time.


This is a neat way of seeing who is linking to you an a much quicker pace, and for that matter, react quickly. Being able to check backlinks in “near” real time who has just linked at you is a good way to interact and get “things” rolling while it is still fresh. It is obviously better, to thank someone almost immediately than 15 days later.

BlekkoGear Embeddable search box

As an alternative to several ways a publisher can include a search option within their websites, BlekkoGear also has available, an Embeddable Search Box that allows publishers to customize search, within their site. As Skrenta hinted, “our search box lets site owners provide a customized, vertical search engine that will return little to no spam because the search is limited to sources the publishers trust”.

blekkogear search

BlekkoGear SEO Toolbar

Very much similar to the dozen of toolbars that are already available as addons for browsers, BlekkoGear obviously has their version of a toolbar as well. Sadly, it appears that it is only available for FF users, at this time at least. Among other things, users can search for “Blekko’s slashtags”, and one of my favorites, a site’s SEO statistics.

blekkogear toolbar

Other BlekkoGear stuff

Other BlekkoGear publisher suite includes:

  • default search engine – all blekko all the time!
  • rss feeds – for all your favorite slashtags
  • trading cards – collect them all
  • free t-shirt – good for any occasion!

That’s it! In case you are interested in giving some of the BlekkoGear publisher tools a spin, you can get them all here.


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16 thoughts on “BlekkoGear Publishers Tools, SEO And Other Cool Stuff

  • Thanks for the insight I never heard of blekko before seems like it would be a very interesting tool to post in my sidebar as a show off piece. Great post though keep up the good work.

    • Hi Jurrell. You are welcome. Glad you liked the “link roll” and I hope to see soon how it goes for you.

  • Which of all these tools do you actually use on a regular basis?

    • What can I say Dennis, if it weren’t you I would say that you are testing me, lol. Anyway, on a regular basis, I have the toolbar plastered right at my face, that’s one 🙂 I also use link roll a lot but on preview mode (right over at Blekko), because its all I need. I use it everyday.

      The other tool that I use very frequently is “Blekko” itself, the site. They have great info and the link above tells you what I use Blekko for.

      For example just by looking at this, I can immediately tell (unless I am wrong) that this site is not using AdSense. I can analyze links, domain authority, duplicate content and the list goes on. Check this one out

      • Hey man, watch those hands. lol This is actually pretty cool.

        Wonder #1: Right off I wonder what I can do with that link info with the different places.

        Wonder #2: Am I really crawled that seldom? That ain’t good.

        Wonder #3: The duplicate content issues. My SEO outsource told me she took care of that and not to worry about it.

        Oh you’re right, no adsense.

        Btw, while “testing” in this case might be an ugly word, but it is accurate. 😉

        Don’t feel putout, I do it all the time with recommendation posts, usually with the cost-based stuff, but I throw it into the freebies sometimes too. lol

        • Oh no, never Dennis. I will never be put off. Believe it or not, I like your style. It not only “provokes” good interaction, there is always a nice touch of humor. No BS, and straight to the point. I hate it when the only thing that people say is “great post”. Never know what that means 🙂

          Now, and I am sorry but Blekko should be really responding to the “accuracy” itself. You know that there is never 100% accuracy on any stats as all seem to have their own “ways” of doing this. I did notice that you are “crawled” very often, haha, and that is most certainly an inaccurate figure. This one I am telling you with 100% accuracy 😉

          • Cool, where do you see I am crawled very often?

            Also, I do seem to have incoming links from everywhere, if it’s accurate. Since this is supposed to be a good thing, any ideas on how I can capitalize on this? Anything I can do about it?

            • By doing a very superficial analysis, most of your inbound links appear to be from commenting and that shows just how active you are 🙂 I don’t think that there is any additional form of capitalizing on them, as they already are backlinks, lol. What I can think of is “patiently” see which of those links could be used as some sort of “testimonial” for you, and maybe include it on a page where people can see what “other” people have to say about you. This is specially interesting for first time visitors since they will want to know more from you.

              • Interesting thought, thanks!

  • I have don’t such experiment and most of my backlinks are from blog comments or auto blogs related to my niche 🙁 .

    • Hi there. Well, you will just have to continue and get those “killer” content pumping in. They will eventual come around. thanks for stopping by.

  • I don’t really use a lot of third-party widgets or SEO tools because I don’t feel the need most of the time. But as far as the search box, I think its something like Lijit which is a search widget that I’ve used in my blog for a long time.

    • Hi Melvin. Wow, that’s something I have not heard of for a long while, Lijit. I use to have it too, but that was way back then. Blekko’s search widget in a way can be compared to that of Lijit, only with the twist of “slashing” the web 🙂

  • Sounds interesting, but if they only approve certain website, the links that will count will be only from the website they approve?

    The widget is cool for bloggers that get links or guest post a lot. Inserting the widget in your sidebar can increase the visitor numbers for your guest posts or other of your links.

    Also, it could be a cool way to link to your links, to bad it’s an iframe.

    • Hi Alex. In a way, I would think that it works that way. Since they “ignore” spam or possible spam, the links will most likely not be included. Blekko’s engine appears to be very “well trained” when filtering for bad neighborhood. At the end of the day, what really matters are good quality backlinks, right? All the best

  • I really find Blekko intriguing, fresh and unique. Searching using slashtags is surely a one of a kind concept that can entice people’s curiousity. Even so, it’s quite nerve-racking specially for those who are non-techy person. Also, I don’t think that people will desire to invest time to figure out how to effectively take advantage of this new search engine.

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