Traffic Generation Strategies: How To Get Traffic To Your Website?

Traffic Generation Techniques: How To Get People To Read Your Blog

Traffic generation is very important whether you are running an online business or getting started with your home based business. By now, you have probably found out, that one of the most important parts of your online endeavors is to obtain or get more traffic to your blog. Countless times, you will see bloggers from different levels of popularity, giving you advices on how to improve your traffic generation methods and saying, no traffic = no money. That’s true. Making money online without traffic is very slim.

Is this true? Of course, how else will you succeed if not getting people to find you, know you, and ultimately see what you have to offer? This just works exactly the same as a local store in your neighborhood that just opened, has great stuff, and you don’t know anything or heard about it. How do you expect that store to “sell” something if no one knows about them, endorses them, etc.? In this scenario, part of the action plan that the owner of that store may do is to find ways to generate more visitors to their store.

Traffic Generation: Increase Website Traffic

So the next obvious question is what do you have to do? Simple answer – “Get More Traffic”, lol. Yeah, but how? Well, apply the best SEO tips and practices, go social, write great stuff, submit articles to article directories, blog post promotion, and you know, blah, blah. Basically, you will find tips and advices on how to generate traffic all over the place.

The other next obvious question is, do they work? And that my friends is the question of the day. Finding proven and reliable, white hat, traffic generation methods is what I am talking about and this really is what matters. Real people, providing real and proven advices on how to drive more traffic to your website.

Traffic Generation: Get Traffic To Your Blog

As you know,, and yours truly, are presently running a contest. The subject of this contest is non other than Traffic Generation, i.e., how to get more traffic to your website. Bloggers from all over the world are submitting articles that are proven techniques and most importantly, works for them. This, I hope, will be, your one stop resource for everything that has to do with traffic traffic

That said, here are the articles that have been published so far, and this list will be updated regularly as more entries go live. You might want to bookmark this, so can check regularly for updates.

SORRY, links have been removed. They are outdated anyway…

… now you see why this contest is good for everyone. You get to share your experience, you get to learn other techniques, you get to meet people, and also, you get the chance of winning big bucks, just for sharing your views, promoting it and engaging with fellow bloggers. You are missing this win/win scenario, if you are not participating. In addition, please acknowledge your appreciation to all these fantastic bloggers and show the your support, by sharing their post on the sphere.

Anyway, what do you think? Do you think that this initiative will help you as a blogger to understand more or better about getting more traffic to your website? Do you know of any technique(s), that will help achieve this purpose. Why not share your traffic generation strategiesor techniques with us here by commenting and within the process, perhaps you too can get more blog traffic.


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34 thoughts on “Traffic Generation Strategies: How To Get Traffic To Your Website?

  • Driving traffic on blog is necessary if you thinking as business. Right use of keyword + proper anchor text + community among people helps you to get more traffic

    • Thanks Vivek for sharing your thoughts.

  • Thanks for sharing so many good sources and I hope many users will learn new traffic driving secrets from them . I always prefer to read more and type less because I always try to understand the value of article and how writer represented it .

    • Hi. Well if you don’t like to write that much, at least for now, I am pretty sure that this list of traffic generation tips will be of good use to you. Check often as this will constantly updated. Thanks for commenting

  • I have read few of those posts at Famousbloggers and it is really helpful. The traffic contest has brought in some great posts that will help us bloggers to increase our blog traffic. Thanks DiTesco, and all the other organizers on holding this contest. Although I will not be able to participate due to busy full time job schedule, I am certainly going to enjoy reading the posts.

    • Hi Shiva. Too bad you won’t be able to participate, but I guess there will always be another opportunity. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that the contest does bring you some “new and useful” traffic generation techniques that you can deploy in the future.

  • I am still looking forward to seeing what bloggers have up their sleeves when it comes down to traffic, Francisco.

    So far, Lisa Drubec’s post stands out the most to me; we’ll see what the rest of the contest brings.


    • Hi Ana. I second you on that and this is why I am pretty much excited about this contest. The idea is to “bring out” the various forms that people use to generate traffic. Ultimately the best will stand out and hopefully win. Which reminds me, are you participating? That would be a “knock out”, lol. Thanks for stopping by

  • I’d like to add Kristi’s Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide to this illustrous list for tips on how to drive more targeted traffic to ones website. Even though the resource is not free but provides even more insight into the traffic production for blogs.

    • Hi Andreas. Unfortunately, but fortunately, lol, Kristi’s ebook does not qualify for this contest as it is open only for non-professionals, haha. Kristis« is a “star” when it comes to everything marketing related. In addition, she can nt participate on this one at this time as she decided to be one of our sponsors.

  • Hi DiTesco,
    3 big names of blog sphere are organizing this contest of Traffic Generation Articles and new bloggers like me are very hopeful that they will find enough great tips on this specific topic.

    • Hi Nazim, Thanks for stopping by. I do hope that you find something that you think can be useful for you to implement in your online endeavors. So far, all of the entries are great and it will be tough to decided in the end who shall win this event. Be on the lookout though because there are more to come.

  • Hello DiTesco,

    Until know you guys have some great submission, but like Ana, I think Lisa’s post is one of the best. Her use of, lets say unseen methods to find new methods of getting traffic and also the fact that she actually tested the methods is most impressive, because nothing is better then the actually theory put in practice to working.

    • Hi Alex, I agree with you and that’s the spirit of this contest, to find more ways and preferably unseen methods to boost ones website traffic. A little here and little there piles up, and at the end of the day we all benefit from it. Thanks for stopping by

  • Lisa’s spoke to me as well, although I do look forward to reading them all as well, hopefully implementing some good strategies myself.

    • Hi Dennis. We are not nearly halfway yet and there are more articles to come. As you said, hopefully we will learn more methods and eventually implement them accordingly. Thanks for your feedback and have a nice day

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Wow, those were long list of links and useful tips.

    I before, had no idea what PPV is that’s why I clicked the link, and I want to see what I will learn from it.

    One key every newbies should remember, natural traffic can’t happen overnight 🙂 I hope you agree LOL


    • Hi Kimi. good to see you back. I agree, this list is loaded with good stuff and I expect it to grow more as new entries come in. Keep checking for updates.

      BTW, are you participating too. You got the potential, I am sure of it 🙂

  • I actually went and read a few of those blogs. You made me kill about 45 minutes of my day because I got wrapped up in a couple of them.
    The ppv thing was interesting and I think I might try it out, but I am afraid of spending too much and not getting any return.

    • Hi Roy. Sorry about those 45 minutes. Hopefully that was time well spent. I think at the end it is because there are really good articles being posted and there will be more, so brace yourself for another 45 minutes X 2, lol.

      Anyway and if I were you, unless you are familiar with PPV, I would first try other free methods, which are all over the place. Start by reading other articles on the list, lol. I am sure you will find something taht suits your needs.

  • Great topic for a contest Ditesco i have featured this post in Round Up to give it some visibility there are some great entry here good luck just one question are you adding any form of sponsorship

    • Hi Gary. Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for featuring it in your blog. BTW, are you going to participate? I hope you do, it could be fun.

  • Great list of entries there. Brankica’s blog post was superb, really enjoyed reading that one. Hope she wins 🙂

    • Hi Jason. Actually, everyone that is participating is this contest is already a winner 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  • Great post. I like having alternative strategies available because sometimes a strategy might be effective but so distasteful and aggressively offensive that some will pass and settle for less traffic. Might not make business sense but one’s behavior will probably be consistent with one’s personality type.

    • Hi Riley. I agree. The more alternatives one has the better. This way, there is always some form that will suit you best. There are definitely very good ones here on this list 🙂

  • I like the equation, no traffic = no money. It is indeed a reality. That’s what all Internet entrepreneurs desire – traffic. I agree with you that participation in blog commenting is a win-win situation. It’s a perfect avenue where you can learn, grow and help other people while you are sharing and promoting what you know and have to offer. For me, it’s more of a school where you participate and get educated and not a marketplace where you only sell.

  • Hey DiTesco,

    It’s going to be a pretty tough decision for you guys. Some really strong contenders in this contest. Read a few of them already and pretty blown away from the content and creativity these bloggers are bringing to the table.

    Good luck with voting on this one. 😉

    • Hi Michele. I hear ya 🙂 The entries so far have been quite impressive and there are some that are really though to beat. The decision process takes into consideration a lot of things and it will certainly be very difficult to pick the winners. We’ll see..

  • Very well said. I’ve read a lot of articles on how to increase traffic or generate traffic but it’s all general and not as detailed as yours. Thanks for sharing. I know people who started creating websites for their organizations but still wonder why they don’t see their sites on top of google searches and others. Be sure to tell them about your article.

  • That is very helpful for those who are willing to start their online business or who are in it, but facing few hurdles in gaining more traffic. Besides following instruction from those articles. The thing I found most helpful for increasing traffic is to maintain your profile in communities. The best interaction on communities sites like Facebook, twitter, digg and etc., you get traffic on your site.

  • funneling traffic to your website is literally like a funnel. make an effort to widen that funnel to drive traffic of which the greatest challenge of all website owners.
    btw, the entries here are evident of someone dedication to improve his/her website traffic.
    kudos to everyone visited this website. it really provide great sources.

  • Article marketing is finest way to improve your traffic because Google and End user like to read new things about your site or blog from various Article sites, these article sites got good reputation in Google. So try to submit fresh article in article site to attract more visitors.

  • Social Media is one of my best ways of driving traffic to my blog! Great article 🙂

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