Google’s AdSense Program has been an excellent source for many to earn money online. AdSense for search may not be new to you, and if you are using it, you should know that you can also improve your earnings by providing users with a customized search box which allows you to filter results for specific domains only.


As an example, if a user searches for the term SEO when using my customized search function, it will only show relevant results on selected domains that I have specified. Apart from the results, ads will also be displayed and as a result can increase my AdSense conversions. See below:


So What’s New With AdSense for Search?

AdSense For Search Ads

Prior to this new release, the only way you could show AdSense for search ads was to use Google’s script. If you had your own non-Google customized search box, your search results will not show any ads. Now, all you need to do is to add a few lines of JavaScript to your pages, and start monetizing your search results too. You can choose the size, shape and location of each ad block, and you can even adjust the style of the ads to better fit the look and feel of your site. Here is a screenshot of a website that uses the new AdSense for search ads:


As with everything Google, this new monetization method is not readily available to everyone and you will need to “convince” Goolgle’s team that you qualify. If you are interested, you can give it a shot by and you will be asked to provide your name, email, Pub Id (for existing AdSense users), URL where you pretend to use it, number of pageviews and finally the “killer” question, how do you want to use this product on your website. If your answer is right, then you might be lucky and get approved. Be patient though as according to Google the volume of request for this product is extremely high at this moment.

AdSense For Ajax

Google also released the AdSense for Ajax product where sites relying heavily on Ajax, can benefit from ads being refreshed without a page being reloaded. With this product, your AdSense for content ads will refresh whenever there’s a context change – regardless of whether the page reloads or not. Just thought you may want to know.

Good luck and to your success.


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