5 Ways To Get Visitors To Comment

Commenting is a great thing. It shows you what your visitors think of your blog’s content. It’s always an uplifting feeling to read you’re feedbacks. But if you don’t get any, then your motivational level will drop and maybe you will stop writing articles and maybe… you will stop blogging. So to prevent this from happening, here are 5 tips to get more comments for your blog.

Encourage people to comment

Under every post tell the user to share his/her thoughts. This is the simplest and probably the most affective way to double or triple your comments. Just think rationally. How tempting is it to write one or two sentences after a bold text saying “Share your thoughts”? Trust me very,very tempting.

Let everyone to comment

If you don’t allow everybody to give a feedback, then your comment number will drop drastically. So don’t limit the circle of commenters. Imagine, if you wouldn’t have a Twitter/Facebook account or an Open ID, how “poor” would you be in the online world. You wouldn’t be able to do loads of things. So encourage those people who don’t have these accounts to comment, by letting them to comment. It’s that easy.

React to every comment

Everyone likes to start a conversation or to discuss a viewpoint. Replying is a great feature. You can reply to almost anyone, anywhere. So get out there and start replying.

Place a Top commenters or a Recent comments widget on your site

Put a this kind of widget on your blog. It will encourage the readers, because they will receive a link to their website in the widget. Link means traffic. Traffic means money. Of course this is useful for you as well, because to get a good position in the Top Commenters bit, the visitors have to comment much.

Enable Your Blog With ComLuv

ComLuv Network is a great community of bloggers. It is an excellent form to reward your commenters by giving them something back to every comment they leave. ComLuv compels your visitors to come back and visit your blog more often by automatically adding a link to their latest blog post at the end of their comment.

Remember, if you receive more comments, then your guest writers will want to write more and more for your blog, because of the reasons above.


Akos is a 13 year old blogger from Hungary (Central-Europe) and owns AkosBlog.com. He has been blogging for 1.5 years and loves to write articles on topics like web marketing, blogging, making money online and SEO. You can follow Akos on @MakePerfectSite

13 thoughts on “5 Ways To Get Visitors To Comment

  • Sounds like you hit all the basic points quite well. I’ve been trying to get buzz going to my sites for a few months and can definitely put some of these to good use.

    • Good luck for increasing the number of comments 🙂

  • Hi @Akos. All tips you share above are very useful. I done some tips of your share. It can bring my blog more comment. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for the kind words. You’ve got a very nice site.

  • Yes Akos, i totally agree with all above tips specially “Encourage people to put comments”. Thanks to sharing.

    • Glad you liked it. Encouraging people is a very important thing.

  • Hello Akos,

    Commenting sure is a great way to judge the quality of your blog and maybe it can even be considered some sort of measuring factor.

    You have some great tips on how to gain more comments but I think you missed the essential one, Give them a topic that they can talk about. Write content that doesn’t not suck, and it offers them the opportunity to learn something new, ask questions or appreciate your post.

    Also an other methods is organizing contests or just offering something to the top commenter every month. Just like blazingminds is offering a one month banner for the top commenter.

    Have a nice day!

  • Great post Akos 🙂

    It’s amazing that at age 13, you already started taking control of your life and building a network of fans. Congrats !!

    • Thank you.

  • what a nice tips!! i just added my top commenters !! ^,^
    thanks alot for sharing this with us!

  • Nice tips from Akos. I am following more of the above tips except one thing – no commenting widget has been installed on my blog. but would like to place one. Thanks for sharing these tips. very useful..

  • Blogging is the business which every one wish to do. And often many of them start also, but failed to continue it. Because of lack of information and not following such tips. Comments are only the things that bring confidence for the bloggers and urge them to continue it with more energy and concentration. But to force readers to comments also, the material should be best. And always try to response on every comment like DiTesco on iblogzone.

  • Everything you wrote is what I’m doing right now in my blog. 😀 Except comment Luv and the top commentators plugin. 🙂

    Great article Akos! 🙂

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