Traffic Generation: Using The Old And Boring Hooks Correctly

We all want traffic. That is the whole point of this traffic generation contest. Our blogging success is measured by our traffic. The money we earn, the popularity, the number of sales we make- all depend on one thing – TRAFFIC.

That is why people from successful blogs are conducting this contest by offering their time, effort, hard work, support and money – for us to learn the best traffic generation methods out there, put them to work and succeed with our blogs.

Every blogger is looking for new tips and techniques everyday to generate web traffic to their site. But in this process they either completely forget what they already know or they are not interested in doing the old stuff! That’s pathetic.

So what you already know about Traffic Generation methods?

1. Provide quality content – you have probably heard (or read about) that a million times at various places, but is still the King of all tips in this direction.

2. Do a social promotion of your blog posts – This again is the most commonly talked about and the most boring tip, but works.

3. Network with other bloggers – A potential tip, not only for traffic generation, but for your overall and long term success.

4. Do guest posting on big blogs – Again, a very potential tip to consider.

5. Comment on other blogs – Most of you will be already doing this. Good for traffic, networking and building backlinks.

Well, I would say that every blogger would know all of these (and even more) for traffic generation. But the point is, if you are one of those bloggers who knows these well-known tips for generating traffic, are you doing them with your blog? I am sure you will do some but not all of them. And, even if you are doing all of them, I am not sure if you are doing it correctly.

In the following I am going to tell you certain things that you either

(i) probably don’t know already (or)

(ii) already know them, but are not trying them out (or)

(iii) you are not doing them correctly.

For (ii) the reasons may be that you are busy or lazy, in other words, you may be afraid to try something out new, you may not have the expertise to do them and so on.

I can help you out with (i) and (iii) in the following. I am going to give you an inside scoop. Fine, now before telling you the hooks that work, I want to explain the correctness of certain things.

Comment on Other Blogs:

I know what you are thinking. You are doing it already. But are your doing it correctly?

So you have a list of interesting and potential blogs in your niche, which you read everyday and leave comments on them on a daily basis, very sincerely. But on what basis do you choose blogs to comment on?

You have to make your choice based on the following factors:

1. The blog is quite big or has a very big readership.

2. The blog has a very good PR; well, that is old and many are not happy with the little green thing on the toolbar. Neither am I. Even with the actual PR at the Google PR checker page. What you can look into is the Mozrank for a blog. A good mozrank = an authoritative blog, I can say that much.

3. The activity throughout the blog. Number of comments, tweets and other social shares.

4. The accessibility of the blogger. The blogger should be friendly and at least return 1 in 1000 of a favor leaving a comment at your blog or press the Tweet button once. You know that’s a lot of traffic when the blogger is having a big social background.

So commenting on such blogs should return you a lot of traffic. I just say “lot” because it depends on how frequently you comment and how regular you are at it. But I can guarantee that it will be a lot.

Deep Linking:

Deep linking your blog posts is very important for SEO. For traffic? Yes it is important for search engine traffic. The more you deeply do your internal linking the more pages get crawled by the bots, the more authority and more visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

You can do deep linking in two ways:

1. It is a must that you should relate any blog post of yours to at least a couple of previous posts in your blog. This way you see that almost all the pages are linked and none of the pages are left abandoned in a rusted cupboard.

The plugins SEO Smart Links and Insights will be of great help.

Word of caution: Don’t overdo this! If you supply too much links within post pages, every page has a drain of the link juice (even if it is to another page of your site). And, it is not good in the eyes of Google! So a couple to a maximum of 4 links per post is fine.

2. Use CommmentLuv Plugin for deeplinking your own blog posts. When you leave a comment on your blog, don’t forget to choose from any of the recent 10 posts and leave the link. Do this for all your comments and you have a nice pitch. Again the word of caution applies here too! If you have the habit of replying to every comment on your post, you might be at risk.

Provide Quality Content:

Your content needs to be unique, cutting edge stuff. This will automatically attract a lot of traffic. And your posts will be easily promoted by word of mouth (or clicks). Make sure you are not writing theories always (although you can write some occasionally).

Give practical and usable tips (ya I have underlined “usable” to emphasize it). Help people to solve their issues, revisit a problem. More importantly, find your own writing voice. And this will brand you among the crowd.

Remember quality should go hand in hand with uniqueness; that will help you generate a lot of interested traffic and fans.

Provide Findable Content:

Provide findable content or concentrate on search engine optimization, in other words. If you don’t know about SEO, you gotta learn it. You cannot leave your blog posts without optimizing them for search engines. If you do so, you are not producing content that is findable.

If your content is not findable, how could you expect the traffic to come in? I am not going to tell you the basics or details of SEO; that is a separate topic. But that needs a mention here.

So what are the old but valid hooks when it comes to traffic generation?

Traffic Generation MethodsHook 1:

Quality Content

– the type of content as I have explained above. So the saying “Content is King” is still one of the vital aspects for traffic.

Hook 2:


– Ya you need to make it easier for people to find your content. Don’t lock your content down a pit and expect people to find it. You need to do interlinking, build backlinks and do all nifty things to optimize your posts for search engines. I think I don’t have to mention about keyword research!

Hook 3:

Social Promotion

– Ya the same boring stuff still works great when it comes to traffic. You may be sick of hearing it, but it works! So you gotta do it!

Apart from doing the promotion yourself, you have to make it easy for your readers to promote your stuff too. Make sure you embed Retweet, Facebook Share/Like and any other potential social sharing buttons. If you are into videos, create some and distribute them via the various video streaming sites available.

I auto tweet the post once immediately after it is published and do a manual tweet also. I also use the Tweet Old Posts plugin. OnlyWire is great if you want to do a mass promotion at one go.

Hook 4:


– Connect with as many as possible. Here is a list of 8 kinds of tribes you need to network with. Your networking capacity is your asset.

Hook 5:

Keep it clean and fast

– This could be something you never worry about. A clean and fast site is good in the eyes of search engines. If you could please the search engines, you could rank higher in the SERPs. This means more eyeballs will see your content!

Check you site’s loading time. Fix those issues that cause slow loading. Keep your site free from errors and broken links (I use the Broken Links Checker plugin). Opt for good quality themes; I personally use Thesis Theme at my blog – Clean coding and hassle free.

My traffic has almost doubled since I started using Thesis.

Hook 6:

Guest posting

– If you are not doing it already, you gotta consider it. If you are doing it, see that you are doing it effectively. Guest posting puts your face everywhere on the internet.

You easily become popular on other people’s (usually A-Listers’) platform. Your blog gains good exposure to a lot of people (which translates to a lot of traffic). And, you get very high quality backlinks, boosting your authority, SEO and findability.

In summary, I know that the most trivial and boring solutions still work when it comes to traffic generation. The key lies in identifying and implementing the right hooks in the right way to get a big catch of traffic.

If you want traffic, don’t wait. Don’t be lazy. Start to correctly implement the stuff you already know before going on a hunt to find new tips and techniques.

PS: I very much hope I have provided something of use to you here. I am sure that I have made you think and revisit the well-know traffic generation techniques.

Now, will ya promote me as crazy as you can? I am sure it is easy for you to promote this post with the social sharing buttons. You can also promote my post with OnlyWire at one go. All I need is your support; nothing else. You can promote everyday too; I will love it!

This article is part of the Traffic Generation Blogging Contest, please add a comment and share it to support the author.

Jane Sheeba

Jane helps bloggers and entrepreneurs to build blogs that succeed.

97 thoughts on “Traffic Generation: Using The Old And Boring Hooks Correctly

  • Those are some great points. In regards to quality content, when I first started blogging I wrote many how-to posts to help others with using their computer.

    Over time, I noticed that these how-to posts were being linked from forums and other sites by others who found the post to be helpful. As the months went by, those posts began to rank well in Google’s SERPs, and have been in the top 5 in the search results for several keywords in the past few years. This was all before I new anything about SEO, and they are still the largest traffic generating posts that I have on my blog.

    The natural linking process from quality content propelled those posts to the top of the SERPs. With quality content, it may not be a question of “if” your article will rank well in the results pages, but “when.” Once that happens, the traffic will mostly certainly follow.

    • Paul, you are very right. It is great that you have opted to offer quality content even before knowing SEO. Offering content for the purpose of SEO will be selfish.

      “When” that happens, you can really start to reap the benefits. But, a little word of caution is that seo is an ongoing process and your today’s SERP ranking won’t be the same as tomorrow’s.


    • Paul-
      I couldn’t say it better.

      I am starting to realize that, sure mediocre content will get you some traffic for a little while, but it is that high quality content that will make you legendary. And getting it the organic way is primary. Not saying you shouldn’t get out there and link back to your posts and articles but don’t force it. Use quality standards when commenting such as intelligent comments on reputable sites.

      Nice post, Jane. 🙂


  • Jane I stress networking to the max..because this where people are really getting good links and growing traffic through search..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • I am totally with you Black Guy. And, I can see that you are doing that great. I can see your face everywhere.

      Keep up the good work.


  • Good one Jane!
    Very nicely, neatly and deeply explained about traffic enhancements over the website.
    Great work Keep it up

    • Hi Sanjeev,

      Glad that you found the post and the tips useful. Thanks for stopping by.


  • I’ll support this post because it lists all currently valid (2011) methods and strategies in order to generate targeted traffic from the source, where its published as well as through increased search engine rankings.

    • Andreas, thank you very much for such a supportive comment. Glad that this post was useful to you.


  • Great Post Jane – but i have a question. Is total number of visitors enough for a blog to get high ranking or how much role does “bouce rate” plays.

    • Hi Susan,

      The total number of visitors do play a crucial role for ranking, but this will be “Traffic Rank” like the Alexa rank, for instance. The Mozrank is different, it takes into account other aspects like good quality backlinks, the sites authority, traffic, number of ranked pages and so on.

      Your bounce rate will be high if you have a lot of visitors who simply click the back button on the first page they visit on your blog. I have seen a boost in my bounce rate on the days I have too much traffic from StumbleUpon.

      Thanks for your comment.


  • Hey Jane,

    Awesome Post. Blog commenting is one of my favorite way to get traffic and build relationship with blog owner. I’ve great success with it.

    Social blogging communities is another great way to get quality traffic.

    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great Post. Good Luck !!


    • Hi Devesh,

      You are right. Commenting takes care of many aspects- backlinks, networking and branding blogs. I am recently finding out a few social blogging communities, and I see you there too!


  • Hi Jane, thanks of sharing your tips here, the detail is impressive. I didn’t know about MozRank so off to check that out now. My fave way of building my blog is guest posting so yes, I should probably be writing some more of those right now too:) Best wishes with the contest. You deserve to win and I’m rooting for you:)

    • Thanks Annabel. I too recently came to know about Mozrank and I *think* many have shifted over from Google’s PR to this to see a site’s authority.

      Apart from the rank they have other cools stats too.


  • Hey Janesheeba,
    wanted to wish you good luck with the contest. Great article.

    I have heard about guest posting as a great source of traffic, I promote it as one too, and I do it. But I think I haven’t had as much traffic from some blogs I was hoping I would get it from.

    It kinda makes me doubt the Alexa rank of some blogs, lol. I was hoping they had way more traffic and that some will spill on my blog, but not much, haha.

    Anyway, I am sure you will be one of the winners, this is a great post.

  • First of all a BIG thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    I totally agree with your point about guest post traffic. I should say that the most expected posts and the ones on big blogs have disappointed me when it comes to traffic. But I think we should keep on doing gps persistently. One or two guest posts won’t make a difference. The readers of the host blog will enjoy the post and leave a comment there. If you want the masses to come to your blog you should become familiar to those readers.

    But GPs are good for backlinks and more specially gaining new friends; this part I enjoyed much with guest posting.

    Thanks again Brankica- see I have got you as my new friend.


  • Very nice and extensive post on traffic generation. I am a newbie and have read a lot about traffic generation methods. This post is outstanding and really strikes a very important point that every blogger should concentrate on implementing the well known methods correctly before searching for new methods.

    I think this post certainly deserves to win the contest. GOOD LUCK Jane.


    • Hi David,

      Many thanks. I am really glad that you found the post useful. I wish you good luck with your blogging journey.


  • Hi Jane,

    Very pleased to meet you through Heather’s community. Thanks for providing this very comprehensive list of traffic generation hooks. Well, I must admit that I haven’t really tweaked my blog for practicing SEO strategies, but I’m definitely utilizing social media, blog commenting and networking. I believe that I shouldn’t delay two important aspects – which are SEO and optimizing my blog’s speed. This is why, I am going to check out your future posts and I’ll be bookmarking this post too!

    Thanks Jane, appreciate the content you are sharing.


    • Hi Rowena,

      Thanks for tracing me out from Heather’s community. I strongly agree with you and urge you to do the SEO thing. I am very glad that I could be of help, small or big.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  • Hi Jane… That’s a good point about being active as a commenter. I find that when I actively comment on several blogs throughout the day, my visitor count goes up. But you have to be consistent with it. Not just one day of commenting and stop.

    Good luck with the contest!

    • Hi Dahlia,

      Yes. Commenting is just like guest posting. You cannot create a consistent result with one post or a comment. The more you do the more you reap, both in terms of traffic and backlinks.

      Thanks for your valuable comment!


  • Jane, this is an excellent post about traffic generation. I do all except guest posting on the big blogs. Thanks for providing additional information about that. I’m going to check it out! I’m looking forward to getting to know you more in Heather’s bloggin forum!

    • Hi Leanne,

      I am very pleased to know about you. Thanks for your wonderful comment.

      I am very happy that I have convinced you to do guest posts. When you do, don’t forget my blog too!


  • Hi Jane,

    very powerful article. I like it how you break it down to these 6 hooks. I am currently changing to Thesis and I would be more than pleased to see my traffic double as well.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care


    • Aha Oliver it is a great news to hear that you have moved to Thesis as well. You have made the right decision. You will surely see a difference.

      Thanks for your comment.


  • Hey Jane,

    Excellent post. You’re right about mastering the old and well-known traffic generation strategies to perfection before jumping on to the new and the latest ones.

    Blog commenting and networking have a huge impact on the success of my blog. I need to do more guest posting now.

    Thanks for sharing your insights. Good luck with the contest my friend! 🙂


    • Hi Mavis,

      Thanks for your comment. Ya I know that blog commenting and networking is doing great things for you. I can see your face everywhere. You are very actively engaging with people.

      Thanks for your wishes.


  • Hi Jane,

    You inspire me…what a fabulous post! I’ve shared it everywhere and I look forward to getting to know you better in our blog marketing forum and commenting tribe!

    For me, I love commenting as a way to get traffic and I completely agree with you that we need to have fantastic quality content! I need to get on the ball and do more guest posting as well. I think this contest will be my next!

    Thanks for the informative read!

    • Hi Heather,

      I highly appreciate your comment. Unlike you, I was aware of guest posting and was practicing that first. I recently have started to engage much more in social networks.

      Good luck with your contest post.


  • Hey Jane!
    Great article! For someone who is still learning this “stuff” I need well thought out posts that aren’t too technical and your post did a great job of explaining what to do and how to do it so that readers like me do not get overwhelmed. Lots of great nuggets to take away for anyone, regardless of their traffic generation knowledge.


    • Hi April,

      I am very happy that the post could be of use to you and at the same time not overwhelming to you.

      Thanks for your comment.


  • I’ve often wondered whether responding to every comment and leaving a comluv post link every time is helpful or not. I see what you’re saying about leaking link juice. I’m going to reconsider my strategy and see what I can do a little differently.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Glad that I was able to notify you on something. I recently came to know about this and thought that I should share it here at the contest post so that many can take advantage of the idea.

      Thanks for your comment,

  • Hi Janesheeba,
    This is absolutely the definitive guide to generating traffic on ya blog or any blog. Covered everything without leaving anything untouched.
    Think every new and semi-new blogger has got to read this. Thanks for the hours you’ve put into this.


    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for the sweet comment. It indeed took days to write this post. Glad you liked the post.


  • Hello Jane,

    Fine article, you went and described it all that means social networking in the blogging community in-depth. I think this just goes to show how much can bloggers depend one of each other.

    I also want to add, that actually most bloggers get most of their visitors from social networks and other blogs, which means that comments and guest posting should be the most important techniques someone can employ in order to drive traffic to their blog. This two methods are actually the best, not because they are the most easy but because this two can produce a cascading effect bring you readers which in turn will share your content thus bringing your more and more traffic.

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for the appreciation. I do agree with your view on commenting and guest posting. I started doing guest posting a while ago and have seen tremendous benefits.

      With networking, I am still finding new trends everyday. Kinda testing strategies out.


  • Hi Jane!

    Good tips for SEO. I’m especially interested in the one about commenting with links to other posts or pages on your blog. I have been using my FB page or other outside links. It hadn’t occurred to me to link my comments to internal pages, so thanks for that tip.

    I do comment on every one, though, so maybe I should vary which link I use?

    Great post!

    • Yes, Jeanine you should be varying the link you are using. When you use different links, that increases reader engagement of your blog.

      But using links outside the site should be done with caution; that may drain your pagerank quite easily.

      Glad that you found the tips useful.


  • Jane,

    Quality content and networking. Those are the biggies and the ones that take a lot of effort. They require you to give before you receive but in the end the rewards are greater for everyone involved.

    Guest posting is something I’m going to be trying more of since my past few attempts were enjoyable. Best wishes to you on your journey, see you around.


    • Hi Jon,

      You are true about the part that giving always overtakes receiving when it comes to networking. However, I think that once you are consistently doing it, the trend will fade away and things will become a lot more easier.

      Thank you for commenting.


  • Thats one hell of an article! I really like the tips you gave on deep-linking on your own blog. Looking into those two WordPress plugins right away, because I’m not much of a cross-linker myself.. guess I’m too lazy to look up relevant posts after writing the actual article:)

    Thanks for a good read!

    • Hi Sietse,

      Glad that you liked the article. The two plugins are just right and handy, and make it very easy for you to do deeplinking without much effort.


  • I especially agree with the clean theme. I recently switched to Genesis and my posts are indexed so quickly now and all the built in SEO features have been doing wonders for my keyword rankings. Plus I don’t have to wonder if the next WP upgrade will work or do something crazy with a clean theme, which was incredibly stressful when upgrading my old theme.

    • Oh yes Tina Genesis is one another theme that requires a mention here. Most of the A-List blogs including Problogger runs on the Genesis framework and it is an adorable theme.

      Thanks for your comment.


  • Really its an awesome post. I think you are quite right about those useful hooks that we have forgotten and i am sure that reusing them will gain us more traffic and i agree with you that “Content is still the King”. Thanks for posting and sharing these useful advices with us.

    • Hi Cargo,

      Content is definitely the King and I can’t go without saying it here!

      Thanks for your comment and glad that you enjoyed the post.


  • You shared really cool info Jane.

    I used to allocate time for Guest Posting, Commenting & Networking with other fellow bloggers for enhancing my blogging experience. 🙂

    • It seems that you are using right stuff at the right combination, Pradeep. And, yes I agree when you say all these enhance your blogging experience.


  • Hi Jane
    I am for sure still using the good old hooks for my blog. The question is: Am I doing the correct? Well I guess I still have lot of improving to do, but as long as I am moving forward and keep un learning new stuff all the time it is fine by me.

    • Hey Ian,

      Cool to have you here. I too have a similar strategy. I promote my posts in all social platforms I am in, as soon as the post goes live.

      I also do share them later; for Twitter I use the Tweet Old Post plugin.


  • Hi Jane,

    Great post. You are so right about all of these traffic generation strategies. I use most of them and I have seen a great increase in traffic to my blog.

    When I write a new post, I immediately share it on FB, on my page and on all of the group pages I belong too. This generates alot of my traffic.

    Thanks for sharing Jane and have a great day!

  • Hey Thomas and Ian,

    I messed up with the commenting. Sorry; reply to Thomas should actually go to Ian.

    And you Thomas, great to see you here. Everyone’s learning. I have to learn a lot. Because new and cool stuff are introduced everyday. And some cool stuff are there, until we discover, use and share them.


  • Very interesting & useful blog. The hooks you have given are very practical. Nothing wrong in using time tested methods to generate traffic as these methods still work. Would also be open to new ideas and ways if any. As mentioned earlier, hope to learn from you about the right way to blog & generate more traffic.

    • Thanks for your comment Salim. I am glad that I could provide value to you through this post.


  • Jane, as usual – you rock it! Great ideas presented in a simple and comprehensible way! I want to wish you good luck in the contest and in your blogging career.

    • Anna,

      Thanks for your support. Hope to win the contest 😉 fingers crossed!


  • Well researched post, but from my own experience I find the bitter truth is that the only way to attract traffic and thereby comments on a post is to keep posting a comment on others . The traffic decreases once you stop posting comments on the other what ever be the quality of your writing or the subject! This is the TRUTH.
    I wish you all the best for the contest .

    • Hi Ayyangar,

      I do agree with you, but partially. First I don’t find a reason why you would stop commenting. It is after all useful to you to continuously engage with other people. Also, you will build on backlinks.

      Second, yes there could be some people who stop commenting. But if you really have found a flock who likes your content, they will keep coming.

      Thank you for your comment and wishes!


  • Sheeba all the best for your contest participation, good clues regarding increasing traffic.

    • Hi Umesh,

      Many thanks for your wishes. I hope you could make use of the tips I have provided here.


  • Hook 5 is definitely one that a lot of people over look – in general, you could have great content that is absolutely share worthy, but if your site design sucks or the load time is atrocious, then no one is going to hang around long enough to actually get into your content. Great pointers! 🙂

    • Hey Kristi,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, that is true, I have just closed the tab many times when the design is disturbing. Design is a very vital aspect; that is what appeals the visitors even before the content.


  • Hi Jane,

    Thought I’d stop by again and share a little encouragement for you! 🙂 Funny how it always comes back to a need to focus on the fundamentals!

    Great post! I’ve shared you again!


    • Heather,

      Many thanks for your continued support! You rock 🙂


  • This was really well done Jane. I had not seen that Tweet Old Posts plugin. thanks for sharing these great tips.

    • Hi James,

      The Tweetold plugin is an automated way to just set up and forget kind. You could gain exposure to a lot of your old posts. Depending upon the settings you provide, it just does its great part on an auto mode.


  • What a feat you’ve taken on here, Jane! But from first impressions, I’m rooting for your win! =) Best of luck!

    • Hey Samantha,

      Glad that you liked the post and thanks a lot for the supporting words. Hope to win. Will let ya know.


  • Great post Jane!

    I would like to add something about #5. Keep it fast and clean on your content as well.

    It’s important that your visitors are actually taking the time to read what you have to say. Otherwise, the whole thing is just pointless.

    Thanks and good luck with the contest!

    • Thanks Cosmin. Nice addition. Yes it is quite important to keep the content very easy and clean for the readers to read without strain and also for easy digestion.

      Writing in small paragraphs, with appropriate heading tags and lists wherever needed makes the content popular.

      I can imagine how I will run away from a site where I see a long composition-like post that is not easy to scan!

      Thanks for your comment and wishes.


  • Thanks for sharing this post! Your insight indeed is very helpful. I’d never thought of deep linking with CommentLuv.

    I think that’d also be a best way to reward regular readers as well 🙂

    • Hi Enfotainer,

      Deeplinking with commentluv helps you to interlink or connect your blog posts so that you keep your readers engaged a lot on your blog. This way you don’t leave any of your blog posts standalone.

      Next it is good for SEO.

      Thanks for your comment.


  • Hi Jane,

    WOW – awesome content here – thanks for sharing. What is your opinion about tribes and their effectiveness? As we all know time is one of our most valuable resources and something none of us have enough of – do you think joining a tribe is helpful?

    • Hi Julie,

      You have raised a wonderful point that I actually forgot to include in the post. The tribe thing is great and it does three birds on one stone – networking, backlinks, and getting comments on your blog.

      I have personally joined a few tribes. There are different types of tribes available-

      Commenting tribes, where a group of people exchange comments to their blogs.

      Tweeting tribes, where a group of people tweet each others content. Triberr is one such tribe where tweeting of group member’s content is done automatically.

      Thanks for bringing up an important point.


      • Hi Jane. I am new to the tribe world. I like the “automatic” part of Triberr 🙂

  • This are the best tips that I ever seen, it is making a list withe all the best things that you have to do to gain traffic and promote your site. Comment Luv and link building helped me a lot in gaining traffic from site and from Google. Good list and everyone should follow it if he want to have success with his blog.

    • Hi Bitdoze,

      It is great to know that you are already seeing results from Commentluv via link building. Interlinking your blog posts is good for traffic and SEO too.


  • Hi Jane,
    Thank you for sharing such a valuable post! It is very thorough and informative! Thank you for sharing about how many links are good for deep linking, I was afraid that I was overdoing it but it looks like I could actually use more!

    Good luck with the contest!

    • Hi Stacy,

      Yes deep linking i a good thing to do for SEO, but over doing it will result in page rank drain for every page. If you have the habit of replying to every comment in your blog, then just don’t use commentluv for your own comments.

      I am glad that you found the post useful.


  • Jane,
    Fantastic job. What I like about it the most is this: Initially, I was like “Here we go…leave comments, use ComLuv, blah, blah”, but then you got me! You explored / explained a deeper explanation, a “professional” explanation. Ways to correct what people are genuinely trying hard to do. Face it, if you are trying to manage a quality blog AND life, it can be difficult to visit other blogs (worthy) of comments. Your last point, Guest Posting is my downfall. Excellent job, Jane!

    • Hi Bryan,

      Ha Ha. Glad that I didn’t upset you with my blah, blah…. Guest posting has a lot of benefits Bryan. I am experiencing cool times of it. Given that my second guest post on Problogger just went live yesterday.

      You should try it.


      • Hi Jane,

        Oh I have guest posted, just not as frequently as I should. I will be headed towards Find All Answers very shortly!

        Talk soon, Bryan

        • Hey Bryan,

          Glad to hear that. You are most welcome to Find All Answers 🙂 I await your copy.


  • Based on my experience, the quality content plus SEO has been enough to bring a good traffic. And if we add social networking, the traffic will be very good. 🙂

    • Hi Dana,

      You are completely correct. Quality comes first when it comes to traffic. At the same time you want to make your quality content known to people; for this SEO and social networking helps.


  • Jane, Awesome post. You have made the subject matter quite clear. And indeed, you’re getting better day by day with such posts.

    Keep up the good work.
    – Deeptaman

    • Hi Deep,

      Thanks very much for your kind support. I am glad that you found the subject matter of this post clear. Hearing people say that gives an awesome feel.


  • This is just such a wonderful post, you have very beuatifully connected the key points and aspects of traffic generation. And yeah content is the king , keeping that will only enable you to do the rest of the points.

    • Hi Sandeep,

      That is absolutely right. Content is King and that can never be beaten. Quality content comes first when it comes to online success. Not only with traffic generation, but also to build authority and to establish the blog’s value, quality is very vital.

      Thank you for your comment.


  • Hi Jane,

    I’ve been impressed with your guest posting traffic strategies since I’ve met you. Obviously it’s something that is working well for you and I’m excited to see you everywhere I go. Your content is fantastic!

    Keep up the great work!

    • Heather,

      Many thanks for the encouraging and supporting words. Yes, I must admit that I very recently discovered the power of networking but it works excellent even within the short span.

      I am thankful that I found good and supportive friends like you.


  • Hi Jane,

    Incredible…The thing I learned new here from you is Mozrank for a blog. What is it exactly? You hit every point perfectly, I don’t think you left any thing out and you also added something new for me to learn.

    Great job, Jane!


    • Tisha,

      I am very glad that you have learned stuff from this post. Mozrank is something very similar to Google’s pagerank in weighing blog’s stats. Mozrank speaks about the authority of a page.

      Even though they are very similar in getting calculated I find that a lot of blogs have this numbers to be far apart. For instance my blog has Google PR 0 and Mozrank 5!

      Thanks for stopping by.


  • Great post. In addition to commenting on blogs, responsible commenting on forums can be really helpful in building backlinks.

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