Combining the Best SEO and SMO in Traffic Generation

Maybe you’re just starting fabricating your social media presence or maybe you’re an experienced pro with Search Engine Optimization, who’s discerning about doing a major renovation, so if you wanna drive to get more search engine traffic, and boost social media presence here are my advices and tips you can take to help you build the right projections and connections in your blogging and business endeavors.

Traffic Generation SEO SMO

SEO and SMO in Traffic Generation

Search Engine Optimization

Make Google Search Engine Optimization your primary target by all means. Let me go directly to the main points of Google SEO. You must know that Google Search Algorithm is now focusing on contextual linking. Try to search on Google and you will notice what I am saying. Obviously, Google is prioritizing content for organic search. It goes like this, the more content the better and the more contextual backlinks pointing to your content is the best. Search engines’ traffic will then just flow over the knee of your niched website.

How are we going to build contextual links?

Contextual linking has something to do with links and your content. Google is placing more significance on links found within the content of your websites rather than the links found in the header, menubar, sitefooter, sidebar, etc. To get contextual backlinks, you must have backlinks from high Google Page Rank or from popular relevant content. When you link within the content of a valuable page, ensure that any links engaged on the page are contextually related and that have a keyword-rich anchor text. By doing such as guest blogging and article submission are the best free methods in having contextual linking. If you are really eager to get contextual links then you must buy context links and goodluck for Google will penalize you when caught.

Social Media Optimization

The best thing is that even search engines also considered social media signals in their rankings. With the advancement of social media today, the development of Social Media Optimization in gaining backlinks and popularity from popular sites like Facebook and Twitter, is being targeted towards real time searching. This means that, the more presence you can give on the social media sites, the greater chances that your SEO will progress.

A tweet is a powerful message composed of 140 characters or less, with a flexible link shortening and with multi-protocol services. Your tweets will get you anywhere taking you to all your followers and to various enthusiastic social search services. For SEO’s concern, you can see it that Google cache the most tweeted content of your website. Habitually, when the page is most tweeted, Google will take the initiative to rank it to the SERPs.

Here’s another great button in social media today. The prevailing Facebook “Like” button and a power “share” is being considered as most powerful widget or plugin. The idea behind this Facebook Likes and share is to give ample access to data to the most discerning web users.

In Facebook, if the status is being liked by many, you will see that your status will be on the top news. This means that all who have liked the status have given it significance. And you know search engines now look at links being shared on Facebook profiles and Fan Pages that are marked as being shared to “everyone”. So it follows then that when your link will be liked or shared most by everyone, you’re not only having traffic from Facebook itself, you also have the chance  that it will be indexed and definitely gets higher organic search ranking.

So there you have it. Always remember that we are living now in the world of online advancements. Get used to Search engines, blogs, and social networks for all these will help you generate quality traffic.

Thank you so much!  Please feel free to leave your comments and insights.

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I am Kira Permunian. My expertise revolves around SEO, Internet Marketing, and Content Creation. I blog at Best SEO Blogging. Follow me on Twitter . Thank you.

101 thoughts on “Combining the Best SEO and SMO in Traffic Generation

  • Nice article kirapermunian ! I enjoyed reading. I would say buying links is always a risk.

    • Buying links for SEO is One of the more popular and effective techniques however it supports false popularity and links that are not fundamentally based on merit, relevance, or authority. Another thing is that it is has unfair advantage in organic search results to websites with the biggest resources. Thanks I glad to know that you enjoyed my post I hope it’s clear to you now!

      • I agree buying links is an effective technique to increase popularity but there is always a risk factor in it.

        • Thank you Anish for the another response. On my way to visiting your site once again. Cheers!

        • If buying risks is too risky then how does the SE know that you are buying links??

    • Thanks kira for this lovely topics.Most of us unaware of that fact,that Google has changes some rules for their ranking and seo.Ya its very important now to make some contextual linking for us.

      • You’re welcome my friend! I wish you all the best in your blogging endeavors! Go for quality contextual linking but be careful, and avoid content farms because once your link be associated with them, Google will eventually push you down.

        Thanks for the feedback!

  • True, link-buying can be risky. Also, Google has been making moves towards busting black- and gray-hat SEO. That should be something to be seriously considered by SEO/SMO practitioners.

    • Hi Blogie, Thanks for the comment. You are right! SEO and SMO Practitioners should consider the risk in link buying. There a lot of free ways of Traffic generation through SEO, one such effective is the one that I suggested in my post.

      • What if, a certain company want to buy links to my site? I am experiencing this. Is it advisable to report them to the web authorities?

        • Report it to Google otherwise, go with the flow and get the high price!

          • Yeah, report them to Google to stop indexing their site. Thank you.

        • Think about it first, you should be wise on the deal. Get more information about the product or services they’re going to promote in your site, if you think their site helpful to you and to your readers, have pass the relevance to your niche and that they offer a good moooney then why not accept their offer, in the end they’re the one to be punished. If they look spammy and messy, beware don’t deal with them, you’ll just making your site down.

          • I bet your answer Kira is right. Thank you I will work with your advice.

            • You’re welcome. Comeback anytime. Also, I advise you to read some articles here @iblogzone, I’m sure you dot a lot of tips and guidelines here.

  • So, it means that Social Media utlizing is a must for these days to have strong SEO result.

    • You got it right Dana! Cheers for that because Social Media is becoming more and more important today.

  • Honestly, I don’t see the connection. SEO is what it is, and social media does its thing…where is the link between the two?

    • Hi Dennis, there’s really a connection. Google search engine counts social media signals such number of tweets and RTs, and Facebook likes. So it is really good to be present in these two social sites. While having a direct traffic from them, you are doing SEO at the same time.

      • Carlo, Thanks for the support. Your explanation is just right. I appreciate it A LOT. This phrase really rocks! ” While having a direct traffic from them, you are doing SEO at the same time.”

    • Hi there Dennis, Yeah, SEO is different from social media.. How these two connect? Just look up the Tweet buttons and like buttons of any websites, that social media integration buttons count in the organic search engine ranking, it is one of the factors in the new Google Search Algorithm.. So, Get the most of it while having SEO. I hope it’s clear to you already. Feel free to ask if you have something to clarify. Have fun!

  • Kira, I think you have got in your post the two major sources of huge traffic in the web namely: search engines and social networks . for social media, most experienced social media marketers now understand the value of social sharing, and there are many key points to be made here. I read along many article everyday and found out a lot of disgusting social sharing buttons.

    • Thank you Carlo! I think you’ve got it too in your comment. Now that social media is about to dominate the web, there’s no reason to why not to get involved with it. Social Media is dynamic for content sharing. lol sometimes to some sites, these buttons looked messy but with the careful integration and advanced integration wizards, we can now have it nicely done.. Thanks for coming over.

  • As a beginner in the SEO & SMO arena handling entertainment site, this is some good information on what to do and what not to do. I have known that Facebook content sharing is a good idea and can boost your sites prominence in the search engines – anybody had any success with this new technique?

    • Social Media Optimization alone specifically with Facebook will get you behind in the long run. Though, you should be present on it, your site must also be spiced and be friendly to search engines. Entertainment niche is a string niche and you’ll need to be updated and be present anywhere in the web. What I have here are the best ways in SEO and SMO taking into consideration the extreme potential of contextual linking and social media presence to facebook and twitter.

      If you applied this in the beginning, then I must say, it’s a good start. Get ready for Hardwork then.

  • Buying links is always a risk if you are in a competitive niche because your competitors will surely report that to Google. However you can getaway with it in a not so competitive niche. But it is always a good idea to stick by Google rules because it helps out in the long run.

    • By all means, you will win by sticking to Google. That’s true, having a competitive niche is tough to promote with Google SEO. However there are some tricks to get above the rest of your competitors, that’s maybe the secret of many SEO Specialist out there.. secret! Thanks for the suggestion Nishadha. I feel wonderful with your comment.

  • Hello Kira,

    What you pointed is that social media can increase your traffic which is of course obvious for anyone, but what you, in my opinion, forgot to point out is that if your content is tweeted by a influential person on twitter, not only that will bring you a lot of traffic but it will also help you rank higher in google and the other search engines.

    Google has recently admitted that they are using twitter to determine the influence of a certain person and this influence can be transfer to the links that person shares.

    • If an authority person are retweeting your information on Twitter, it will influence the search engines to place that information closer to users when they query on Google. Bing, for example, is taking into consideration how many times a particular link has been retweeted. I’m quite sure that Google is too.

      • You just said it Elgart! The task now is how to find that authority person that Google considers as authority person, is it the verified twitter account with the blue check? Or Google need to have a press release on their list? Oh, that’s something I am really thinking, maybe those celebrities, experts in categories, political figures, so on.. then we should be friend to them.

        I see it Bing really count on the number of tweets as well as Google.

        Thanks Elgart. So informative.

        • I’d just like to add something in this thread, I found out that if you have a high PageRank Twitter profile, the links you tweet will have an effect on the search activity related to that link; it could potentially help you to rank higher. That’s in addition to the power of authority tweets. I believe those twitter profile who have higher PR are the authorities. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you.

    • You are so true Alex! I’m sorry I haven’t specifically stated that in my content. But for me, this means that we must be more social. It means that if you’re not being an actual person on Twitter, then you should start. We all know that’s it’s not that easy to get tweets from authority users. But if we can hit them, it’s a BIG HIT and BIG G will be overwhelm with that and give give you higher search organic rankings.

      Thank you Alex! Pleasure is mine with your comment.

  • Nice article Kriper, You are right the best method of generating contextual link is by Guest blogging. I have been pretty busy with my full time job but I am planning to start guest blogging soon. Also buying paid links is really a bad idea, it can really cause trouble.

    • You are going on the path Shiva with guest blogging. You’re not just building contextual link, also you’re building a camaraderie with other bloggers and the website owners. Guest blogging really rocks! Please envite me with your guest post I am so excited to read it.

      Thanks for dropping a feedback!

  • Spending more time talking to people on social networks is highly advisable nowadays. The web is changing from an individual, every man for himself kind of situation to a world wide tribe and community based one. Now it’s about engaging human emotion and connecting with people directly a better and beneficial to business having this option.

    • Thanks for couple of comments Elgart! I really appreciate your effort A LOT! You got it! Social Media is about connecting to people and relationship. If businesses would utilize it, really, a great advantage.

      • You are welcome dude! You have a full blast of traffic generation in your post! Goodluck, hope you win!

        • Thanks a lot!

  • Hi everyone! I just don’t see the point in buying links at all, it just isn’t ethical, it’s against Googles guidelines AND one day Google’s algos will give a nasty business killing shock to anyone who is participating in paid links, just not worth it at all in my opinion.

    I would like to get some guest blog posts under my belt but as I dont actually blog at the moment then I guess it will have to wait! Too many clients and not enough hours in the day at the moment but looking to trim that all down and spend more time on my business soon 😀

    @Kira… great post by the way:-), would you say it’s unrealistic to try to start guest blogging (on small niche sites) even if had some great ideas for posts that could really generate some good trending traffic, on a subject that I am very pasionate about ie. SEO?

    • Hi Stuart, first of all I would like to thank you for the insightful feedback you had here. It’s nice meeting you.

      You’re right about the ethics issue in buying links but as you know in SEO if you’re getting a hard time to top to search engines then buying links is a last “necessary” option. I understand your situation, I am also working in a company and do blogging during my spare time. I know you can have time for guest blogging soon. I am excited to read it. I hope you will invite me to give some comment on it.

      And speaking of guest blogging and SEO, I must say, it’s alright to guest blog to a small niche sites just ensure that the statistics of that site will not drag you down. I recommend guest blogging to such sites like,,,, and to some blogengage and comluv related/affiliated sites. You gonna meet their real bloggers who are ready to help.

      It’s my pleasure to have you here Stuart! I always give a hats off to SEO and blogging buddies. Cheers!

      • Thanks for the warm welcome Kira, I will look into the sites you recommend for guest blogging, cheers 🙂

        • You’re most welcome!

  • Hi Kira,

    You have a good point but buying contextual links involves thousand to millions of money plus risk that Google will penalize you when caught. For me, this is only applicable for site owners that invest their thousand bucks just to get rank and gain traffic. In the lead of buying contextual links, you’re point is right. One must make sure that the page you’ve paid for your text placement is valuable enough that you could get benefit from it. For a beginner like me, I better go for the best free methods in contextual linking. 😛

    • Hello there Janixa, Wow bravissimo! I applaud your forthrightness towards having free methods in contextual linking. Content is always a king in search. If you have content already, then link building is next to be done. And in link building, contextual linking is a king too. I’m telling you, you are in the right path for choosing contextual linking in the beginning.

      Thank you Janixa! This is such a great conversation.

      • KiRa,

        Creating good content is a must to do if one is aiming for a better traffic, it will attract readers thus gaining lot of pageviews.
        I’ve read an article that contextual linking is better than banner ad placement, do you have any idea why Google formulated the pattern on that thinking that banner ad is much bigger than a contextual link? If links found in the header, menubar, sitefooter, sidebar it could be viewed sitewide right? It is a plus because it can generate lot of traffic. Why is it that it has less significance with Google? :-/

        • Janixa,

          Google and other search engines index text primarily. Contextual links look natural to Google . That’s why search engines love contextual links. If you want better ranking in search engines, then go for contextual linking. Contextual links give your site 10 times higher Google PageRank than usual links because the number of outbound links on the page is 10 times less. Additionally, Google gives higher PR to links, placed within page content.

          Banner is good for sites which have higher alexa ranking, you have to display a banner to make it noticeable to the visitors. But hey, search engines are now intelligent, they can recognize banner links and consider its relevance to the website’s theme.

          Most of the links in the sidebar, the sitewide links are not that of relevant as the contextual links. It ruins the essence of search relevance. However, it’s being considered still in Google

          I advise you to take a look at the new Google algorithm changes, it might help where to give your best in your SEO endeavors. Check it out and ask questions if you want, I might have an answer for it.

          Thank you!

          • Hi Kira,

            Now everything’s clear. Since Google algorithm keeps on changing, I will keep that in mind. SEO is such a lucrative business nowadays and it really a must that SEO specialists should also be updated with algorithm. Well, for me as a beginner in this field, there’s one thing that I always keep in mind – to keep on asking.

            Thank you Kira for such an informative answers! KUDOS!

            • Good to hear that from you Janixa! There’s no harm in asking only learnings. To be competitive and well updated is what SEO specialist really need.

              I mind you Janixa, you’re off to a good start! Best Wishes to you.

  • I’ve enjoyed discovering your well written and very informative blog! I’ll happily consult your pages when I’m focused on SEO ratings for my pages.

    • I am glad to know that you enjoyed my post here. Yeah sure, this site is for those who need help in SEO and blogging. You’ve come really to right page. I recommend you to read some worthy articles here. Thank you Lynda! I appreciate your effort A LOT! I bookmarked your site.

  • SEO optimization is the beneficial indeed. Therefore I read your post with great interest. Thank you. What you are writing about is great out of itself, yet I wish to add just one thought I got while reading. I tried to visualize the world we would enter in case we care for the next to us so much as for the promotion of our personal sites. What is their message? I think that is of the greatest importance
    Respectfully from Arthiker

    • Hi Modus, more than anything else, more than SEO and SMO, I believe doing something right with much care for the benefit of the next generation must be promoted too. I am also an advocate urging people to make a difference in their lives.

      I thank you for reminding me such thing, I visited your site and I was amazed by your reads, your site is worth sharing.

  • This is a great post Kira. Finding the correct balance between SEO and SMO in the day to day of blogging is all the trick.

    • You got it Reut! That’s really is it, the right balance between SEO and SMO will make your site rocks! Thanks for dropping by. I feel great you made my day!

  • Hi Kira,

    Fantastic post. Thanks for sharing your insights. I couldn’t agree with you more, social media is really powerful right now.

    The more shares/retweets you get, the more Google will keep an eye on your site. It’s like getting votes really, the more you get, the more you will be seen as an authority and get priority over other sites. And that means more traffic to you!

    Good luck with the contest, Kira.


    • Hi there Mavis,

      Thanks for your feedback. This is because I really believe Google is the main source of quality and massive organic traffic. But with the advent of Social Media headed by Facebook and Twitter, we cannot deny the fact that these two incredible social networks will give us substantial traffic too. Combining the two is fantastic, bombastic, incredible! You can’t imagine it.

      Thank you.

  • Thanks a lot for this very informative post which gives new insights to me on how the social media works for traffic generation. It helps a lot for those who are “quite” new to blogging like me who still needs to learn more on how SEO and SMO work for traffic generation. I find it’s really amazing!

    • Hi Balqis,

      How are you there? Thanks for the feedback that you dropped here @iblogzone . SEO and SMO should go hand in hand if you wanna have more traffic for your website. People in this generation, I believe, were just tapping on either search engine or social media sites (this includes ofcourse, blogging). Go ahead! You’re free to apply these things in your website. Goodluck and I wish more traffic and visitors.


  • Hi kirapermunian,
    Thank you for great post. I am totally agree with you, no argue, no additional info because you have already said it all. Good luck with the contest. 😉

    • Hello Rose, Thank you for the feedback. I am happy that you agree to my ideas. Cheers!

  • Hey Kira,

    I think its becoming more important to be socially active on the internet. The more trackbacks, mentions, likes and shares is an indication that your article is popular with the masses. I do notice that google ranks my articles better from the social signals better than my SEO optimization for each of those articles.

  • Hi there Bryan,

    You are right! social signals help a lot in search engine rankings. To be socially present is a win-win strategy! While directly driving traffic from social media sites, you also improve your search engine placement! It’s really great! Cheers!

    Kira Permunian

  • Contextual linking is proven to be effective in boosting the search engine ranking of any site. It promoted websites’ search engine rankings. Incidentally, it is one of the most critical steps in the link building service. But I am sure engaging content for your site would help. This content should be a relevant niche.

    I urge everyone to get contextual link building if you need massive and best traffic generation for your website, services and products.

    Great job! Wishing you all the best in this contest.

    • Thanks Dinah for dropping a comment to my entry. I agree with you that contextual linking is crucial, as SEO Specialist, we have to ensure that the page we gonna place our links has pass the quality assurance.

      But with the new Google Algorithm ( Google Panda), I believe they’ve just powered up the power of contextual linking as the top priority in link building.

      • I have noticed the high jumps to the top yesterday all over client sites, it was no content farms! Almost everything is unique. You know, it happens like this with every algorithm update, no matter what update it is. Big sites always will not lost the rank.

        • Congratulations! As I see it too, Big sites get rank in Google. But remember that some article directories where the contents submitted in a spinned form are being penalized and gradually lessen their traffic. Anyway, for your clients, what are your counter methods in facing the update?

          • We have already formulated more enhanced strategies to counteract the changes. But we believe the changes is not big, it is just merely cleaning up the web which pollutes the Google search relevance. This time Google have just powered up the link building techniques of SEO.

            And that’s what we do, a more relevant and a more search engine friendly link building.

            • As I see it too the importance of a relevant linking in organic search results. Link building is becoming trendy again, and all of us know that the best way to run through effective link building is through blogging and with some SEO Techniques.

  • Hi kira!

    social media optimization is an important technique to drive more traffic specially if you’re into branding! social presence is a must and its becoming more and more important these days! I kinda love your blog and excited to read more updates from you!


    frugal shopping

    • Lolo, I’m glad you’re here. Yes, branding would be easy with Social Media Optimization. You just have to talk to customers, build relationship with them and introduce your product in a polite manner.

      Thanks bring branding up here lolo. Read more post here in .

  • Thank you for sharing this Kira Permunian. This is really useful since it gives me additional information on the best techniques of SEO today. If we just think deeply about the Google Panda, it all boils down to contextual linking if not creating a unique useful content. The techniques you’ve written here enlighten me in the world of link building and social media. Goodluck to you my friend.

    • Thank you. I am happy to hear that my post is helpful to you. Google Panda has just made up contextual linking more important. We gonna link now if not by link baiting, it would be by doing other methods of link building to a significant content pages and websites. Link building always rock whenever content rules!

      Thanks once again.

  • Hello Kira!

    I liked the idea of your post.

    Google counts links from social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, so a good SEM will also increase your SEO.

    Likewise, by having a higher ranking in search engines, you will get more traffic and more people willing to share your content and recommend you to others. So a good SEO will also increase your SEM.

    It’s like a never-ending loop. 🙂

    Good luck with the contest! Cosmin.

    • Hi there Cosmin Stefan, Thanks for the feedback. Glad to know that you liked the idea of my post entry. Yeah, that’s right it’s like a never ending loop – infinite loop. Search Engines and Social Media support each other for a better and worthy surfing. Cheers!

  • Thank you. I am happy to hear that my post is helpful to you. Google Panda has just made up contextual linking more important. We gonna link now if not by link baiting, it would be by doing other methods of link building to a significant content pages and websites. Link building always rock whenever content rules!

    Thanks once again.

    • I think… Google Panda reminded us to be very careful in building links too. Experts have predicted that this algorithm update will come across all those websites with low quality content and then push them to the bottom in the ranking. If happens to place my links to these websites , I think… that is too bad for my SEO endeavors.

      • Good analysis my friend! That it is really. Otherwise having place your links in a high quality article would make your website be a superstar for it would increase its ranking too. Just be very careful and analyze each a site that you’re going to link. Cheers!

  • I am on Facebook. I use Facebook in communicating with my friends and my family, I never thought of the power of Facebook likes. I think many pages have been merry because everytime I see Facebook likes, I get to click it. What is the disadvantage of liking many pages as of my profile’s concern? Would it help me, the liking thing to spread my profile links to many pages? I mean it is also a kind of like popularity.

    • There’s nothing to worry about the pages you liked. There’s no advantage of liking many pages. One thing for sure , you’re helping the page you liked to gain popularity at the same time your profile too. There was debate about that and the experts believed that Facebook likes is equivalent to Google links. But they have different functions. Google links ensure the relativity of search while Facebook likes upgrade a certain page to get a rank.

      • Oh I thank you for the clarification. I am using Facebook primarily for my social media campaign. I wish it will work with search engines too. Best wishes in the contest.

        • Yes, It will work but don’t just rely on Facebook! Use other social Media channels too. You can find a lot in the Internet. Just Google it! Do you want some suggestions my friend?

          • Yes please, and thank you in advance.

            • I would prefer to receieve an email from you. kira at adlsu dot com and I’ll share a full list of social media channels.

  • I understand more now the relevance of Facebook as a way of boosting site. Many of us just hit the “Like” button merely because they just feel liking it and others relate it to their daily experiences without knowing the “backstage” drama of it. Thanks Kira! Such an intelligent being and a good researcher. You are really an Expert!

    • I liked it when you say, “others relate it to their daily experiences without knowing the “backstage” drama of it.” Yeap, I believe it too that there’s really something behind “likes” in Facebook. Many rumors came out earlier that FB Founder used it to monitor who used likes within Facebook itself and/or using it from the other sites. Anyway, that’s the part of business and we can just ride and utilize it the positive way.

  • You have the Best Post! This post is really important these days since old school link building is so much dying with all the Google changes in specifically the Panda Update. Contextual linking provides useful, relevant, supplementary information to primary source content. It is because Quality plus Quantity is ideal, and an acceptable foundation, but quantity without quality will destroy us.

    • Oh thank you. You have said it all there. Content and Links are two major factors in search engine rankings.

  • Like the way you are laying out a foundation for those starting up, Kira. So many people jump in head first without knowing the fundamentals and get lost going in too many different directions.

    • Hi there Barry, you’re definitely right! With your feedback I see to it the significant of a strong foundation and application of fundamentals to get success. Thanks!

  • Hello Kira,
    Found this article retweeted to me at Twitter. Glad to see a fellow Filipino making his way to the top in the internet. Sent you a tweet – perhaps you’re interested in joining our company celebration to meet-up and discuss opportunities

    • Sean,

      Thanks for the comment. It’s my pleasure to have you here. Yah, this is my way to urge and show to people to make a difference in their lives. I received your tweets and I’m on my way to respond to it. Thank you.

  • Buying links will always help with SEO, but companies that do link building do not always give you targeted/relevant back links, either way it helps because some back links is better then no back links.
    Web Design and Development

    • You have a point. When buying links, it is already been assured the quality and the relevance of the page you link up. It is effective and it’s proven ensuring and following search engine’s guidelines and protocol however it’s an unfair too.

  • great post’re legendary..LOL..But anyways, i agree that link buying is unfair and has a great risk. But expecting for a fair fight and being idealistic in the world we live would be a stupid.

    zuhpiter invites you to visit: affordable seo marketing.

    • Zuhpiter, Thank you for supporting my entry. It takes so much hard work and more prayers to be a legendary. I think I am not. This is just my way to make sense urging people to make a difference in their lives. Thank you.

  • social media is gaining not only its popularity but also its importance as the days go by.

    • Thank you Ethel. You have just said it there..

  • Dude,
    I have read it twice.. And I love this post.
    I don’t really know what else to write here.
    Good job !

    • Oh thank you for visiting my entry. Thanks for your time. I am happy that you love my guest post entry. Pleasure is mine.

  • Hi Kira,

    I think what I enjoyed about your article most was the uniqueness of your content! Reading your article has opened my eye’s to area’s of marketing I may have never considered. Your article is a great addition into the blogging contest and I wish you tons of luck!

    I’m sorry I never seen it before today I would had commented earlier seeing all the support you have given my article. Thank you for all the support!

    • No problem Brian! I am more than happy in support to you. And hey, thanks so much, I am honored to hear that you enjoyed my article. Goodluck and I really wish you to win this contest! You’re doing great!

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