The ClickBank Affiliates Top 10 Checklist For Choosing The Right Product

If you have participated in even a little affiliate marketing, you have more than likely been exposed to ClickBank.  This platform is one of the most widely used affiliate and product delivery systems available.  A key aspect of becoming a successful affiliate marketer is being able to choose the best products for you.  As the field of internet marketing gets bigger and bigger each year, so does the amount of poor products available.  It’s becoming more and more difficult to find those lucrative and reliable products.

So that you don’t have trouble finding your next product to promote, I wanted to share with you the 10 factors that every ClickBank product, I promote, must follow.  If you plan on doing any product creation, you should take notice to this list as well.  Your affiliate marketing will perform better and your affiliates will be happy you did.

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Top 10 Checklist

affiliate marketing checklist1.  Higher than usual earnings per sale.  Selling a more expensive product will produce larger commissions per sale.  Instead of having to sell 10 $10 products for your $100 day, you can sell 1 $100 product.  You may be surprised with how little difference there is between selling a $10 product or a $100 product.  If you do find an appropriate low ticket item, look for 60-75% commissions at minimum.

2.  The product creator or affiliate manager should respond to an opening email.  To get things kicked off in the right start, you should attempt to contact the product creator.  I like to avoid complications as much as possible.  Knowing there is open communication between you and the product creator will eliminate a lot the complications that may arise.  If there is no response to you, I would expect them to have the same type of reaction to upset customers.

3.  The product has to be high quality.  Within the opening email or in a response email, ask the product owner for a review copy.  If you can’t get a review copy, consider purchasing the product.  Knowing exactly what the product delivers will make your job selling it much easier.  Delivering a poor product to your potential customers will only hurt your reputation.

4.  The topic should be something you can write about.  You don’t have to know a subject particularly well.  You can always research and learn more.  You should always enjoy what you are writing though.  It will make your affiliate marketing endeavors so much easier.

5.  The niche must be something that will sell.  Market research in my opinion is the most important step any business owner can take.  Without knowing exactly what to expect, you are working blind.  Guessing games don’t work out in your favor every time.  Looking deeper into the keyword research of the product niche will allow you to know exactly how much benefit to expect.

6.  Sales page must be in order.  There are few factors that I look for on the sales page.  First, I won’t promote anything that is over hyped or offers empty promises.  Dishonest sales copy is one of my pet peeves.  After getting a closer look at the actual product, you will know for sure if the sales page is just ridiculous.

7.  There shouldn’t be an opt-in.  If there is an option for viewers to sign up to a newsletter on the sales page, you are killing your conversions.  If someone is interested in buying, they will most likely take a look at the freebie the sales page offers before buying.   If the product doesn’t provide you with long term cookies, you are losing sales and just building their list for free.

8.  NO POP UPS.  I hate to see them myself.  I would never show my viewers something I hate.  You can always increase conversions in other ways.

9.  Medium to low Gravity rating.  A high gravity doesn’t mean the product is selling well….it just means there is a lot of competition.  It’s much easier to sell a product that has a Gravity rating under 30.

10.  Imagine you are the ideal buyer and ask yourself if you would purchase from this vendor.  Take an overall look at the product, sales page, any other content the vendor offers.  If this content isn’t up to your standards, don’t promote their product.  There is enough poor content and products on the internet.  Don’t keep it alive by trying to promote it.  Your viewers will thank you.

Take a look at the products you are currently promoting and ask yourself if they follow this 10 point checklist.  You could see a big profit increase by following these guidelines.

Once you’ve chosen your product, it’s time to start sending traffic to it.  This can be one of the most difficult aspects of affiliate marketing. Quickly eliminate this common problem by applying the best SEO practices and following these traffic generation techniques. Making money online through ClickBank’s affiliate marketing, will be much easier when you have a huge amount of laser targeted viewers coming to your site every day.


Travis is the founder and president of Internet Biz Masters in Nashville, TN. Working with business owners for the past three years, Travis has been able to pass on his knowledge to other internet entrepreneurs with great success. You can learn a great deal about creating and improving your online business at his website and don't forget to grab your free guide on exploding your internet business potential!

8 thoughts on “The ClickBank Affiliates Top 10 Checklist For Choosing The Right Product

  • I have looked at ClickBank in the past, but really couldn’t find products that I would promote. I may not have given it enough chance, so I’ll have to take another look and apply the points you made above to help with find a good product to promote.

  • Great checklist! Thanks. There are so many products on clickbank it can be a bit hard to search through them and find the right ones to promote. One thing I use a lot is a site called cb-analytics, they have a lot of good tools for sorting products.

  • Some amazing tips here, I never gave a thought No 7 and now I realize the importance of it and I will definitely consider asking for a review copy as well

  • Hello Travis,

    Great tips I think the most important factor when choosing a clickbank product, after determining if the niche has enough customers and you have a chance to drive traffic to your page is to ask yourself if you would recommend it to someone else or if you would buy it yourself.

    If you look at the sales page and you shrug away, thinking you can find something better or it seems as a scam, there is a high probability that your leads will think the same.

  • When writing for a review copy, what are some things to include before they ask…..or more to the pint, so they don’t have to ask?

  • Hi Travis,
    This checklist is very helpful for me and I will consider it whenever I will select a new product. Especially I must be careful about point #7.

  • I would like to commend you for this checklist! Great article Travis. I have an account in clickbank and I want the more information I can have to be familiar with clickbank. Thanks for the hints you said. I will surely make this happen and make profits to my business in no time soon. Cheers!

  • Good tips indeed, and I must say the point about contacting the product creator is very good. If he cannot reply to you how do you know he will reply to customer queries?

    Thanks for all these.

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