SpeedLink V10/2011, Home Based Business, Blogging, Traffic Generation

With just a very few days remaining, our traffic generation blogging contest is near to its end. However, you still have time to participate and just for you to know, we are going to pick more than 10 winners, so your chances are very high provided you follow the rules, write that fantastic article and promote it like crazy. Even if for some reason you want to miss this one, keep an eye on what the participants are doing to generate traffic for their blog posts. Some are really impressive and you will most certainly learn a great deal. Now its up to you 🙂

Anyway, in no particular order:

Blogging/Marketing/Social Networking

  • How to Blog When You Don’t Have Time
  • What I Learned Running a Blogging Contest
  • Blog Posts – 4 Important Reasons To Revisit Those Old Posts
  • Social Networking: You Better Start Getting Personal
  • Blog Traffic – Is Your Blog Sticky and Promoting Your Posts Effortlessly?

WordPress/FireFox Addons/News

Online Business/Advertising

What are some of the projects that the webspam team might tackle in 2011?

There you have it. Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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4 thoughts on “SpeedLink V10/2011, Home Based Business, Blogging, Traffic Generation

  • Nice, definitely some good links this week. I love seeing roundups with articles I’ve commented on… 😉

    • Hi Dennis. Its good to see that you have left comments on some articles already. At least we both agree that they are indeed worth sharing 🙂 Have a nice day

  • Really dig your speedlink series DiTesco! You always have some good stuff on them.

    Interesting video by Matt Cutts about spam; wonder how they going to manage it. But glad they are making some efforts to deal with these issues.

    Thanks for sharing this list!
    P.S. Thx for the link luv… appreciate it. 🙂

  • I’d love to see Matt’s team excel at blocking comment spam – one of their 2011 projects. I think we’ve all seen those blog posts with hundreds of meaningless comments, all with a bunch of links pointing to some very questionable sites. It ruins some really good sites, so I don’t understand why the blog owners don’t seem to notice their sites filling up with garbage.

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