FaceBook For Business, Using Their Marketing Tools To Your Advantage

By now, you may have already heard about Google+ for sure. Since its official launch, the project has a reported 20 million plus users and counting. One of the things that has been circling around the sphere is about their much awaited Google+ profiles for businesses. There has been many reports saying that this feature will “soon” be available. But until then…

Meanwhile, FaceBook, the reigning “king” of the social web recently launched “FaceBook For Business”. Although it appears to be a “new” thing, it is really nothing but a full blown “guide” to help you grow your business using FaceBook’s marketing tools. I found out about this via SMedio and being a topic that is highly interesting, I figured that it would be nice if you knew about it too, that is, if you don’t know about it already. With all the buzz about Google killing Facebook, Twitter vs Google Plus, etc.., one should not rule out the power of FaceBook and its reported 750 million users.

facebook for business marketing

What Is FaceBook For Business?

As I mentioned above, Facebook for Business is essentially a full blown guide for business users to learn how to use FaceBook’s marketing tools to their advantage. Despite all of the features and tools being presented already exists, the fact of the matter is that many users still don’t know how to use them properly. I particularly am guilty of not knowing how FaceBook works that well, as I always found their tools to be quite complicated to use for business purposes. Then again, it could be me, just being lazy to find out more.

Anyway, the interesting part about the uses of FaceBook for business, is that it is neatly packed in such a way that you are given step-by-step instructions on how to set up pages, create ads, using custom plugins and apps, etc.. I know that you may find all this information around the web, but looking it from their angle certainly helps a bit more.

What Is In FaceBook For Business?

After hitting the “get started” button, you will immediately be sent to a page where it shows you how FaceBook works. You will learn how to create a page, engage your community and ultimately get the word out. Digging in deeper, here is what you can expect to find.

facebook building pages

Building Your Presence With Pages:

  • Setting up your page
  • Creating a page strategy
  • Building Your Community
  • etc..

You will find pdf guides about,  pages optimization, insights, and more.

facebook promote ads

Promoting your Business With FaceBook Ads

  • Identify your goal
  • Targeting the right audience
  • Designing an engaging ad
  • Managing your budget
  • etc..

Available pdf guides include – Ads optimization guide, Ads manager upgrade guide, and more

facebook business platform

Enhancing Your Business With FaceBook Platform

Facebook Platform provides many simple ways for creating and integrating your appswith features such as News Feed, Notifications, etc. Integrating your apps with Facebook allows you to, among other things:

  • Publish directly to people’s News Feeds
  • Make it easy for people to share your content with friends
  • Be used on a Facebook Page as a custom tab

There you have it. Whether you want to create or improve your existing business pages, ads, etc., Facebook For Business tutorials will help you get there. Its all about building and establishing your brand.

What do you think about this move from Facebook? If you were not a Facebook fan before, will you use it more actively now, after going through this guide, or will you just sit and wait for Google+ business profiles to be available? I think I’ll use them both :).


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22 thoughts on “FaceBook For Business, Using Their Marketing Tools To Your Advantage

  • Well this is simply a way to still stand in the market. Its a try by big giants, well they are competitive too so let see how it goes.

  • Facebook for business is really a gud business also there were alot focussed on competing with Google+ . So there may be no chance of waiting to promote our business in either ways.

  • Great share DiTesco. I didn’t hear about “Facebook for Business” at all. I’ve been wanting to try facebook marketing for my small offline business for a while but I wasn’t sure where to start. I’ll be checking this out carefully.

    Have a good day,

    • Hi Anita. this came in timely then for you. If you are not very familiar with FB for business, like me, you will find that this is a good starting point. Thanks for stopping by and so sorry for the late response

  • Hi Francisco,

    I think that as every marketer you’d use all the social channels possible, in this case Google+ and Facebook.

    Personally, I like more Google+ than Facebook.

    Facebook has “destroyed” their confidence changing business pages, groups, rules, etc constantly and this play in benefit of future G+ business pages. Will see how the game is in the future.

    Very good tutorial about Facebook for business!



    • I agree with Gera…. I leaning toward Google+ and looking forward to when they come up with an equivalent to Facebook Business pages.

      However, I do think the guide was a very smart release and I don’t think they are going anywhere. Will just have to take a cut in their market share. 😉

      Any savvy business owner knows that diversity is the key and going where your target hangs out is ultimately your best plan of action for where you should be spending your time anyway.

      Thanks for sharing this… just got back from vaca and am a bit out of the loop. 😉


      • Michele, all the companies should not put all the eggs in one basket, more in social sites. Do you remember Myspace few years ago? It was equal to FB. And Bebo, other that was vanished.

        Hope you’ve had great vacations! You’ll have time to catch the recent buzz 🙂
        I’m behind also, I’ve weeks of delay after my moves, first online and recently offline.

        Have an excellent week ahead Francisco and Michele!


      • Hi partner. As you can see I am lagging behind my responses, lol. As I mentioned to Gera, I am equally quite eager to see what G+ business will bring. As for FB releasing this now, hmmm., guess it still is important, although I have to admit that they should have done this a long time ago.. anyway, better now than never, right?

        So good to see you back in action….

        • Agree Francisco. FB has replied with a marketing new tactic due to the pressure of G+, but they’d be done before.

          Being relatively lonely on the social stream (the only can be Twitter) is easy to be inactive in that area.

          Happy Wednesday!


    • Hi Gera. Sorry for the late response… I also agree with you that one should not neglect the power of certain channels… Although I have to admit that I am not a FB fan, I can nevertheless just toss it aside.. Like Michele, I too am looking forward as to what Google+ for business has under their sleeves 🙂 Thanks for stopping by

  • Thats funny you bring this up. I was just checking out there advertising section today, and it looks really good.

    I figure if my personal information can go viral on Facebook, then it should be even easier for business.

    This is the first time that Facebooks privacy issues can work to our advantage. Hah

    • Hi Kent. Anything is possible.. if you can do it right, the sky is the limit on FB. The one things I do know is that if it goes viral there, expect a flood of traffic to your site 🙂

  • Thanks for the guide about Facebook for Business. I think google plus have a long way and road to take for them to be able to compete with Facebook in terms of social media scene.

    • You are welcome Ron. G+ Plus does have a long way to finally get it right in the social media arena.. Thing is, they have everything, but never did leverage on that I guess. Just think of how many GMail users they have, how many people uses their apps, how many uses both AdWords and AdSense… their numbers are staggering and if they can put this all together somehow inside G+, it will certainly be a fierce competitor.. don’t you think?

  • For someone that already has a facebook fan page and has used facebook ads will not learn something new but it will be very helpful for a newbie

    • I agree. Very helpful indeed.. I like it, cause I am somewhat a FB newbie as far as using their marketing tools for business… Gotta give them a go 🙂

  • Well, DiTesco at the start of discussing a new facebook stuff you prefer to start it with saying something about Google+. Why? 😀
    Everybody is comparing Google+ and Facebook everywhere and most of the people believe that Google+ will soon replace Facebook but personally I don’t want this to happen their must be something which can act as a strong competitive of Google. If Google+ replaces the Facebook than it is quite obvious that Google will own the web and they can do anything with anyone they will define rules of everything on the web.

    • Hi Stephen. Sharp eye 😉 OK, not that my intention was to say that I prefer Google over FB, but it was just to relate that FB is showing some concern with regards to the attention that G+ has been getting lately. As I mentioned to Michele, I am somewhat confused as to why they came up with this one only now 🙂

      Anyway, I agree with you. A good balance of competition is “always” good, specially for us users. This provides us with the expectation that they will continue to make a better place for us all … thanks for stopping by and sorry for the late response

  • Very useful article! Facebook certainly seems to be the major way forward as far as social media and marketing goes. Not to mention the great networking possibilities. I appreciate you outlining how it’s best used for business as opposed to just personal use. Thanks for the very simple and informative outline. I’ll definitely be going through this and seeing what I might be missing.

    • Welcome Jane. Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts. Always appreciated..

  • I am not convinced that most businesses, need a facebook page. Honestly it should be for friends and family not businesses otherwise it will get misused and become not important.

  • Hi DiTesco,

    It is good to hear that using that tools in Facebook can be a big help to my business. Thanks for sharing this.

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