CommentLuv Will Be The Future Of Traffic?

ComLuv or CommentLuv, is one of the most important plugins and for me it’s in the top best plugins due to it’s abilities to bring a lot of visitors  and of course how it increases the comments in my blog. There are a lot of secrets inside this plugin that not all the bloggers know. In addition, I’ll share with you how ComLuv can bring you a lot of visitors and why it will be the future of traffic.

How to benefit from CommentLuv right now to generate massive traffic?

We all get bored with the number of articles talking about how CommentLuv helps us with SEO, so I’ll not do the same here, but instead I’ll share with you how to maximize your commentLuv results when you comment in other blogs.

Register Your Site – you’ll need to register your blog at comLuv, because unregistered blogs are only allowed to leave their latest article behind, while registered sites has the abilities to select from their latest group of posts on commentLuv enabled blogs. This feature will help you increase the result for bringing visitors with the way I’ll mention right away .

Select related blog posts – Now after you have registered and have the abilities to select from your latest posts, whenever you are commenting on a CommnetLuv enabled blog, try to select the article that is most related to the post you are commenting on. For example,  if you are commenting on a blog article about Facebook , leave your most recent Facebook article behind (if any). If most of the readers running through the comments are maybe interested in the same topic, this will make your blog article more clickable.

commentluv(Tip) What is more, if you have more than one blog, and you have an article on another blog you would love to leave behind as your CommentLuv link, but you still want to use your usual link in the comments, easily enter the blog from which you want CommentLuv to pull a particular article from in the website URL. Before you submit the comment, go back and change the website URL to your normal one. Don’t type or click anywhere after you enter the URL, and click on submit button directly. Did you know about this?

How commentLuv will be the future of traffic?

Andy the developer of CommentLuv has said in his recent video that he is going to develop this plugin, and instead of making people register in ComLuv to get extra feature, the commenter will need to register in your blog to get the extra feature. So the new CommentLuv plugin will allow sign-ups on individual blogs. How cool is that?

What we will get from this feature? Andy mentioned that he hasn’t started working on the changes yet, but we still can conclude that this awesome new CommentLuv will be the future of blog traffic. Furthermore, the new CommentLuv will increase the traffic to our blogs dramatically, once people can sign-up for CommentLuv directly on your blog. That will have tremendous ability to bring traffic to your blog. Do you know what that means? There’s all types of questions that needs an answer coming out from your minds right now and I’d love to know about them? And we may get Andy here and reply to some of them. So don’t hesitate to share your questions about the future of CommentLuv with us here.

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Faissal Alhaithami

I'm a blogger & Internet entrepreneur. I blog about Facebook Marketing, here is my blog Fans bridge| How to market on facebook.

59 thoughts on “CommentLuv Will Be The Future Of Traffic?

  • So far, I am experiencing that Comment Luv is a great tool to promote our new post.

    • right! commentLuv can be for the old posts too ^,^ thax

  • If people can sign up directly on our blog – does this mean that they will subscribe via some feed etc and be notified whenever something new is posted?

    • umm can’t answer you, but this is really great idea, i hope andy can show up here and make things clear ^,^

  • Faissal, yes I used that little trick you described to make sure that my guest posts show up in CommentLuv. Also, here’s a few other great things I did in terms of showing LUV for CommentLuv:
    Created Video Tutorials
    Wrote Blog Posts and embedded Andy’s Videos
    Wrote Guest Posts on the blog
    Wrote about Andy’s other plugin G.A.S.P. – GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin
    Added Additional URL’s and default links to my ComLuv account
    Added a CommentLuv banner to my sidebar
    Sponsor CommentLuv contests
    Now I can add to my list – comment on guest posts about CommentLuv! 🙂

    Have a great day Faissal – thanks for making my day with this post.

    • you are just awesome 🙂 in fact you inspired me to write this post! cuz i have read your article in
      thank you for the article and thanks for your great comment!

  • Commentluv is a great way of getting traffic and valuable backlinks, I am using it on many clients sites and the results look quite promising.

    • Great to hear that! hope you gonna continue you awesome job..

  • I’ve always found commentluv a must plugin and a good source of traffic coming in, it’s also a brilliant way to discover some new blogs to read. Also thanks for the tip 😉

    • you really welcome ^,^ yep some time i feel like there is no articles to read but once i jump up for a good article i just find lot of commenters with great articles! thx Karen..

  • Well, if you are a great title writer then Commentluv can bring you heaploads of traffic for free while you also interact with other bloggers which might also bring mentions in other of their posts thus bringing you more traffic.

    Commentluv also makes your interaction worthwhile and you won’t postpone networking with other bloggers just because you know it’s probably a waste of time, which you could use the build backlinks and/or build your followers number on twitter and facebook.

    So you might actually be right 🙂

    • alex what a great comment you made! building a relationship between the bloggers by commenting in their blogs is worth alot!! and you are right having both interaction + backlinks and traffic in the same time with commentluv ! is soo awesome!

  • You’ve just opened my eyes to new possibilities I never thought of from that wonderful plugin.I wish all the best to Andy the developer for the next features he’s planning to add.

    • nice to hear that Alexis!

  • Hello,

    Indeed, Commentluv is the future of traffic, excellent topic chosen. Commentluv is already the king on comment systems because of its efficacy and popularity (also, earned because of its efficacy). There are a lot of webmasters that are working on link-building only with CommentLuv – this great plugin for WP blogs that helped out a lot of people. Regarding the further development of this plugin – making people register in your blog to get the extra feature is a very smart move that will bring a lot of fame and success for both CommentLuv and the users which is perfect. I recommend CommentLuv to everyone, they will notice immediately the great potential this plugin has. Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work!

    Best regards,


    • you really welcome! u just made my day with you awesome comment! yes you are right ! in other word there are companies that depend on commentLuv to build back links to their clients!

  • Commenting on enabled blogs was my only traffic generation method for nearly two years; oh yea it works!

    • AWESOME! two years isn’t a short period, all the best Dennis.

      • I didn’t know much other back then, commenting got me out there in a big way though.

        • I just checked your blog! man you have got really good blog! hope to be like you one day 🙂

  • I was surprised to discover that CommentLuv doesn’t seem to decrease the quality of comments either. In fact, if anything, comments are of a higher quality! That’s unexpected given the volume of inane junk commenting that hammers blogs everywhere.

    • you are so right!

    • you are so right! thanks for the comment!

  • Hi Faissal,
    I have experienced with different URLs in comment and for recent post from another blog.
    Waiting for new changes in this Plugin.

    • Glad that you did 😉 we all are waiting 😀

  • I have not used commentluv on of my blogs but I have improved my blogs ranking using commentluv and for that I’m extremely thank ful to creators of commentluv.

    • Good! I guess you are getting the most of it for traffic! cuz using commentLuv in your blogs ! will effective the interaction for bloggers in your blog 😀

  • Faissal,
    I have used the ComLuv plugin on one of my sites and as I have been learning more and more about it, inspired by Ileane, who I see has posted here, Go Ileane! I have decided to add it to all my blogs.

    Thanks for putting this post together to help me and others know more about the ComLuv plugin.


    • yeah lleane has added valuable comment up here 😀 Glad that my post helped you ! and i guaranteed you will see a good result coming to your blog !

      • Thank you again, need to get the kids ready for the day so I can blog!


        • you’re so welcome!

  • Hi Faissal,

    Great post and these are awesome tips. Commentluv is one of the best tool to promote your new blog posts. I’m using it from a new year now and yeah, it works awesome.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable stuff man. Just voted it on Blokube and retweeted.


    • Devesh! thx alot for your awesome support! I really appreciate it!
      good to know that you are getting awesome result 😀

  • Hello Faissal!

    I’ve recently started to become active on blogs with ComLuv but I don’t use it own my own blog.

    The main reason is that I’m afraid it may attract spammers and I’ve also made some custom modifications on the comment forms using a child theme. If I install ComLuv, I will probably loose those modifications.

    What is your take on that? I mean would it bother you that someone who doesn’t have ComLuv installed on their blog would be an active commentator on yours?

    I would be interested in your response. Thanks, Cosmin.

    • okay! there are a lot of commentators that they don’t bother them selves by commenting on commentluv disable blogs! and for a reason others don’t interact with this blogs!

      for me, I interact more with commentLuv enable blogs + if I’m seeing result i subscribe to the RSS feed.

      back to your question I guess no one should be bothered by this! i should be happy to see people commenting in my blog! that’s why i have installed commentLuv! and ofcourse to encourage people to comment in my blog and reward them by leaving a link behind. eventhough that commentator isn’t installing it!

      if you afraid of spammers i suggest you to install Akismet this is a free plugin that takes the spammers out of your blog post ^,~ i highly suggest it!

      may i know which modifications you going to lose if you install commentLuv? I’ll try my best to find a solution for this.

      finally, you got a nice blog cosmin ^,^ just checked it!

      • Thank you. 🙂 For both the compliment and the answer.

        I do use Askimet. It’s the human spammers I’m more worried about.

        About the modifications… I made two different comment forms for two categories:
        – On posts belonging to one specific category (or a child of that category), the form says “Leave a comment”
        – On posts belonging to another category, it says “leave a review”

        But, yeah I kind of doubt anyone else would need this functionality.

        Of course, I also comment on other sites.
        It’s just that blogs with ComLuv seem to have more comments and that makes it more comfortable to add yours.

        • you welcome! I really don’t have any experience with this modifications! but why don’t you leave “leave comment” in all the categories ? and try commentLuv you will find something worth 😀

  • Aloha.. for the great elaboration on this plugin. When I first started on my blog I didn’t have this for awhile and then I started to have others comment on my blog and mention it a few times. Since I wasn’t familiar with this plugin I avoided it for sometime and then I stumbled onto a post, similar to yours going into details. Then I added it, glad I did. Thanks for sharing! Mahalo, Lani 🙂

    • awesome ! feel so good, when you guys write a comment letting us know about your experience ! pleased to hear that Lani. all the best.

  • Maybe it will take little more time and I have also noticed that we have only few active blogger who use this concept . I know many blogger use this system but they don’t update frequently and we can not post comments on one post again and again .

    • you shouldn’t wait for some blogs to update! you just go to other blogs and write a comment there!! it’s something more than building a backlinks which is building relationship! and how to find a blog posts simply go to sites such as you will find awesome posts there.

  • I am luving comment luv on my site. I was spending a ridiculous amount of time deleting some funny comments that had nothing to do with the topic, so the idea is that people are making more of an effort to add value to my site as well as interact and provide quality conversation in order to get some Luv back.

    • glad you do Jen ^,^

  • Quite a good comprehensive article, I enjoyed reading it. I’m glad to see that, more or less, I tend to follow the author’s advice on the best use of this useful feature. The commentLuv webplaces are a great addendum…and I’m going now to take a look at them! It is not only great for commenting and showcasing your content, it is also great to attract people to your blog. I am hooked!

    • great Toby ^,^ in a nutshell, it’s useful in both sides !

  • CommentLuv is a good plugin… I should install it in some of my sites. Thanks for this reminder! 🙂

    • you really welcome ^,~

  • Faissal,

    Being able to go to the posts in my own comment luv stream is my favorite part of comment luv. I like to see who my visitors are and what they are up to.

    I have also installed Andy’s GASP, Growmap Anti Spam Bot, and luv that plugin too. Looking forward to the new changes he is coming up with.

    • Hi Sheila Atwood.

      Andy is an awesome wordpress plugins developer! what ever thing he comes up will be great 😀

      thanks for your comment!

  • Must admit I only discovered commentluv a few months ago but I’ve been involved with blogging and SEO for a couple of years. It seems like such a cool little tool and, as the article states, can deliver actual real traffic. Get’s a thumbs up from me!

    • It’s a very cool tool..!! You probably have heard about the released of the new version that i was talking about in this post!!

      Soon Andy will release the premium version for commentLuv.
      you will not want to miss it!

  • I have been using comment luv for a while now and really like it. I like how it keeps your latest posts and keeps them active. Comment luv is eally a great tool and cheers to the inventor.

    • Andy did a Great job!! I can’t see any free plugin that can help us as much as commentLuv.

      Now, after the released of the new version Andy soon will announce about the premium version!

      you can check it out, as Iblogzone is one of the beta testers.

  • I am looking forward to Andy creating the new comment luv with sign up. Comment luv is really great plugin and I can’t wait for more releases. Thanks for the great information.

    • Hi Edward!

      Andy is going to release the commentLuv premium soon!
      So stay in tone!!

  • one thing for sure, i observed that you are very active on replying one’s comment here. i beleive it’s one of your strategy to drive traffic, right?
    reading your article provide me two strategies to drive traffic. one is implementing commentluv and the second one is become reachable to my readers by making effort to reply on comments.


    • Exactly. Responding relatively quickly to your commenters allows you to build connection and compels them to come back. Just you like you want people to read what you have to say and comment on it, they also would like to know that you too read their comments, haha. Makes sense? Thanks for stopping by and yeah, ComLuv rocks

    • I experience a great amount of traffic back to my site! because of this strategy! Actually now I’m doing some guest post on other blogs! and i always make sure the blog i’m writing for has commentLuv.


  • Yeah, that is definitely true about CommenLuv plug-in. This will attract to your visitors to visit again and again, not just attract but also help generate traffic to your site. Thanks for this wonderful informative post that you have share, it really helps actually.

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