Forget Making Money Online – It Sucks #1


Does Making Money Online Really Suck?

It depends! Making money online is for everybody, but it is really not for everyone. What does this mean? It means that anybody can make money online, but not everyone can make a decent amount of income, or better yet, fail to succeed. Today, I am opening the secrets that lies beneath the most coveted niche on the sphere and I will lay it down for you. The plain truth about making money online.

1) It’s Not Easy – I’m a fool thinking that all the following below are just a “Myth”. Whatever happened to “quick cash” and “easy money”? I Google the damn terms and I get millions of results. Why does it not work for me? Well, read on…

2) I need to have an online presence – Well not necessarily, but it will certainly help if you have a website or a blog. There are many ways you can make money without a website or blog, if you prefer to choose this path. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that you have one.

3) I have to write quality articles – Now, what in the world does this mean? Quality articles? Hmmm, nobody told me that I had to set up a Department of Quality and Control.
Does this even hurt my blogging productivity? I love to do #4 below and that should be good enough, right? Wrong.

4) I can’t use other people’s content – Hey, copy and paste is a hard job. Sometimes I have to correct the spelling of the content I’m using, and that is a very complicated thing to do. I even change the image, which sometimes does not have anything to do with the article. That’s quality all right, but it is quality copying and not writing.

Quality articles are set to provide something of value to your readers. It should be unique (you, your opinion, your own voice), and not copied. Otherwise it is not you and you will never gain credibility that way. Better be wrong about your own opinion (controversy in the making), than boasting about something that is not yours. No credibility = no money (hah! that’s different from no traffic = read on…)

5) I need a lot of traffic – What? I am sick and tired of traffic, reason why I quit my day job in the first place. I hate to confront traffic everyday and now you are telling me that I must have traffic. Well, “go plant a banana tree”, I don’t need that aggravation… That’s a fantastic statement for the offline world. Online, your website needs traffic (people visiting your website), period. Now for the formula: no website = no credibility = …read on

6) I have to do too much promotion – You write something like this: “Hey check this out! The pitch after this, “blah, blah, get rich…..”. Now, you bookmark this, send broadcasts, Tweet it, Stumble, Digg, and the list goes on. Nothing happens.. still no moolah. Maybe you are promoting it in the wrong place. Try using the “organic” tactic – YES, SEO (what’s this?) – more about that later.

7) I have to socialize/interact/comment on other blogs – Building a network of friends, interacting with the community and all that stuff are one of your best methods of promoting yourself and your website. You did hear about “word of mouth” and the power that lies behind it, right? There is your answer. Now to update the formula: No website = No Promotion = No Credibility = read on….

Oooppss. Actually, this is the reason why I said #1. I’m stopping this here to give way for my weekly echo #9. Making Money Online Sucks Part #2, is already finished, but that will be a couple of days after the echo, so you really do not want to miss that. Here’s a taste of what comes next:

* Too much competition
* I need a list
* I have to give something for free
* I can’t click on my own ads
* I have to do that SEO thing
* I hate HTML
* Affiliates are a tough sell
* I have to disclose paid post
* They lied to me about making money on autopilot
* The conclusion 🙂

What do you think so far? Do you agree with me that making money online sucks? What other reasons besides what I said until now will further confirm this statement? Leave them here so I can adjust #2 of this mini-series. Until then.


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