Forget Making Money Online – It Sucks #2

make_money_sucksWelcome to the second part of this mini-series. In case you missed out the making money online sucks #1, I recommend you to read it now. If you are not included amongst those that have not read part one yet, then read on.

Does Making Money Online Really Suck?

In the first part of this series, I have received comments were many of you disagreed with this statement. Since, I am not yet ready to give you the conclusion, I will continue on giving you reasons, why I think making money online sucks.

8) I hate HTML – So do I. But I have to learn how it works. At least the basics, like setting up a link with a nice anchor text and all. You do not have to be a programmer or a tech savvy, but trust me when I say that it helps a lot. Take some time to get familiarized with terms and basic coding. It pays off in the long run. Here is an awesome online school to start.

9) Too much competition – Exactly. So you thought that you have found that perfect niche where there is no one else but you. You write a killer post and 15 seconds later you are wondering why it is still not on the #1 spot on Google. Well, maybe you should wait at least 30 minutes and type the full title you used with quotes (“”), and I am sure that it will be on number 1 (provided your website is already indexed).

10) Affiliates are a tough sell – Nobody buys anything, you may say! Wrong. There are millions of people buying stuff online every day. The problem is that they are just not buying it from you. Why? You are not using the right strategy. People do not know who you are or where to find you. Answer this question. Why are they going to buy something from a stranger? First, build your credibility and trust. Then everything else works like a breeze. And a word of advice, endorse products or services that you can trust, otherwise forget it.

11) I need a list – Yet another list. As if my daily to do list, shopping list, is not enough. Actually I am not talking about this type of list, but rather your opt-in list, a list of people who subscribed to receive something from you, e.g., newsletters, hot deals, etc. Building a list is not complicated. The complicated part is to have people read and act on it. There are many tips out there that should give you some pointers on how to manage your list.

12) I have to give something for free – Now that sucks. You want to make money online and yet you have to give something for free. Why, because it is definitely one way to build an opt-in list while at the same time building your credibility. If you are able to write on your blog then you should have no problem writing a small ebook on a certain hot subject. Include affiliate links where appropriate and give it for free in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter. There is also a way to make money online by giving away stuff for free.

13) I can´t click on my own ads – This is by far, one that sucks the most. And yet the temptation on trying to game the system is present. You know that this is not recommended and will only get you to trouble. So don’t do it. Period

14) I have to do that SEO thing – We all need to be found one way or another. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technique we use to increase our chances of being found by users who are searching for something specific. The more optimized your website is, the better. So now is the time to update the formula: No website = NO HTML = No SEO = No Promotion = No List = No Credibility = Nobody. Nobody = No money

15) They lied to me about making money on autopilot – I bought this ebook for only $47 and showed me how to reap thousands a month. Just like the ebook said, click the button and then sit back and relax. Well, I’m about to have a serious problem, because up until now, I’m still sitting and having a hard time to stand up and go grab another coffee:). Despite all this hard effort, no money – go figure

The conclusion:
As I said in the beginning, many of you had disagreed that making money online sucks. I totally agree with all of you. After all, why in the world does making money suck? The purpose of this series was not to discourage, but rather open your eyes that, if you are serious about trying to make a decent income online, then, everything I said here does not necessarily suck.

Making money online is a LOT OF WORK. Understand this and you are good to go. If on the other hand, you are not ready for all this yet, maybe you need to re-evaluate if you got what it takes to make money online. Now, if you think that all of the above is something you can do, congratulations, you are amongst the few who will stand out and eventually succeed. Just don’t give up. And remember, every bit counts….


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