DiTesco’s Weekly Echo #9

Yet another week has gone by, and hopefully you all had a great week. This past week has been again very interesting and apart from the usual mentions, I am adding a new topic, which are the weekly roundups of other blogs that I have encountered and found very interesting to share with you all.

As usual, in no particular order:


Theme Authenticity Checker: Scan all of your theme files for potentially malicious or unwanted code. Be aware of advertisements or dangerous JavaScript inserted into legitimate themes by third party theme download sites.


Google Wave Simplified: How it Basically Works: If you are new or don’t know anything about Google wave, then you will find this article very interesting.

text link checker

Text Link Checker Tool: This tool, which was introduced to me by Heather (see below), will scan the links on your website, and on the pages that your website is linking to and flag possible problem areas. This can greatly ease your SEO efforts.


30 Great Twitter Tutorials and Useful Tips from Around the Web: An awesome compilation of, well, Twitter Tips and Tutorials.. What else!


21 Offline Marketing Ideas for Your Online Business: Who said that all your online marketing efforts should only be done online? These offline tips will certainly help boost your online business.


Fix WordPress Feedburner Feeds Not Updating: A simple way to fix your WP feeds. It is simple now that Justin has found this simple solution. If you have problems with your feeds not updating, give this a try.

writing to exhale

Read My Lips: Twitter Lists Are Meant to be Exclusionary: Being included in someone’s Twitter list can make your day. What if you are not? Should you feel bad? Find out more…


10 eco-friendly food trucks: Food venders go green. The budget-friendly mobile food business is booming, and now street vendors are stepping up and going green.


Google Dashboard Sets Lead On Privacy Issues: A shameless promotion of my posts that I am sure many have missed out due to being under the Technology tab of my website:) Anyway, this is a recently released new product from Google that addresses User’s Privacy Concerns.

The RoundUps:


Sunday Smash 25 Blogs, Bloggers and Blogging Tips


“Sunday’s Best” Top Blog Posts of the week


How to Manage a Special Space on Weekly Rounds and Series Posts for Famous Bloggers Blog?


Weekly Round Up – YouTube, iTunes, WordPress Plugins

Special Mentions:
These four awesome bloggers are in a hiatus right now due to their participation in the NaNoWriMo, an annual (November) novel writing project that brings together professional and amateur writers from all over the world. It is tough to write a novel from scratch and moreover with 50.000 words. Please join me to help support their websites while they are all enduring their tasks. Visit them once in a while as I am sure there are plenty of blog posts that will be to your liking.


That’s it. Enjoy!


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