DiTesco’s Weekly Echo #1

weekly echoNowadays, it so seems that a “roundup” of some sort, is being done by a great community of bloggers around the sphere. Roundups are getting particularly popular as it is one awesome way of sharing with the blogging community your appreciation with someone’s work. Whether it is a great advice, an inspirational message, a humorous post, or a breaking news, I am also of the opinion that it is a great initiative and an excellent form to build your network.

That said, and since I am no exception, I have decided to jump in the band wagon and provide a weekly roundup of my own, which I will call, Ditesco’s Weekly Echo. I have brainstormed about this a title a lot and I have to admit that I have not been able to come up with a better one (yet). The weekly echo will comprise of mentions (no specific number) from the several blogs and websites I have visited and will be posted every Saturday, starting today.

without further ado, and in no particular order, here they are:

1. Holly Jahangiri – Perspectives on 9/11 A matter of perspective
2. Jaypee Online – Google + Hasbro = Monopoly City Streets The classic popular game released. Now’s the time to get rich:)
3. Twitter Blog – Twitter Updates Terms Of Service Ads are now welcome.
4. Aswani Srivastava of Future Perfect – The 5 minute management course for professionals And it really won’t take more than 5 minutes
5. ExtremeJohn – 8 Reasons Follow Friday Sucks That’s it. I’m joining the #NOFF movement:)
6. Christie of Misc Bytes – Disturbingly easy Gravatar impersonation and more internet fun
7. Dan Keller of Tycoon Blogger – “Rookie Blogger of the Year” Contest Great initiative
8. New Media Bloggers – Interviews of Famous Bloggers Ongoing effort.

Shameless self-promotion:
1. Jan Geronimo’s Writing To Exhale – Best SEO Practices for Creative Writers My attempt to give some SEO tips to “Creative writers”:)
2. TwittNotes – uberVU – Follow Your Comments All Over The Place Interesting web based app to keep track of conversations that interest you!
3. SEO Help by Nicolas Prudhon – Exceptional Advices From Exceptional People – Part 3/3 My interview for being one of the winners of his “Take Action” contest

That’s it. Hope you enjoy the reading (a lot I know). Do you like the title of this weekly roundup? Suggestions are accepted.


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