10 WordPress Tips to Defend Your Site from Hackers

Getting your website hacked might be the worst thing that you could experience on the internet.  That is why each year, hundreds of talks and conferences are conducted worldwide explaining and amplifying the importance of data security in today’s digital world. However, it seems like many website owners and publishers are too confident about their website, thinking that with so many websites around the sphere why would someone even bother hacking their site. This over confidence sometimes leaves their site an easy target in the eyes of those malicious hackers.

This gets worse if you’re running your website using WordPress. Not saying that it can be hacked or breached easily, but WordPress has something that many CMS doesn’t have in common: Popularity. Though it sounds weird at first, but the fact that WordPress is currently running the 74.6 million sites on the internet makes it a favorite amongst the hackers. From news sites to e-commerce websites, it is very certain that valuable data is what hackers are after on WordPress. And sure enough, you don’t want to fall as one of their victims. Fortunately, this infographic from WP Shrug has given us some basic and advanced actionable tips that we can apply to make our WordPress-driven website more formidable and harder to hack: The Top 10 WordPress Tips to Defend Your Site From Hackers.

While these tips are highly effective, there is no substitute for having adequate backups of your entire website. It is your property and an asset so think of the backup as your insurance policy.

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