Which Web Hosting Provider Is The Best?


One of the first steps that you should know when starting a website or a blog is to get your own custom domain and then choose which web hosting provider you will be using. If you already have your own website or blog, and considering to make a move, there are many things you should consider looking for, before making a decision. Making such decision can be a daunting task and yet too important to ignore. It will mean choosing the best, specific for your needs and at the minimum cost possible. Think insurance.

Which web hosting provider is the best?
Tough question to answer. You will find many providers offering their web hosting services packed with so many features that it will either help you decide very quickly or confuse you even further. Usually it is the later. Terms like, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited diskspace, unlimited domains, dedicated servers, shared hosting, cPanel, 99.9% uptime guaranteed, and more, can be too technical and difficult to digest. And oh, they now have this so called green hosting, which I have to admit do not exactly know what it means. Anyway, in a nutshell, a good service provider will be reliable, secured, and has a top notch customer support.

So, the question still remains. How do you find a reliable provider that meets your needs — especially when there are thousands of hosting services out there, a plethora of features and tools to choose from, and pricing options ranging anywhere from $5 to hundreds of dollars or more per month? The quickest way will be to search for it, at the risk of taking too much time and still not find the answer you are looking for. Remember, if you are looking for a reliable service you should also get your information from a reliable source. Make sense?

Enter WebHostingGeeks. A website which can help you define the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is not just another website that preaches for information regarding web hosting. The numbers speak for themselves. With a PR7 and an Alexa of less than 27K, I believe that I can safely recommend you to visit their site if it’s anything about web hosting 101, you are looking for. They rate, review, compare, and organize the “Oscars” of the Best Web Hosting Awards. Awards such as Best Budget Hosting, Best Blog Hosting, Best Dedicated Server Hosting, etc. are all rated and reviewed by bonafide customers or users if you prefer. What better source of information you can trust than the massive amount of reviews, that users (or customers) themselves provide?

There you have it. Decide on your own, but never ignore a second opinion. They exist, so why not take advantage of it. What say you?


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