Earn Money And Boost Traffic With Entrecard


Although I use Entrecard, I was somewhat hesitant at first, to give any advice on using it’s services. The reason for this is that there was too many negative opinion, whether to use it or not. There is however no doubt, that using Entrecard is an excellent form to increase your traffic and improve your Alexa Rankings. If you are new to the blogosphere, this is probably one service that you should consider using.

What is Entrecard?
The quick and simple answer to this question is that Entrecard is some sort of a banner exchange program. It is a free blogging network that can truly bring visitors to your blog. By joining Entrecard, you can earn credits which will allow you to display an ad (125X125 banner) of your blog on other blog sites within their Network. Signing up is easy and as soon as your blog is accepted, you can start advertising for free (or paid) on other peoples blogs.

If you want more details as to how the program works along with how to use it, you can find an excellent pdf guide, at the Entrecard website, provided by Entrecard themselves. Read it and get familiarized on how to use and take advantage of the Entrecard community.

Have you heard something negative about Entrecard before?
There are many bloggers who will give you a lot of reasons why they are not using or no longer using Entrecard. One downside of Entrecard is it’s bounce rates. Because of the way the system works, many “Entrecarders” (or droppers) just visit your website to drop a credit and then walk away. This type of behaviour increases your bounce rate and can hurt your rankings in the search engines results pages (SERPs).

However, in certain circumstances, such “dropoholics” or just Entrecard visitors, might just stay a while before moving on to the next. How does this happen? If your website is very compelling and your post is extremely visible, with an attention grabbing headline, it is possible that it would call their attention and read your post. Remember that this also happens for organic traffic, although in most cases, organic traffic provides more quality visitors because they have searched for a specific topic and normally would stick around longer. If however they do not find what they are looking for, they will just hit that back button. Such behaviour also increases your bounce rates.

So what’s new?
Recent changes in features, and in particular with their new business model, made Entrecard somewhat more appealing. I have to admit that Graham has spent a great deal to not only keep Entrecard alive but also more interesting. One of these recent changes is the possibility to make money with entrecard. Accumulate those credits and, among other things, you can exchange those credits for money. Every 1000 EC (Entrecard Credits) equals to 1$. Yes it is not a lot, but if you use Entrecard properly, advertising on your blog may cost up to 3,000 EC per day. If you have two or three blogs, that generates say 4,000 ECs per day, that’s an easy 4$ a day and about 120$ a month. As I said, not a lot, but every bit counts:). To keep it short, yesterday, I got confirmation from PayPal that the payment from Entrecard was credited to my account. So it works!


There you go, add the advantage of promoting your blog while making money at the same time makes this service more appealing and definitely recommended for those who are just starting their journey or want to boost a little more their Alexa Rankings.


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