Microsoft’s (BING) Free SEO Toolkit Update

Bing SEO Tookit

In a previous post, I have outlined to you the benefits of installing Bing’s SEO Toolkit. It is probably one of the most powerful free SEO toolkit available on the internet and using it to help you analyze your website is highly recommended. If you are not yet familiar with these tool, I strongly suggest you to read the my previous post about Bing’s SEO Toolkit.

What Changed In Bing’s SEO Tool?

Recently Microsoft has updated the SEO Toolkit and aside for some changes, the most significant is it’s new one click installation. Many have complained before because of the complications it required to install the product and as an answer to those complaints, the SEO Toolkit can now be installed by a simple click. How cool is that? Unfortunately, you will not be able to use this tool if you are using XP, Server 2003 or any other OS, because it requires IIS 7 to run. Either than that, it will run on any other Windows version.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Just Got Easy

Optimize for Bing, Google, and Yahoo! and more! Microsoft’s pitch:

Increase Website Traffic and Revenue
Analyze your website and find ways to boost your number of hits. Use SEO recommendations to improve traffic and increase your revenue stream.

Influence and Update Search Engines
Control the access and display of your content in search results. Keep search engines current with the latest information from your website.

Improve Customer Experience
Discover and solve common problems in your website content and design to enhance your end user experience. Make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for.

To get you up and running, here are some tutorials that will guide you on how to use the Microsoft SEO Kit much easier:

Get Started
Analyze Your Website
Generate Detailed Reports
Manage Search Engine Access

There you go. Start optimizing your websites and enjoy better rankings.


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  • Not really sure how I didn’t discover this sooner. Going to try this tool right away. Thanks for the info!

  • I am using Google Analytics and webmaster tools and I am pretty satisfied from it . How will you compare Google Analytics and Bing SEO toolkit

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