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Once you’ve identified where the opportunity to nab a featured snippet lies, how do you go about targeting it? Part One of our “Featured Snippet Opportunities” series focused on how to discover places where you may be able to win a snippet, but today we’re focusing on how to actually make changes that’ll help you do that.

In the Whiteboard Friday Video below, Britney shares pro tips and examples of how we’ve been able to snag our own snippets using her methodology.

How to Target Featured Snippet Opportunities

8 of the Worst SEO Mistakes Even the Experts Make

SEO Mistakes 2018

Digital marketing is like playing the drums; everyone thinks they can do it.

Inevitably, the layman writes content stuffed to the brim with a target keyword and cannibalizes his/her own webpages by using the same five keywords across all of their webpages.

As Google and Bing’s algorithms continue to evolve and incorporate new technologies for search, so do our strategies.

Between optimizing our content for voice search, desktop visitors, mobile swipers, and our social media followers, the task can feel impossible and overwhelming.

As much as the medium may change, the same principles still remain in place and so too do the same basic errors.

Here are eight common SEO mistakes that even the experts still make.

How to Set Up an Alexa Flash Briefing: A Guide for Marketers

alexa briefing

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Want a new way to deliver content to customers and prospects? Wondering how Amazon’s Echo or Echo Dot
can help?

#1: Create an RSS Feed
#2: Register as an Amazon Developer
#3: Create a Skill
#4: Configure Your Flash Briefing Feed
#5: Set Up a Profile for Your Briefing in the Alexa Skill Store
and more…

In this article, you’ll discover how to set up an Amazon Alexa flash briefing to regularly deliver product updates, event information, and expert tips to an engaged audience.

And as usual, in no particular order:

Content Creation & Inbound Marketing (SEO, Search, etc)

Social Media Marketing; Technology & Small Business Resources

On, SEO Tools and more

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