The Best eCommerce-friendly Products

With the vast amount of information available to marketers today, it’s very tempting to run a search for the “most popular ecommerce products” with the idea you’ll do well if you’re offering them too. However, the problem with these items is the fact that they are the most popular and likely to be offered just about everywhere. A far better strategy is to consider the traits of the best ecommerce-friendly products, find something you can provide that embodies those characteristics and use it to target a largely underserved market.

This means you’ll be looking for something distinctive that typically flies below the radar. Now within this, there are also plenty of opportunities for seemingly common items, you just want to identify a new or unusual use for it to pitch. Or similarly, you can take something that is a fairly common product and offer it in a different fashion.

Consider Chef Bryan-David Scott’s Cup of Luxury. Billed as handcrafted, five-star rated and roasted to order, Scott positions his product as the rarest and most exclusive coffee available anywhere. Offered in limited editions, it is quite expensive and available largely by subscription. For lovers of fine coffee, the allure is near irresistible, and it’s something his customers can’t find just anywhere.

Which brings us to another trait of the best ecommerce-friendly products. If people could wander into Safeway and pick up a bag of Scott’s coffee, what incentive would they have to visit his site and purchase it there? A limited offer to purchase makes the product all the more enticing, and infuses it with a “brag factor”. Sharing it with friends, one can talk about how exclusive it is. In the process of doing so, they can establish themselves as a connoisseur of fine coffee, someone willing to go the extra mile to get the absolute best.

The same strategy will work for items such as vintage cameras, unique timepieces, or any other type of item around which a veil of near inaccessibility can be woven.

By definition, this almost always means they will also be items intended for a dedicated use. Offering a such a product will set your ecommerce enterprise apart from purveyors of the mundane, which will quite naturally build buzz among individuals interested in your wares.

Establishing your business as a solid source for such items will also get you positive mentions in online forums, which is some of the best publicity you can get. It also makes it easier for you to stand out in social media. Because your offerings are so distinctive, any relevant news you disseminate will be met with great interest by your target market.

Another trait to consider is the platform upon which you offer your product(s). Ensuring its ready accessibility by employing one of the best website builders for ecommerce is a very key aspect of your success. After all, if your platform won’t handle the traffic, makes it difficult for your customers to pay, or inconveniences them in any way, that’s money you won’t see.

So, while it’s very tempting to latch onto one of the universally acknowledged 10 best ecommerce friendly products, a much better strategy is to find an exclusive product that caters to a specific audience, around which organic buzz can be built. The best way to succeed in ecommerce is to stand out from the crowd.


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