Blogging Tips That Will Make Your Website Rank

So, you’ve started your own blog and are ready to share your valuable tips and knowledge with the world. Congrats! However, it’s not enough to just write the post. Blogging takes a lot of time, dedication, creativity and not to mention a lot of maintenance. And after all that hard work put into the creation of blog, it would be a shame if no one got to enjoy it! If you want your blog to be seen by millions, then take a look at the following SEO tips to make sure your blog shows up in Google’s or any other search engine results page.

Find your Keywords


When it comes to getting ranked on Google, the main thing we need to focus on is keywords. What do we mean by that? Well, think of what you would write in a search box on a search to be able to find your website. For example, if your blog is about gardening you would ideally like to show up in a result for someone who is looking for “best gardening blogs”. Make a list of the all the keywords you can think of that are related to your blog and blog posts, using the example of gardening this can be anything from “best fertilizers to use” or “Herbs de Provence”. Once you’ve got your list ready, insert these words naturally into the content of your blog. This way, Google will know that you are a relevant result for the searcher’s query and your posts will show up.

Plan Accordingly


Search engines love fresh content. Therefore, by having a blog you are already in Google’s good graces. However, do not underestimate the hard work and dedication that is needed to maintain a blog. A good tip would be to establish a blogging schedule to stay organized. You can decide for example that you’d like to publish a twice or three times a week. If you’re not feeling so inspired one day, you can write a couple of posts in one day, and keep them for future postings.

This way, your readers will know when to expect a post, and you’ll make sure that search engines crawl and index your website on a regular basis.

Be social


Social media has made it so much easier for people to share content that they love. A great tip would be to make it as easy as possible for readers to share your blog posts by adding share buttons to your blog and content. And why stop there? Another great way of promoting your content is to get fellow bloggers to share your blog posts! If you’re looking for tips on how to do this, make sure to read these tips from Wix about how to perform outreach for your content.

Give users the best experience

Getting your website to rank with SEO, is not an easy task. However it’s important to remember one simple rule: it’s not about the search engines, it’s all about the user. Ultimately, Google will rank websites higher if they please users. So it’s your mission to make the user experience of your website the best it can be. By injecting some simple UI/UX practices, such as: beautiful design, making your website easy to navigate, structuring your blog posts and more will make your readers come back for more and keep them on your website for as long as possible!




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