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We don’t live in a world where we have the luxury of thinking about just user experience or just SEO. The two share many of the same spaces online, working in tandem and sometimes even clashing.

In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday video below, he details the considerations and compromises that must be made for UX & SEO to coexist in harmony.

Managing the Tensions & Tradeoffs Between UX & SEO

SEO Beyond Google: How to get 33% more organic traffic from Bing & Yahoo

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When we speak of search engines, we nearly always mean Google. When we say “SEO”, it’s safe to assume we’re talking about Google optimization. In part, this is understandable — Google’s desktop search market share (at least in the US) is almost two thirds, so it’s only fair Google has been most marketers’ primary focus for a while.

But what about the other third? 33% of the search engine market is also impressively big — definitely bigger than something you could safely write off. In a post recently published on SEMRush.com, Masha Maksimava gives 5 reasons why.

The 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes E-Commerce Sellers Make


E-commerce continues to grow in popularity around the world, as 44% of online shoppers start their buying process with a search engine. And as such an important purchase channel, you would think e-commerce businesses are ensuring SEO is their most effective digital marketing tool – but that’s often not the case.

SEO is the fifth most effective digital marketing tool for e-commerce acquisition and retention. Social media, email marketing, and other avenues are more effective all around.

So what’s with the disconnect? Here are some of the top and common SEO mistakes that might explain why SEO doesn’t always work well for your e-commerce business.

  1. Forgetting About Your Audience in Keyword Research
  2. Spamming Your Own Content
  3. Too Much Duplicate Content
  4. Not Optimizing URLs
  5. Having a Slow Site

and more… see the full list of common e-commerce SEO mistakes here

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