Copywriting Cheat Sheet: How To Write For Different Channels and Platforms?

Have you ever heard about do this and do that when it comes to copywrting for your email campaigns, the social media and the web? I am sure you do. You probably saw countless articles teaching you how to write copy properly. Thing is, do you remeber any of them and where they are if you need to do a quick glance on some of those valuable tips?

Fortunately, VerticalResponse (VR) has the response to that question. They created a simple but easy to use infographic that you can use as your “copywriting cheat sheet“.

When it comes to copywriting, using the same text, voice, tone and lenght probably won’t fly across every marketing channel or platform. Actually, I really think that it won’t. And as you will see on the infographic below, VR mentions that:

…the way you write for a blog or an email promotion isn’t going to be the same for a Facebook post or a tweet….

So, how do you hit the mark and engage your audince with a great and engaging copy? Read on…

click on infographic for a larger view



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