How To Track Your Pinterest Marketing Campaigns Using Pinerly

If you have been using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy, you should know know that sharing your content on that social platform can drive a good amount of traffic, when done properly. Pinterest indeed is an exciting tool, and can be used by virtually any type of business. Amazing as it is, there is one thing that I believe that Pinterest is lacking, and that is the ability to “track” your campaigns. Yes, you can see how many likes, comments or repins you’ve got, but that does not really tell you how many people clicked on those campaigns, among other things.

For example. I recently pinned the Game Of Thrones, on my free audiobook’s board. Looked good. It got 33 repins and 10 likes. And that is all  know. It would obviously be interesting, how many actually clicked on it, among other things.

pinterest stats GOT

Being able to analyze the reactions of a campaign is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. You will never know what you can do to adjust your campaigns, unless you have data to analyze. Up until now (that I know of), there was really no tool that provided you with a comprehensive data to look at, and measure your Pinterest campaigns. Fortunately, recent startup Pinerly, has started to fill that gap and help anyone by providing an analytics dashboard to track your campaigns (Pinalytics). Think of Pinerly as the for your tweets. The service is still in beta and getting in, for now, is probably more difficult than Pinterest itself. Lucky me, I finally got in and have 20 invites to send out. If you are interested, let me know. I may have some still available for you :).

Anyway, let’s see what Pinerly does.

The process is very much the same as when you pin “something” on Pinterest, only this time, you start on Pinerly. Each pin is considered a “campaign”, and by using Pinerly’s button (or via the dashboard),  you can easily create one with a few clicks.

Once you identify something you want to pin, you will this screen (look familiar?).

pinearly campaign

Click on the image you want to pin and track. You will now see another screen where you put the link (it pulls the URL automatically but you can change it if you want), enter description and click-trough tracking. By default the tracking option is on. Does not really make sense to turn it off, lol.

pinerly tracking

After clicking on “pinerly it”, the interface will connect to your Pinterest account and will now show the normal Pinterest UI. Make sure everything is OK and Pin it.

pinerly send to pinterest

Once you finish pinning the campaign, you will see the success screen from Pinterest, and closing that box will now conclude the process by telling Pinerly that you have already pinned it.

finished pinning on pinterest

And that’s pretty much it. You can now track your campaigns and see how it goes. Once you get more data, you can adjust your campaigns accordingly and make different tests using different images, descriptions, etc., to see which ones work best.

campaign breakdown stats

Some other interesting stuff you can do on Pinerly are:

  • Repost your previous campaigns, with one click.
  • Follow other Pinners with the same interest as you.
  • Repin suggested pins from Pinerly
  • And soon, campaign scheduling..

I am sure that it is only a matter of time until they come up with more features, like giving you stats about the time most reactions occurred, location, gender, etc.. That would be cool! And oh, Pinerly also suggest pinners for you to follow. A feature that is very popular on Twitter, where they too suggest interesting tweeps, like US money reserve, if you are into the precious metal industry.

Here’s a small  video presentation from Pinerly

That’s it! Have you heard about this tool before? Are you using it already? What do you think? Can you see this tool help you in any way?


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20 thoughts on “How To Track Your Pinterest Marketing Campaigns Using Pinerly

  • interesting Francisco. Pinterest is a very interesting site and I only just recently started using it.

    I actually enjoy seeing my pins up there. I like the way the boards are spacious too.

    They have done a good job on that site.

    As for pinnerly, I do not doubt that it is / will be a good service. I just prefer to use my own click tracking software that exists on my own server -because I know that data will be available for as long as I maintain an Internet presence.

  • Very good find!

    If you still have any invites send one my way.

    Will be sharing this post on the Facebook fan page!!

    • Thanks Custodio. Just sent you an invite. Let me know if you got it 🙂

  • This looks like a great tool. I have questioned how well my pins are doing and this might be the tool to tell us what’s going on with our pins.

    Could I get an invite? 🙂

    • Hi James. This is a great tool and I like it 🙂 Good for seeing which pins are performing well and reposting them if necessary 😉 Sending an invite your way. Let me know if you get it.. sent it to stuff at

      • Thanks Francisco, I just signed up and I will be doing a remove it of it in a few days…

  • Hi Francisco,
    I set up my account on Pinterest some days ago – it’s easy to use and, as you wrote, may be very good for campaigns and affiliate marketing.
    I’m not sure, how about copyrights of pictures pinned here. For example, may I pin here pictures which I bought on services like iStockphoto or Fotolia? How did you resolve that problem?
    BR, Chris

    • HI Chris. Hmmm, not sure about your question, but I would speculate that if you bought the images, then you should have the rights for that, so you should not have any problems. Just make sure to have the confirmation receipt, just in case. For now I have not yet had any problems with images I pin. Most of them are either my own creation or with GPL or CC rights.

      • Francisco, thanks for the answer. Probably I’ll ask my picture provider (Fotolia).
        BTW – these days you don’t have to be invited by someone else. I registered on Pinterest, and in some days they send me invitation link 🙂
        BR, Chris

  • Pinterest is really picking up for me too Fran. I get decent traffic from it irrespective of the fact that I don’t do anything over there. Time to take a peek. Thanks for the info about Pinerly.

    • Thanks Jane. Pinterest has been really a great traffic source for me, but only on some of my specific niche sites. I guess that you have to test different ways to see which ones get noticed and those that do not. Pinerly does a good job to help you do that.

  • Nice Pinterest analytics tool, currently I’m using Pinreach to analyse my Pinterest reach. However you’ve mentioned a nice tool and I’m going to give it a try.

    • Used Pinreach before, but I think that it has different data from that of Pinerly. Give it a try and see how it goes for you..

  • Thanks for introducing pinerly . I have just signed up for the waiting list.

  • What an easy way to use the share capabilities of Pinterest without having to use the Normal Pin Buttons. Makes for faster sharing and browsing – And bigger exposure to the online Pinterest community and sharing links. (link building method)

  • Hi, do you have more invites? Please send me one to the email address I used to comment. Thanks.

    I’ll be working on a guest post soon!

  • Hi DiTesco, I signed up for Pinerly and got a few emails from them but I haven’t really had time to monitor my progress. Thanks for giving us the run down on the benefits and for sharing the video. I’ll start paying more attention now.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Btw – I sent you an email hope you saw that 🙂

    • Hi Ileane. Pinerly is a pretty nifty tool and I am using it to track some specific campaigns. Good to see which one is working is which one is not. Thing about Pinterest is that they don’t give you any stats (yet). It does tell you how many likes and repins you got, but that really does not mean anything, because you can have many of them but without any clicks to your destination. From Pinerly, I now see how many people actually clicked on my links and those are the ones that really matter, at least from a marketing perspective of things 🙂

      Yep, we got the email solved, lol

  • I started respecting Pinterest when I heard Rand of SEOMoz praising this photo sharing social media. Later the marketing efforts was influences greatly by this tool and what I was unaware was the analytics tool for this site!. You have helped me a lot with this post and I am really thankful for that. Pinerly is what I am set out to try.

    • Hi Lakshmi. Glad you found this tool helpful. I think it could be of great help, especially if you are a marketer and wish to get a bit more of data from your campaigns, specially the number of clicks that it has generated. Pinterest, for now, has not yet have analytics for one to see “what’s going on” aside from those likes and repins.

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