8 Blogging Ideas for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you are responsible for more than just selling your products and services. If you’ve taken on blogging, you now have the task of entertaining and educating people with helpful content.  Looking for blog post content that delivers a lot of value? Take a look at these eight ideas of things to blog about so your content is sought out by readers.

Solve a problem.

solving problems

You can show your audience you care by identifying a common concern they share – and show them just how to solve it. Think about it like this: a common question small business owners have about blogging is what to blog about, so that is why this was written – to help small business owners find blogging ideas.

Provide how-to resources.

Trying to figure out how to write headlines that will connect your audience? Reel them in with “how tos” to instantly engage them. There is not a doubt you have some expertise you can share as a small business owner. If you own a dog-walking business, you can write a post about the importance of daily exercise for dogs. If you own a freelance business, you could write about ways to hire a skilled freelance writer. Use these tips to leverage videos for your small business and post them on YouTube and link them in your posts.  Video is an excellent way to engage with your audience and it increases your SEO at the same time.

Share industry-related current events.

Solidify yourself as a credible authority in your area by sharing and commenting on what is happening in the world – or even your city or state — in your blog posts. Share your insight, opinion, and solution with your readers.

Write to entertain your readers.

Humanize your business and show your true personality by blogging fact and stories that your readers can relate to. Go ahead and link to other blogs while you are at it – just not those of your competitors.  Make sure you take advantage of the best free photo sources for entrepreneurs, too.

Get personal.

Get Personal

If you are comfortable opening up, share a story about what is happening in your business or your life that could be helpful for your audience. Chronicle your ups and downs, your celebrations and your struggles. The more real you are, the better your reader will get to know you — and therefore, trust you.

Interview an expert.

While you are an expert, there may be another expert in your industry that you admire. Chances are that if you admire that person, members of your target market do, too. Contact the expert for a brief interview and ask a few questions about his or her life, business, and how to solve a certain issue. Publish the interviews as blog posts, and add images if you have any.

Review something.

Read a good industry-related book recently? Purchase a product that you want to talk about? Reviews are exclusively for critics. Go ahead and blog about your experiences and share what you think about the book, product, or whatever it is you are reviewing. Tell your readers if you would recommend that others purchase it, too.

Debunk a myth.

All industries are plagued with fallacies about what does or does not work, and often the professionals in the industry want those myths vanquished. Write a blog post to debunk some of the most common misconceptions in your industry to set the record straight for your audience.

As you write your blog, remember that the quality does count. Make your posts entertaining and informative and write in a friendly and professional tone. These ideas are just a few for you to post about on your blog. Keep your eyes and ears open and you will see that the potential for blog post topics are endless.

How do you come up with new, helpful content for your small business blog?

Megan Totka

Megan Totka is a freelance writer, business expert and consultant. She was the marketing & editorial director at ChamberofCommerce.com for over a decade. As a business expert, she specializes in reporting the latest business news, helpful tips and reliable resources, as well as providing business advice. She has significant experience with the topic of business marketing, and has spent several years exploring topics like copywriting, content marketing, list building, social media and any hot topics to help businesses run their business successfully.