Should You Consider Outsourcing Your SEO?

Straight answer? It depends. SEO or search engine optimization as you may already know is all about improving your visibility to search engines with the objective of getting good rankings on search results. It is part of your marketing campaign and without a doubt those who implement proper and ethical SEO techniques, will outrank those that do not.

While SEO may not be as complicated as it seems to be, the truth is, it does require some minor technical knowledge and an awful lot of effort on your part, specially if your doing business online. Search engines algorithms changes constantly and while there may be some factors that remain important and unchanged, there is always the matter of what works today may simply cease to work tomorrow. Take meta keywords for example. The importance of such, is virtually driven down to zero. Depending on what you want to achieve and the time you have to spare on conducting proper SEO campaigns, come a time where you may want to let go of the DIY method and outsource some tasks for you.

Below are some reasons, in my opinion, why you may need to outsource your SEO work:

  • You don’t have the time to worry about optimizing your website
  • Despite your efforts and many hours of reading How to’s, you simply don’t know what to do,
  • You have tried and tried doing it yourself, and yet nothing seems to work and frustration starts to build up
  • Your website is already established and you have many pages that need attention
  • You are lost with all the changes that are happening that may affect your rankings
  • You prefer using your time and dedicate yourself to more pressing issues
  • There are just way to many things involved in SEO (on-page and off-page), e.g., keyword research, content optimization, link building, marketing, Social media, etc..
  • You are afraid to make changes, that might affect your rankings
  • There are methods that you prefer doing yourself, but there are others that you don’t
  • Too technical for you
  • and, the list can go on..

The next obvious question is, who will you choose to be your partner for your SEO campaign? There is really no direct response to that question, but there is a way to narrow it down. Pricing for example, although a deal breaker, is not necessarily the most important. Proven track record, innovative services, credible recommendations, good established portfolio, testimonials, great support, among other things, are equally important when choosing your business partner.

For example. Mercedes Benz and Bayer are working with OrangeLine. That alone tells you something, does it not? Their services, aside from all things SEO, includes the so called OSA, or Organic Search Accelerator. Essentially, OSA is a system that uses market data matched to targeted business goals in order to ensure a site’s search result listing is always at the top of search indexes such as Google. All this while maximizing ROI with minimal client input. What does that tell you? A time saver. Time is money, and if you take that into account, you will see that at the end of the day, the investment you make to outsource for your SEO is totally worth it.

Anyway, bear in mind that not everyone requires to outsource for their online marketing campaigns. You can always give it a go yourself, but if for some reason you fit in one of the categories listed above, then you may consider that it is time to outsource your SEO and do only what you do best, run your business :).


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21 thoughts on “Should You Consider Outsourcing Your SEO?

  • SEO takes one other element – the ability to resist the temptation to take short-cuts. This is another reasons some people should outsource, but also why they need to be careful to whom the delegate the task.

  • If you have enough budget to outsource your campaign then go for it, if you have limited and on a tight budget perhaps doing seo by yourself could somehow help your market your business.

  • Hey buddy, I completely agree!

    Outsourcing is a must in many cases, especially when the business grows and no time to manage it by yourself!

    • I totally agree outsourcing is a must for a business because it’s much more effective if you focus on things that are the backbone of your business and let all other things done by someone else who probably will be more skilled in doing them than you.

      Even if someone is the best in everything (there is not such person) he/she has limited time so it is much better if this time is used in the most effective way…

  • I’m undecided about SEO, mostly, about its importance these days, especially when it’s all about building quality links that matter a lot now – which can be achieved by building genuine relationships with these high PR sites related to your niche. Still, there are many clueless folks who are trying to host a keyword rave party on their site, hoping that they can hoodwink the algorithms to have that once-in-a-lifetime spot on the top of the searches. Yes, it can happen – why not? Now, that may come with a heavy price – other than getting your site penalized for dirty tactics, you may just as well as kiss your reputation goodbye. I think that quality content matters most these days, besides, what will you do with all those traffic? If it won’t convert into sales, then, the SEO effort is just a complete waste… Still, it’s important to make your pages search-engine friendly, no doubt, and if you’re hiring someone offering a service, I’d go for this trick question: Can you make my site NO.1 on Google? I’d stay away from those who can come up with a quick YES – because the truth is, it can’t be guaranteed. Just sharing.

  • I agree with you, too. I think that you’re right about the reasons you have given as to why you may need to outsource your SEO work. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Hi DiTesco,
    Agree that it depends. If you have time and if it matters to know the skills of SEO then its not recommended to outsource this. It also depends if your SEO company is not giving the results you are looking for. For businesses that are big, its advisable to outsource the SEO work to a reputed company and demand the weekly report of their progress.
    A nice article on SEO outsourcing.

  • Anyway, bear in mind that not everyone requires to outsource for their online marketing campaigns. You can always give it a go yourself. | 😛

  • I think outsourcing is an great idea, even if you are good at SEO there are repetitive things that you can easily outsource. Article writing is something that can be easily outsourced, and you can get some good articles for a very low price if you outsource to places like India, Philippine.

  • Great post!!! I think at some point outsourcing SEO work is ideal. I do believe that learning the entire concept and the overall functions are important from an entrepreneur standpoint. It’s important to know how the business operates from the inside out, once that is grasped totally, I would definitely be ready to outsource to free up that time for other productivity.

    Once your business is up and has become an income producing venture, let the outsourcing begin.

  • I think when some people hear the term outsourcing they think more along the lines of cheap labor. Which can be the case, however you usually get what you pay for. Sometimes the quality is lacking especially with the cheap priced outsourced service. I am not say it is all bad, just you need to do your homework before hiring someone and the cheapest price shouldn’t be the main concern.

    • Hi Ray. Hit the nail on this one. I could not agree with you more.. pricing is a though issue and there are cases where you can really be shocked… Expensive with poor results.. Just like you said, do your homework. That’s the best advise to anyone thinking about going this route. Thanks for stopping by

    • I couldn’t agree more! It is always important to get the best quality of service when deciding to outsource before anything else. When quality is sacrificed business will never be successful.

  • If you are an SEO and things are too much for you to handle, then outsource it. Outsourcing things like SEO is one key to success if you wanted to make your self more effective because by outsourcing some of the task, you can focus on other things that requires more of your attention.

    • Hi Ron. Outsourcing for SEI is sometimes a better option than trying to DIY. The idea is to find a “partner” that will actually help you and charge you a reasonable price. I’ll stay away from those who have the nerve of “guaranteeing” first place quickly 😉

  • Hi DiTesco,

    I agree with you on this matter as well. Sometimes we may get busy with other matters going on our blog so it’s good to find an alternative solution such as outsourcing

  • Hi DiTesco,

    I was thinking of outsourcing my SEO. But my site has only few pages since its for my IT Consulting business. So I decided to learn it and do it myself. I have to say its time consuming, but I have learned a lot from it. Also I have full control of what I do for my site’s SEO.

  • I always recommend to outsource it if you have a good SEO provider.(it is realy hard to find nowdays)
    in my case i pay 70 dollars a month to my SEO provider and i earn 150 euros from adsense thanks to him so i have more time to start a new projects

  • I think the easy answer about outsourcing SEO is simple. Do you know what you are outsourcing and are they able to help you understand how they are helping you?

    I do a fair amount of SEO work for clients. I get quite a bit of calls from sales people trying to sell SEO services to me. With out trying to be harsh, I will say that the majority of people who try to do SEO, really don’t understand it themselves.

    What does that mean? It means that there are quite a few charlatans out there that promise page one rankings. They will promise everything to get you started with them.

    When looking for clients, get referrals. Call those referrals and asked how they did. Unfortunately, they can just as easily tell you that Google changed their algorithm to keep you going longer.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Outsource SEO if you can afford it. If you’re a business owner, you have to understand that top notch SEO is not cheap. If you’re not making much or merely breaking even, outsourcing is not for you.

  • As you said, there’re some points why we need to outsource the SEO work. However, one of my concern is how to choose the reliable SEO service?

    Of course, I don’t want my website completely banned by Google or Akismet by spamming.

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