Traffic Generation and the Survival of the Dodo bird!

What is traffic generation ? Is it just about getting more visitors to your blog ? Or is it about getting more subscribers, i.e., Building your list ? Traffic generation, nowadays seems more like a game, in which we compete against each other. The best blogger or the best team of bloggers who are able to drive more (consistent) traffic wins the game. It is a game for survival. The Survival of a blog.

From my personal experience, I can tell you that survival in the blogging world takes a lot of hard work and patience (Don’t you agree ? If not, please tell me why !). We have a hidden world. From the outside, everything is ok. All for our technologies, the nature and everything else looks cool. But, once you take a deep look at it, you will realize the dirty role that we play. Even though, I am a part of the human community of this world, I will have to tell you that we are destroying this world: we are overusing it for ourselves (We are not even leaving the amount of right resource to the animals).

Well, I am not going much into it, because this post is not about conserving the environment. But, there is one thing, I would like to borrow from the current (ever since it began) situation of the world – Competition. Yes, it is all about the Survival of the fittest.

Survival of the Fittest ?

Yes. Is your blog fit to be a blog ? Does it have the relevant content ? Is your content unique and magnetic ? Does it have a good headline ? Does your blog have a good slogan ? Does it have a good design ? Do you have the option to comment on your site ? What are the regulations regarding commenting ?

These are some questions that will help you to decide whether your blog is fit – whether it is good enough to be a blog. We have already talked about content creation, promotion and all sorts of stuff in the other post (How to get traffic by providing Incentives ?). So, I am not going to repeat myself. What I am trying to do is to give you some tips regarding “gaining traffic” by using the “Survival of the fittest” principle. To be accurate, we will use it, but not to the extent we used it in the other post.

Keep it in Mind !

Keep the survival theory in your mind. It can help you to think about some other ways to get more traffic. Now, let’s talk about the ways that came to my mind, when I thought of the Survival of the Fittest theory.

Is my motivation strong enough ?

To have a fit blog, you need a strong motivation. And the motivation should come from something else – other than money. Money is a good reason on blogging. But, it is not the strongest. You will be making a big mistake if you choose money as your motivator. Money can be a strong motivator. But it will only act as a strong motivator for a short time. For the long term, you need some thing else, something can be strong. The best motivator for blogging is “blogging for fun/satisfaction”. When you blog for fun/satisfaction, you blog for your readers. You get satisfaction when you get some people to comment on your article and others to share it. Motivation does play a huge role in driving traffic (although the role is indirect). Motivation keeps you blogging. It will allow you to be better at it and do something innovative. And this innovation can drive you more traffic.

How to Survive Blogging ?

laws of bloggingThere are seven laws of blogging that you must follow to survive blogging.

These are the Laws of Blogging :-

  • Think Regularly
  • Post Regularly
  • Post Unique Content
  • Promote Your Content, Regularly
  • Network with Other Bloggers, Regularly
  • Comment on other blogs, Regularly
  • Guest Blog, Occasionally

As a reader, I know that you have already read about these a hundred times, but there are others ones.

Word of the Mouth Traffic Generation

Are you using your Word of the Mouth Traffic Generation. Traffic generation is all about marketing your blog, product and or content, right ? When it comes to word of the mouth, it can give you a lot of traffic. When you meet others, tell them about your blog, what you do in blog, and your experiences with blogging. Tell them to drop by. I have tried this and it worked out fine for me (although I don’t use it every well, because I little bit shy about meeting people).

I didn’t try this method purposefully. All of it happened accidentaly, when one of my friends discovered that I had a blog. Then he began to tell others about it. And they began to ask me about it. It was an effective way of marketing. I had several people ask me what my website is about and why I started it (Many people didn’t understand the concept of “blogging about blogging” because it sounds funny :D). You should really try this method. You should tell others about your site. Try it for one time. If it doesn’t work, try it again. If you are desperate, then leave it :D. But it is sure a good way to survive ; it will help for the Survival of a Blog.

E-mail Signatures, Profiles, Business Cards and others

traffic generation email signatureThis is a great way to get more clicks to your site. Add a signature to your E-mail. Think about the exposure you get through an e-mail. All of us use emails to a great extent. Just imagine the exposure you will get, if you had a signature with your website link. Think of this : If Blogger A sends 10 emails per day (on average), he is going to get 10 people to notice his site link – he might get up to 6 visitors to his site. One of emails might get forwarded to someone else. And guess what, you got more exposure. But there is something you might want to consider : there is no guarantee that the person might click your link. But, still, the method is worth a try. After all, you have nothing to lose, right ?

Add you site link to different profiles of different sites. Add you website link to Twitter, facebook (of course), forums and other social media sites. Ask others to check your link. You may even have a small giveaway in your Facebook fan page community. For example “You could run a $20 contest in which the lucky person will get the money”. There are a lot of ways through which you can gain more traffic through profiles. You may even run contests on forums. Note : Another important thing I would like to mention here is that your forum friends can be really helpful. For example : They can help you out by writing a review on Alexa.

Business Cards. They mean a lot. Blogging is a business. Then, why not have your own business card ? I mean it would be great. Business cards can help you a lot. In case, you are going to order business card, don’t forget to include the website link. It is a great way to gain new traffic to your site.

Others ? There are a lot of them. And Some of them are dumb so, I am just not going to mention them here (Let me try it out first). Another way to gain more audience is through advertising (of course, it is not free !). Advertising on medium sized blogs is the best option you can choose. And when choosing a blog, be sure that the niche is some what related to you. You don’t want to advertise your blogging blog on a cooking niche blog.

Think about Your Own Ways – Conclusion

Think about your own ways to gain more traffic. Think about survival. You will be able to come up with many other unique ways by thinking.

Thank you for your read ! Don’t forget to leave your comments about traffic generation and survival of the fittest.

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Jeevan Jacob John

is a young blogger who blogs about everything that is related to building a better blog. If you like what you are reading here, then you should probably check out his Why You Should Give A Damn Page.

9 thoughts on “Traffic Generation and the Survival of the Dodo bird!

  • Nice post Jeevan
    With millions of similar blogs out there in blogosphere we need to come up with unique ideas and content. Then only we can survive in the blogging community.

    • Hey Rojish,

      Yes, I agree. It is important for us to be unique. By the way, I am sorry for relying late (In the commotion of other blogging contests, exams and school, I forgot about the comments). Thank you for your comment !

  • This is nicely described topic about blogging. Blogging is becoming the most selected business now. Every is just jumping into it. A big competition has developed here. And to stay alive you need to be a little regular and different from others. With the promotion of your sites you need a little change in your site too, in the form of posts and subscribers, this should increase the number after every day. One thing that Goggle has cleared about blogs is that your posts should be most relevant and unique.

    • Hey William,

      You summed it up right. Now that blogging is becoming more competitive, we have to put more effort into writing unique content (coming up with newer ideas). I am extremely sorry for the late reply. Anyway, thank you for the comment. Btw, what traffic strategies do you use ?

  • Hi Jeevan,
    I hardly ever mention my blog to people I meet in the real world. Maybe I should. It’s funny that I haven’t been doing that. You’re right, it’s an excellent way to generate interest and drive more traffic to my blog. Well done!

    • You should try it. It is a great way to increase your exposure (but, it does contribute to competition. For example : Some of the people that you meet might decide to start their own blog after reading yours). Anyway, thank you for your comment ! And I am extremely sorry about the late reply ! Btw, where do you get your traffic from ?

  • Hey Jeevan, that was an real nice inputs you put together! I had already implemented a lot of those tips, and some new I got from your blog!
    I do have traffic for my blog, but people hardly comment on my blog. I wonder why!

    • Thanks Kelvin !

      I am glad that I could help you. Btw, I am sorry for the late reply. As mentioned above, I had lot of busy work along with exams (along with all that, I didn’t get any notifications about comment l I think they went to the spam. Apparently, my email provider is wrong). Anyway, thank you for the comment !

      Btw, what strategies do you use tor drive traffic (other than the ones that were mentioned in the article) ?

      • The strategy one i use is, attach good images to my post!
        It helps in one for the reader to understand the content better!
        Two many visitors come in search for images, and they get some content free too!
        Most of my visitor I have generated is through images itself! 🙂

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