iBlogzone’s primary objective is to help internet users build a profitable online business. Through regular updating and constant networking, iBlogzone is committed to further increase its readership base, by constantly providing informative and useful content, which we believe can help users of all levels achieve positive results with their online business ventures.

Advertising on iBlogZone can therefore provide you with added exposure, brand visibility and added traffic.

Banner Advertising

Currently, we offer banner advertising that supports the most popular formats. For 125X125, 728×90, and 468×60 banners.

[note]Now available 728×90 located right under the header section. If purchased, your ad will display sitewide, above the fold and will receive 100% impressions. For this and other formats and pricing, please contact us for specific quotes or if there are no longer available ad zones on BSA. Discounts are available for longer term arrangements (please inquire).[/note]

Sponsored Reviews

Our reviews are unbiased and we do not fake our opinions. Our conclusions are given in a succinct and honest way. Since we want to maintain our credibility with our readers, we would not be willing to ruin it by faking opinions. Our reviews, therefore, represent a very good and honest way to collect feedback for your products or services. Once published, the article is treated just like any other posts, i.e., they are equally promoted using our various marketing strategies (social networks, bookmarking websites, YouTube, MicroBlogging platforms, etc.).

Direct – We will write the review ourselves and it is guaranteed that it will be original and unique. We will not copy any of your articles and at the most, we will insert excerpts which we feel can add value to the review. You may or may not authorize us to use your images or company logo. In any event, we will send you the draft of our review and will only get published once we receive your approval.

Price per Review: Please inquire

Guest Reviews – You provide the content. We will ensure that it meets our guidelines and once approved it will be immediately published. While this is unusual, there might be occasions where you prefer to use a “ghost writer” to market your content. Should this be your case, please contact us for further information.

Review Copy – This is a special review model where, if you provide us with a review copy of your product, we will gladly write a review about it, provided that it is of value to our sites audience.

Sponsored Contest/Giveaways – Great to increase exposure and outreach. Please inquire.

NOTE: All reviews can now be performed with a video.

Consulting And Other Services

Please visit our Consulting services page.

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