Guest Blogging Success: Pitch for Building a Relationship not for Links

Among the SEO specialists, guest blogging is often referred as a great tactic to build quality on-page links. While there is nothing wrong in this perception, often this uncanny knack and stress on link building do not produce any significant result. Excess and poor utilization of this tactic resulted in a scenario when no longer you can guarantee success by this tactic. On the other hand, sites implementing guest blogging with a keen eye for quality are continuing to reap the benefits.

The undeniable fact is when you eye for only links you end up getting loads of poorly written contents without any value for the reader whatsoever. But when you pitch for developing long term relationship with the quality bloggers or real websites, you get quality links as part and parcel of quality content. This obviously results in sound long term link scheme, great content reserve, high user estimation, better search ranks and so on and so forth. Here below we will introduce a few important factors for making ‘Guest Blogging’ work in an effective way.

  1. More rigorous research

Deciding on the kinds of links you are targeting is the first important task. Secondly, how broader is your spectrum of research is matters a lot. Here below we provide some tips to make your research better.

  • Remember, more authority a website enjoys in its niche, more refined and thoughtful an approach it demands. Instead of targeting top tier site links having a realistic goal to get good links from various sources is better at the initial stage.
  • Everyone in the competition is using Google search for finding those blogs that you would like to link. While doing this is always fine, to stay ahead of the competition utilize all other means like all types of social media channels, blogging platforms, forums, content sharing platforms, etc.
  • Modify your search with various keywords like blog, blogger, expert, critic, editor, content developer, etc.
  1. An effective approach to build relationship first

Your effort to fetch a link from a blogger requires a fresh and mutually respectful approach. You just cannot mail someone requesting for links at the first instance. Like everything it also needs time, needs to build relationship. Here below we provide some tips in this respect.


  • When you demand a link from someone without getting familiarized, most likely it will turn the person off.
  • The rule that goes here is more focused on quality than anything. Do not be too generic in your pitch. Thoughtful pitches that are particularly made for your targeted blog site is preferred over tons of generic pitches that they receive from everywhere.
  • Show your value and unique reason for showing interest in that blogger or blog site. Quality bloggers do not prefer to be one among the lot. They like people who find them unique and explain it in an authentic manner.
  1. Nothing works better than a truly excellent content

Getting high value bloggers links also depends on the quality of your pitched content. You cannot get away here with contents that sound average or too generic. Here are some tips.

  • The pitched content must have a personalized approach.
  • A unique and genuine research should back the content.
  • Your expertise in the niche must sound through it.
  • Set a style, tone and voice that do not sound ordinary.
  • Make sure that the content remains free of grammatical mistakes, meaningless sentences and lack of clarity.
  1. Offer your hand in adding value to their site

While primary way to offer value is offering an excellent content, there are other ways to make your valuable presence felt. Here are some tips.

  • On all your social networking pages promote their contents and share them.
  • Help them by letting them know about their loopholes like dead or broken links, non-appearing web pages, etc.
  • Follow their content with comments or by voting for them or presenting them in discussion forums.
  1. Continue growing with the relationship

It is a common web practice to forget the blogger as soon as one gets a link. This results in nothing but sheer inability to explore the full potential of the linked site or blogger. If your content does well in the linked site in future bigger bunch of quality links or respective contacts you may find from the same source. It is always tougher to build a fresh relationship with a new blogger than taking lead from your existing ones. Think in terms of long-standing mutual relationship rather than just in respect of building a links.

Ketan Parmar

This is Ketan Parmar working as a Search Marketer at Yudiz, which provide premium guest blogging services. An avid reader, writing articles is my hobby, and one of my valued assets is my researching ability.

2 thoughts on “Guest Blogging Success: Pitch for Building a Relationship not for Links

  • Hi Ketan,

    Solid tips overall. Make friends, set out to add value through your guest posts and your links will be quite natural. Problems arise if your intent is to get link juice, or if you’re simply out to drive traffic to your website. If this is the case you’ll get few benefits out of guest blogging.

    People sense a greedy person a mile away and sense a generous, kind, helpful person just as easily. It’s really all about being true, authentic, kind, and making your intent to assist your fellow bloggers and their audiences.

    This is why I’ve doubled down on my old skool, kick-butt, thorough blog commentating strategy again. I’ve become focused on adding uber value and building even stronger bonds with my friends.

    It’s a powerful form of blogger outreach, and yields me some snazzy guest post requests, but more than anything, it’s just fun. Point blank, plain and simple, it’s fun to do things from a pure, helpful intent.

    Thanks Ketan for sharing your insight, and DiTesco for sharing this post.


  • Excellent job Ketan Parmar,
    Adding value and offering high quality article is the most effective approach towards guest blogging. Generally, people try to promote their own product or site via guest posting which is spoiling guest platform. Guest post is not to promote rather than building relationship. Thanks for offering such information about guest blogging.

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