Speedlink V18/2011, Nofollow, Link Building, Twitter, Unusual Interview

Hi everyone. Hope you all had an awesome and productive week. This week, I took the time to set up some new niche sites (Amazon powered) and dedicated a bit on hunting for expired domains. These are experiments I am currently running and as soon as I find out how they turn out to be, I will be sharing them here with you, regardless of the outcome. Sorry for the delay in posting my SpeedLink today.

Anyway, in no particular order:

Blogging/Online Business

SEO/Link Buidling

Social Web

WordPress Junkies Top Of The Week

  • Content SEO Just Got Easier For WordPress Users
  • Beginners Guide to WordPress Backup Plugins
  • Adding a Comment Policy in Thesis WordPress Theme

Should internal links use rel=”nofollow”?

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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15 thoughts on “Speedlink V18/2011, Nofollow, Link Building, Twitter, Unusual Interview

  • I like the WPJ top picks of the week section… very clever DiTesco. 😉

    So the whole video with Matt Cutts and the nofollow of internal links; I always thought it was standard to do dofollow anyway within pages of your site. Why wouldn’t you want the flow of link juice from page to page happen?

    I guess the only time you may want to use a nofollow is if you are linking to a non-essential page such as a policy or terms of condition page. There’s no reason why you want those pages to have link juice.

    Anyway… thanks for the link luv on the Buffer article. You’re the best. 😉

    • Hi Michele. glad you liked the WPJ top of the week section 🙂

      As for the dofollow thing, there has been a common belief (once upon a time), that it was good to add nofollow to less important pages to control link juice (so called page rank sculpting). however, Google has devalued that for a long time and as Matt suggest, everything that is “internal” one should not worry about it, and that includes, other pages. Policy pages are very important to Google (specially for people running AdSense) and so if they don’t see it, they might think that you don’t trust your own inner pages, lol. Makes sense?

      • “Policy pages are very important to Google (specially for people running AdSense) and so if they don’t see it, they might think that you don’t trust your own inner pages” – That makes complete sense to me!

        Thanks for the clarification DiTesco. You are constantly reading different views and at the end of the day it’s difficult to decide the best course of action. I guess it boils down to what makes sense and work works for you. 😉

  • This week is full of Content lots to take in here Ditesco will check out throughout the week love the face book comment post Thanks for the heads up.

    • You are welcome Gary. Thanks for stopping by

  • Interesting video on keyworded domains. I know a few that should read it.

    • I understand what you man Dennis 🙂 Sorry for the delay in response. All the best

  • Hey DiTesco, another great speedlink from you. Thanks so much for the link luv!
    As for the video – I can’t understand why any would think they should no-follow links to their own website. But, I guess there’s no such thing as a dumb question, no harm in asking, right?

    • Hi Ileane. On of the reasons that people still ask this type of questions is because there are “other” out there who keep saying that they should be using noffolow for less important pages. Go figure

  • i never use nofollow for inner pages, so i completely agree with you. besides, when i added inner linking to one of my websites, my SERPs went up!

    • Yeah, inner linking (deep linking) is good for SEO and this is probably why you saw an increase in your SERPs.

  • I think the only time I’ve used nofollow links is on pages that were still under construction or pages that I was running tests on. Since reading your article I checked my terms / cons page and policy pages and released that they were set to no follow and have now changed them over to follow.

    Once again cheers for the article

    • Seems like a wise move Stephen. All the best and thanks for stopping by.

  • Link building is an on-going process that you need to keep working on. For competitive keywords your competition will keep building their links, therefore so should you or you may fall behind – and your search engine rankings may suffer.

  • Gathered some good info on Link building that will help me with my ppt presentation. got to know a few more things on nofollow also. Thank you.

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