Breakthrough Email Design Trends to Rock in 2017

Design and coding play an important role in how well the emails are performing once they reach the inbox. Designing an email has long moved from being well-formatted lines of email content to pieces of art. Trends can seldom predict what the future has in store. While certain trends carry over from the previous year with minor changes, some totally new trends are introduced due to changing behavioral patterns of subscribers.

Email Design Trends majorly observed in 2016

Nothing says disappointment as much as opening a sale announcement email and seeing a text heavy email body. With help of animated GIF within email, more images can be fitted inside a limited screen space and this never fails to attract the subscribers’ attention.

With brands such as Evian, Apple going the minimalistic way of communicating more in less words, it has become a norm. Email marketers are experimenting with different designs that subtly communicate the message.

You can drive attention in two ways: Sticking out like a sore thumb or delighting with something unexpected. Emails from some brands have taken the latter approach to cook up some really unorthodox email designs which ‘wow’ you as soon as the email is opened.

Master Templates are also going to be adopted in creating automation based email series. With Master Templates, the efforts (and time) invested in designing and coding emails shall be eliminated.

Trends to keep an eye on in 2017

Cinemagraph is a newer breed of GIFs in which selected elements move to create an illusion of a seamless video playing. Soon, emails featuring a cinemagraph shall dock in subscriber inboxes.

Now is the age of interactivity. From mobile app, virtual reality to advertisement banner around you, everything functions on interactivity. Emails are not to be left behind as interactive elements using Keyframe animation such as flip effect or actions on hover/ clicks shall soon pick up the pace.

Even though many ESPs support dynamic blocks whose content changes as per customer persona, 2017 may be the year where the use of dynamic content in emails shall escalate.

Wrapping up

Making emails from scratch needs inspiration conformed to guidelines and being aware of the design trends can be really helpful in making the email domain more engaging. EmailMonks, in their latest infographic titled “Email Design Trends for 2017”, have predicted design trends that shall be prevalent in 2017. Check it out.

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email marketing trends 2017

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