SpeedLink Weekly V5/2011

Hi everyone. Another week has gone by and it is again time for the weekly roundup of stuff worth looking at. For what I have seen, I would like to call particular attention to that of Brankica’s post, which in my opinion has a lot to learn about. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and this just proves that not everyone thinks the same and that what can be good for others, is not necessarily true for the other. Above all, respect and honesty is what counts and this is one of those real “stories” that gives us something to think about.

Before I forget, we are really closing in the start of our blogging contest. You can find more info here about the Traffic Generation Blogging Contest.

Anyway, and as usual, in no particular order.

Making Money Online/Marketing

  • Niche Market Websites: Gateway or Authority?
  • Making Money From Blogs: 3 Proven Lucrative Diversification Techniques for Full-Time Bloggers
  • How to add a watermark to your video (even if you are not that geeky and tech-savy at all)!

Online Business/Blogging

  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes Online Business Owners Should Avoid Making
  • Open Call for Entrepreneur Hot Seat!
  • 6 Steps to Fast Customer Conflict Resolution
  • My Life 1 Year & Over 1300 Subscribers Later (Inspirational)

SEO/Search Engines

Social Media/Internet Browsers

That’s it! Have a great week ahead.


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14 thoughts on “SpeedLink Weekly V5/2011

  • Hi DiTesco, Great Speedlink – I have enjoyed most of these posts already and I agree that Brankica’s is a must read. The comments and responses aren’t slowing down one bit! Thanks for linking to another solid guest post on my blog from Alex Papa, he’s doing a fine job. I missed the one on Vertical Measures about Google Webmaster tools so I’m going to stop there first. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  • Hello Franscisco,

    An other great share. Looks like people were really busy this week writing away on their blog.

    I really liked John’s article about customer support, because I recently had some trouble with business run by a young entrepreneur and I shared my experience on John’s blog.

  • Thank you so much for mentioning my post. It really is an honor to be included not only in a list like this but a blog like yours.

    I am getting kinda addicted to these round ups lately, I keep finding more and more awesome blogs, I am even having hard time catching up with everything.

    Hope you have a great week 🙂

    • Have a great week yourself Brankica and keep posting those awesome reviews. Pretty soon I won’t buy anything until I hear from you, haha.

  • Hi DiTesco

    I agree about Brankica’s post. She wrote an honest review that the company took exception to. If they had been gracious and tried to sort the problem, this post would not have got so much attention. They did themselves a disservice and all kudos to Brankica for her gracious replies.

    Will check out the others I haven’t manage to visit yet so thanks for another great Speedlink Weekly. Appreciated

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi Patricia. I agree with you. At the very least, out of respect, I think “they” should have handled the issue more professionally. Not everything in this world is 100% and mistakes are bound to happen. What stands out is that we realize those mistakes, diplomatically address them and rectify the issues to make it better and at the very least change a “clients” opinion about the product. that wold have been a better approach I think.

  • Thanks for the link luv DiTesco. 😉 I must be slacking in my reading, because I’ve missed most of these this week. Great I have lots of catching up to do! LOL

    Ciao for now. 🙂

    • You are welcome Michele. I hope this helps to find more “candidates” to participate in your “hot” seat, lol

  • Hi DiTesco, brilliant SpeedLink this week and many thanks for including a guest post from my blog, it’s very much appreciated that one of the posts has been picked, cheers 😉

    • Hi Karen. My pleasure. That post is really awesome and it is one of those things that is extremely useful for people who love doing videos. I’m not an avid video blogger (yet), but I will soon make good use of it. Thanks for stopping by

  • Im curious about reading that MarketMeSuite article, I’ve reviewed that myself.

    Thanks for including my article this week D I appreciate it.

    • Hi John. Yeah, that post over at Brankica is boiling hot. CEO, COO of MMS and other top notch loggers are part of the 100 plus comments rolling. Good discussion and I totally recommend reading the comments if you get the time 🙂

  • Hey DiTesco,

    Thanks very much for including a link to my post here. I appreciate it very much.

    You’re doing a great job here and I really appreciate your bring all those good post to our attention.

    Ben Wan

  • Surprised you bought into Brankica’s rant, Francisco, but other than that, love your links – as always ton to learn, even if not the freshest links at this point. 🙂


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