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flock web browser

Yesterday, while I was still writing my recent article about the Blogging Process, I took a little break and decided to hop around my social communities to see if there was something new or relevant on my pages. While doing this, I stumbled upon a forum, I usually visit, and I saw a comment about the FLOCK. I said, what the hell is Flock? No worries, google to the rescue and voilá. Flock is a new web browser designed to integrate Social Browsing with ease. For those who love social networking,  uploading/downloading pictures, videos and all kinds of media, Flock gives us features, no other browser does. Flock is like Firefox with a twist. I personally downloaded this yesterday and have been using it for just a couple of hours, and I can tell you now, that I like what it does. Obviously, I am still learning how to use it, but it is definitely promising and worth the trouble. It is a serious contender for Google’s recent Chrome, and the outdated Internet Explorer.

What does flock say about flock?

Internet users spend a lot of time going from one site to the next, keeping up with a variety of friends and interests. Flock pulls all of your favorite people, places and content together in a convenient view and delivers a more personal experience of the web, where its users are more easily connected to what’s important to them.

Find out more about Flock in their Press Room and try it. I think you will like it.

Flock social web browser
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