Reserve 5 Minutes of Interest for Pinterest and Double Your Followers

Pinterest hosts more than 25 million users, with 47% of American purchases influenced by posts found throughout the social platform.  In fact, statistics reflect dedicating as little as 5 minutes per day can greatly influence the bottom line of one’s business endeavors.

It’s estimated that one pin equals more than $.70 of money generated by the average ecommerce site.  Integrate social media ‘pins’ with other platforms like Twitter and Facebook; Pinterest generates four times the revenue (per click) as Twitter and 27% more than Facebook.

Be mindful of images related to your brand.  A picture is 23% more likely of getting re-pinned if it’s not of someone’s face.  Also notice the color of shared pictures; red, orange and brown are re-pinned more often than the color blue.

Track progress and value integrating Google Analytics or Bitly.  Use Pinterest like any other social site to drive traffic, build a brand, and direct attention to new products and services.  The average ‘pin’ is re-pinned 10 times while the average ‘tweet’ is re-tweeted only once.

SMBs benefit emulating methods of bigger brands or competitors.  For example, notice how competitors engage consumers on social platforms, use sites like this to get data about hosting, and acquire links from other digital properties.

Additionally, get offline and start discussing your brand’s participation; mention the social account in store windows, and handout flyers about your online participation at events.  Digital tools flourish but effective marketing’s always been about people. Do you have five minutes to dedicate toward engaging consumers on Pinterest?

Double Your Pinterest Followers in Just 5 Minutes per Day [infographic]

how to double pinterest followers

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  • I have pinterest account. But it still new. From what I see, if I always pin image at pinterest, the somebody will repin my image. And if I make it awesome group, someone will join my group. but it still amateur from me. maybe I need to change the way I market my pinterest account

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    Great post… I really liked the Points being highlighted here. All of them are quite relevant and logical.
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