Pinterest Cheat Sheet and Tips to Better Use the Network

By now, I hope most of you have already heard about Pinterest, the photo social sharing network. Pinterest is a great network and used properly, can be (p)interesting to build relationships, attract traffic and even make money, as recently introduced by Viraliti is relatively new, and current campaigns are still at minimum. Nonetheless, I am closely looking at how it evolves, as it may take off and become an interesting platform to make money online.

Anyway, as more and more people use social networks on a daily basis to socialize and interact with their friends and followers, Pinterest, as many claim, have been a proven source for referral traffic and can be good for businesses to build exposure and increase brand awareness. However, just like anything else, there are some “things” you need to know and apply to make it work better for you.

For that matter, here are some articles worth checking out, in case you missed them:

Another interesting source of information, is the Pinterest cheat sheet, provided by not99 (Pinerly’s space). This cheat sheet is easy to understand and can serve as a “quick checklist” every time you use the network. Couple that with the ability to track your Pinterest campaigns more effectively, and you should be able to make better use of the network. Work on it and see which ones work best for you.


That’s it! Are you using Pinterest? How effective do you think it has been for you? Is there anything in particular you would like to know, that I have not covered here? Your thoughts, opinions and questions are always appreciated.


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10 thoughts on “Pinterest Cheat Sheet and Tips to Better Use the Network

  • i start using Pinterest for almost 1 month if i’m not mistake. I don’t really know how it can be good for my blog, but i will start doing a good content for my blog, the picture at Pinterest maybe should using attractive image to drive traffic from pinterest to my blog… 🙂

  • Pinterest is a great social photo sharing. It can derive more and more traffic to the website.Honestly I am using pinterest form long time but i don’t know any other these type of related points which you mentioned here named not99.
    Thanks for sharing hope it will make me some comfortable.

  • Hey guys,
    I am from Thanks for the mention. Yes the campaigns are few now. We are in talks with a lot of advertisers and also introducing a lot of new features. As soon as we have a decent ad inventory, we will start aggressively marketing Viraliti and help you in your Pinterest marketing and also monetizing your Pinterest influence.

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Thanks for the post – Like the image that you’ve shared. Looks simple yet add a lot of value in terms of using Pinterest for Business and or Personal use.

  • Hi,
    I have been using Pinterest from last two months, I am not mistake to posting an story, image but we are not getting any traffic form Pinterest. Please let me know how it can be good for my blog, but i will start doing a good content for my blog.

  • I literally signed up for Pinterest the other day. Yes, yes, I know it’s kind of crazy that I ignored this huge social network for so long. Suffice it to say I was slightly confused about just how the network could benefit my website. Anyway, this cheat sheet is great. It’s a great visual to quickly glance at. Definitely bookmarking, and thank you so much for sharing!

  • Categorization really helps to get more traffic and clicks to image, Pinterest still very new and not used by many bloggers and web masters for their marketing campaign but those people who are using this awesome network knows the power of it.

  • I ‘bleeping’ LOVE me some Pinterest and LOVED this article. It’s cool to find new tips and tricks about how to take full advantage of Pinterest. Thanks man!

  • Pinterest is a great social photo sharing. I start using Pinterest for almost 1 month.It’s cool to find new tips and tricks about how to take full advantage of Pinterest.

  • The infographics you have shared is of great help.But i believe in doing things without the help of any other means than natural way.

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