WebMeUp All-In-One SEO – Blogging Contest $4.000+ Prizes [Over]

[note]CONTEST OVER: See Winners below or Click Here[/note]

Last month, I did a review of WebMeUp’s web-based SEO tool. In this review, WebMeUp.com sponsored a giveaway to give some lucky people the chance to extend their trial period for free. The giveaway went smoothly and the winners are now enjoying the use of this awesome SEO tool.

If you have not (yet) tried WebMeUp’s suite of online SEO tools, now would be a good time. There are cool prizes up for grabs, among other things.

What is WebMeUp?

OK, I don’t really want to repeat myself here, as everything you need to know is on that review. Nonetheless, let me give you a quick glance:

WebMeUp is an all-in-one online SEO tools suite. Its features include:

  • discover keywords and check rankings
  • check ranking factors (e.g. Google PR, Alexa rank, number of pages indexed in different search engines, social media mentions, etc.)
  • optimize site structure and encoding, do on page optimization for the content of landing pages, etc.
  • find backlinks, rankings, ranking factors and other info about your competitors
  • find and manage your backlinks
  • run an audit of your website and/or any other website
  • and lots more

As you can see, WebMeUp is not your ordinary SEO suite. Its powerful, data is updated frequently and right now, has a free 15 day trial period which you can use and take for a test drive. Take advantage of this free subscription period and draw your own conclusions.

But hold on, drawing your conclusions and opinions about WebMeUp is what really matters and for that, I suggest you to read on a while longer…

Announcing the official WebMeUp blogging contest – What is it about?

It’s actually very simple. The idea is for you to make use of their suite of SEO tools, and then write a blog post about your experience while using the tool. This is actually a win/win situation, because not only do you get the chance of winning, you also get a free audit of your website while you are at it, cool!


  • 1st: $500 + 1 year subscription to Standard Plan ($1,200 value) – $1,700 total
  • 2nd: $250 + 6 months subscription to Standard Plan ($600 value) – $850 total
  • 3rd: $150 + 3 months subscription to Standard Plan ($300 value) – $450 total
  • 4th to 6th: $50 (each) + 3 months subscription to Standard Plan ($350 value each) – $1,050 total

Total Value of Prizes: $4,050 – Cash prizes will be paid via PayPal.


1) You must have your own blog. The contest is open to anyone regardless of the platform you are using (e.g. Blogger, Wix, WordPress.com, etc).

2) Participants must sign-up for the 15 day trial period on WebMeUp.com website. Makes sense, right? After all, how would you be able to write your views and opinions about the tool, if you won’t use it 🙂

3) After using and getting familiar with the suite, write a blog post (at least 600 words or more) about the experience you had while using the tool. You are free to link to any public page of WebMeUp. Please include images (screenshots) and the WebMeUp official logo, which you can download here.

4) At the end of your post, you must copy and paste the code provided below:

Removed.. Contest is over.

5) Come back here on this post and leave a comment with the URL of your entry. You must do this or we won’t be able to know that you have participated.

6) Now go crazy and promote your post as much as you can. The earlier you start doing this, the better your chances of winning (see below).

7) Finally, and this is totally optional, I’ll appreciate if you can Tweet about this contest and like WebMeup on Facebook.

How are winners picked:

Remember, you must be a verified registered user on WebMeUp.

The blog entry that generates the most number of comments and social shares (FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest) wins. You may want to make sure that you have the means on your website to help people share your post. Also, this is where we will be looking when compiling results, so make sure they are visible.


Yes Share


No Share

Here’s how it works. Each comment and social reaction counts as one point. For example: a blog entry generated 50 comments, 20 tweets, 15 +1s, 10 Repins, 5 LinkedIn shares, and 20 likes, will total 120 points. Winners will be picked from highest to lowest of total reactions. Please note that only comments, Facebook likes, Google +1s, Tweets, and Repins will count.

If there is a tie, the tie breaker could be the one that got more comments, and if the tie persists, then it will be likes, then +1s, in that order.


1)    You are not allowed to run a giveaway to obtain reactions. Buying likes, tweets, etc., are also not allowed. Anyone caught doing this will be disqualified. Let’s keep this fair.

2)    Reviews that have been published before the announcement of this contest will not be accepted. If you’ve written a WebMeUp review before, you’re not allowed to enter the contest with that one. You can still participate, but you will need to write a new one.

Contest Period / Running Time:

The contest starts on March 1, 2013 and will last for 45 days (can be extended if deemed necessary to 60 days). All entries after that will not count.

[note]And the Winners are…[/note]

1st: Bashir Ahmed – Use WebMeUp SEO Tool For Better Search Engine Ranking
2nd: Fred Owusu – Webmeup – The Real Deal on SEO Tool
3rd to 6th: N/A – no entries qualified

Thank you all for participating and special thanks to our sponsors WebMeUp.com. Winners will be contacted soon to receive their prizes. Congrats!

While the contest is over, don’t let this discourage you and give WebMeUp All-In-One Online SEO tool a try. The Free trial period is still live!


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  • Seems like an awesome giveaway and contest, good luck to all those who enter.

    • Hi Justin. Thanks for visiting. Are you going to participate? Would be great if you did. All the best

  • I am glad I went to this site, these are great ideas you suggested. I belong to a few Article, but someone I never thought or heard of. I will join some of what you suggested. Thanks.

  • Hello,
    I am from India, can I participate in the contest? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Sidhant. Yes, your blog has a PR2, which is the minimum requirement. This contest is open to anyone… Fire away, looking forward to seeing your entry. Good luck!

  • Fantastic contest! Definitely tempting… best of luck to all who enter, though I’m sure this one won’t come down to “luck” – may the best review(er) win!

    • Hi Holly. I think you got a point 🙂 Best review(er) it is..

  • I think, I am already in. LOL! I had it written on my blog couple of weeks agao. 🙂

    • LOL, I know that you did, but even if that’s the case you are still allowed to participate… You’ll just have to right another one again. There’s always a different angle 🙂

  • And yes, I read who wrote it before announcement is not…..

    And the best part of the rules was Note #1. Seriously.

  • Interesting giveaway!
    Now what about retweets from platforms like JustRetweet? Qualified or disqualified?

    • Those are unfortunately not allowed, sorry. Plus, I don’t think those retweets will count as Tweets on your widget. Remember that counts on your Twitter widget will be the one that matters.

    • Thanks Bashir. Read it, looks good. Good luck!

  • How you launch a contest without marketing on blog engage is beyond me… Perhaps next time we can work together. Best of luck to everyone how joins. I just found out about this contest from one of your participants.

    • Hi Brian. I know I have been MIA on BE and a lot of other sites but I actually put it up some 5 days ago > http://www.blogengage.com/story.php?title=webmeup-all-in-one-seo-%E2%80%93-blogging-contest-4-000-prizes. In any event, you are right, we should work together on things like this. Still have time though 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

      • Yeah man we should work together. We have a ton of members that would love to know about your content and what’s going on. Thanks for sharing the submitted link 🙂 Next time perhaps I can be a media sponsor for you.

    • Thanks for participating. Good luck!

  • Hi DiTesco,

    I’m just wondering when you’ll announce the winners 🙂

    I think contest deadline was 15th April and today is 18th!

    Let me know when you announce the winners!

    Thank you!

  • This is exactly i am looking that will help great to collect some good testimonial.

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