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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. This week, Google’s Inside Search has released a new feature called “How Search Works“. In this section, users can have an idea (big one) on several things related to how Google search works and it starts by telling you a story, a sort of an interactive infographic that walks you through some interesting information. Then there is a section about crawling & Indexing, Algorithms, Fighting Spam, etc. From there, you can access massive amounts of information that can help you understand what “quality rating guidelines” Google’s search team looks for. It provides you different examples of what they consider SPAM pages and how to detect them. This is really good to help you improve and apply best SEO practices. Also, they have provided a massive PDF of their “Search Quality Rating Guidelines” which is simply awesome! A must read.

User experience and SEO, do they work together or not? Rand of SEOMoz feels that they live better in harmony. Dispelling the negative myths about how UX and SEO interact is the first step in improving both the look and search results of your website.

UX Myths That Hurt SEO

Last but not least, Matt Cutts answers an interesting question this week about whether or not 301 redirects passes the same amount of PageRank “link juice” as an ordinary link. See video below.

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What percentage of PageRank is lost through a 301 redirect?

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  • Wow … there was lot of things happened just in a week, Thanks DiTesco for Summarizing all of this very useful info.
    It will defiantly help bloggers like us 🙂

  • Very informative article. Thanks for your information regarding UX Myths.

  • Awesome Topic even i was also thinking the same that as the linking way are different. But this article making it clear that there as no pagerank flow differences between normal and 301 link, Thanks

  • Thanks for keeping us updated as always. Lots of things are happening so fast that you lose track of them at some point of time. You however are making a good job at making people aware of the current happenings. Great Job! Keep it up.

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