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[tool]Jane Sheeba from Find All Answers, came up with this initiative to help one lucky winner, put into practice the effectiveness of promoting your blog, following my recent article using Facebook’s marketing tools. I must say that, this could have not been more timely. Thanks Jane. Over to you..[/tool]

Have you tried every possible way to drive traffic to your blog? Have you tried promoting your blog via all avenues you know of? Are you disappointed with the traffic you currently receive? Or are you happy with the traffic you get, but still want to improve it a lot?

Why should you be worried about traffic in the first place? Well, the answer could already be obvious to you, but still let me say it – more traffic means more social shares – this means still more traffic – this means more visibility – and this means more sales (ultimately, duh!).

Let me tell you something you may or may not agree with. Facebook is alive! Ya, as I told just now, you may or may not believe me, but that is a fact.

Even though Google plus is taking up positions in social arena, the potential crowd still hangs out in Facebook and you need that crowd to make your traffic.

When you promote your business in a place where there is silence or emptiness, that’s equivalent to promoting it against a wall. Since you cannot expect a 100% conversion rate on your ads (which is indeed impossible) the more you advertise on crowded arena, the higher are your chances to get more people to reach your goal point.

Social media, like one popular Facebook, acts as a sales funnel to you for that matter. If you advertise your blog or business there, since your ad is in front of a large number of eyeballs, your end result can be marvelous.

Moreover you can increase your conversion rate by making use of Facebook’s excellent ad targeting options to make the most out of your ads.

To help you in this regard, iBlogzone is offering you a chance to win a $50 Facebook ad coupon so that you can use it to advertise your blog on Facebook.

facebook for business marketing contest

How to win the coupon code?

You have to do two simple things to enter the draw to win a $50 Facebook ad coupon code.

  1. Share this post on Facebook.
  2. Comment on this post and don’t forget to include your Facebook user id (not the link to your profile but the id is enough).

These two steps are absolutely essential to be able to enter the draw. Doing one and not the other will not qualify you.

The winner will be announced in exactly 21 days from the date of publishing this post. There will be one winner who receives $50 Facebook ad coupon code.

The winner will be selected via a random draw from qualifying entries.

Who is sponsoring the gift coupon?

Let me use this opportunity to thank our sponsor, Coupon Triumph, a source of discount codes and coupons offering you a 50% off bistro md diet coupon and diets to go coupon.

Now what are you waiting for? Just start commenting and share this post on Facebook to get your $50 discount coupon code.

Jane Sheeba

Jane helps bloggers and entrepreneurs to build blogs that succeed.

25 thoughts on “Win A $50 Facebook Ad Coupon From iBlogzone

  • Even though I don’t use FaceBook for never hurt to get something for free..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Well said bro. Free doesn’t hurt and it is so cool isn’t? Thanks for breaking the ice.

  • Really its looking like a great contest.$50 is really a handy amount for anyone.I will try my luck too.I love to work with Facebook n twitter and will definitely share your post there with friends.Nice sharing…

  • I don’t need the coupon, but it’s a great offer, so I shall tweet it for my followers.

  • I haven’t even tried to bother with facebook and advertising yet but if I had a boost it might motivate me to do it. I will enter and hope to win!

  • Good luck all! I don’t have an account. 😉

    • Dennis, I am surprised!

    • OMG, you don’t have a Facebook account! Now why does that not surprise me 😉

    • That surprises me.

    • See, that is so cool Dennis! I have always said this: “If you can afford not to be on FB then you are very good already and you don’t need FB any more.”

  • I tweeted this one!
    My followers will thank me for sharing this free offer to them!

    • Hi Ron. Did you share it too? If you did, please leave your FB id here so you can make it to the drawing 🙂

    • Hi Ron,

      Tweeting alone doesn’t count. FB share is mandatory because the prize coupon is to be used on Facebook.

      Hope you shared it in Facebook too.


  • Thanks for giving back, I never used Facebook in this manner but I’ll give it a shot.

    • Hi John. Don’t forget that the entry is only valid once you shared this post on FB and leave your user ID here…

  • Do we need credit Card to utilize this coupon or just enter this code and use points given by you . I have Adwords coupons but still need Credit Card to redeem them .

    • Good question. I really don’t know. I will have to get back to you on that. Perhaps Jane get “intercept” this and provide us an answer. My guess is, and this is just over the top, that you might need some sort of payment form, as this will give you the credit..

    • Hi Atul,

      Here’s the detailed explanation:

      According to, you need either a credit card or paypal. Before they start charging your account they will first charge your coupon. Everything is controllable and it is easy to use the coupon and not be charged at all after that. Here is what the guidelines say:

      “Please enter your coupon code below, and we will charge the coupon instead of your credit card until the coupon expires or is used up. If you let your ad run after that point, we will begin to charge your credit card.”

      Here are some guidelines about redeeming the Facebook ad coupons

      Hope this helps.


  • That’s a great gift thanks for sharing. Does this work only on new accounts or in existing ones too?

  • Hi Jane, nice offer! I’ll spread the word. I won a coupon from Oni earlier this year so I’ll step aside this time and make room for someone else. Thanks!

    • Oh so you were lucky already! More luck to you 🙂

  • Never used Facebook to promote my website. This could be useful.

  • Shared, added.. etc 🙂

    Thanks anyway.
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  • Thanks..

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