Make Money Online With Whatever You’re Good At

Unless you are new here, you might remember that not so long ago I have introduced you to Fiverr, a marketplace where you can buy or sell consulting services (or anything), jobs, gigs or just about anything for a flat $5. Today, aside from giving you a quick update on how my experience went along with that service, I will also introduce you to yet another two recent marketplaces where you can do exactly the same thing (whatever you are good at), but with different prices. First things first.

Fiverr Experience:
I tried being on both ends on Fiverr, one as a seller and one as a buyer. I was either lucky or had a sharp eye as I was able to create a gig (offered a service) that generated $44 in a very little period of time, about as easily as getting payday loans, with virtually very little effort and I’ve already got paid (via PayPal). Not much you might say, but hey, every bit counts, right? Anyway, on another occasion I hired a “writer” to write a post for me and the article was perfectly written and it cost me only $5. This article generated me some profit too.

The Gigs I sold:

I am not going to tell you exactly what I did, but here is a hint. I imagined what I wanted to do for $5. Actually I came up with almost nothing, lol. Dug deeper and said to myself, what is it that I charge a month that I can do for X days and at the same time could be worth $5? Well, as you all probably know I have more than one website, over 20 right now actually. On one of them, good traffic and PR3, I charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $35 a month for an ad space. That said, I started to offer to display ads on that website for 3 days for $5 (4$ net). Cheap and a good test for an advertiser. Behold! (see below):

fiverr gigs

Good test for an advertiser, because three of them actually purchased a full months advertising on my website. If you notice, I had gigs cancelled because I did not deliver. I had so many running that I no longer had space left and therefore lost some. Bad management I guess :).

The Gig I purchased:

On another different website, I had an advertiser who requested for a paid review of their online shopping site. I proposed to charge them $XX (prefer not to disclose) for the review and they accepted it. Following their confirmation, I saw a gig on Fiverr from a guy who said that he would write 450 – 500 word professional article for the flat fee of $5. Did not think twice, said to myself, hire him and we’ll see how this goes. To my surprise, the article was absolutely fantastic. So, I made the guy happy and I in return, profited a little.

fiverr gig purchase

As you can see, all you need is a little imagination and make it work for you. I am sure that you are able to “find” that little something that you are good at and within the process make an extra income out of it. At this point you might be saying, yeah $5, that’s nothing. OK, so here goes:

Enter JobsFor10 and GigsWood (not affiliate links) Gigs Wood is a place where people come to share their talents, skills, and knowledge with one another and make an extra income by doing so. It works exactly the same way as Fiverr, the difference being that the prices are $4, $9, or $19 respectively. Payments are also via PayPal and a small commission of $0.55, $0.75 and $1.25 are charged in accordance with the amount as stated previously.

JobsFor10: As the name suggests, everything is for $10. But this has changed recently to level up with competition and prices are now $5, $10 and $20. Think there is something you can do for $20? This is the right place to start. Payments are also via PayPal and they charge 20% commission for every transaction.

There you have it. Put your imagination to work and maybe you can rack in some extra income for you. Remember though, everything starts with how you market your “gigs”. Make them compelling and once hired, do a good job and deliver your orders promptly. By doing this you will get a “thumbs up” from the community. The more the community is satisfied with what you offer, the better positioned your “gig” will be at their marketplace. All this equals more $$ opportunity. Good luck!

Have you used any of these services before? What is your experience? Share it here with us.


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32 thoughts on “Make Money Online With Whatever You’re Good At

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  • I thought fiverrr was a brilliant idea when I came across it. It’s not just a typical selling site. It allows a potential buyer to name what they would purchase which really opens up the bidding process both ways.

    • Hi Richard. You are right, if you get lucky all of the marketplaces above can open doors to virtually anything. As I said, just be imaginative and once you get a client, give it all you got and they will return. Thanks for stopping by

  • Sounds promising. I wonder if there are any students who do webdesign/programming for a reasonable price??!!
    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi Patricia. One thing I like about those marketplaces is that you can find anything, from good to bad. So caution is required. Nonetheless, as I said the prices are too cheap so your risk is somewhat low and YES, there are web designers and programmers on those sites by the tons. Good luck in finding a good one, and if you do, please let me know, I might be interested in working with some of them.

      • Will do. My only concern is how do we check out they are genuine as don’t want to give info to scammers!!!
        Patricia Perth Australia

        • Hi Patricia. that will be a little tricky as all communications with the provider should be done through the respective platforms, i.e., Fiverr or the other two. I am not sure what exactly you are looking for in terms of services but I can give you a hand and help you in doing this. Just shoot me an email and we’ll take it from there. Don’t worry, I won’t bite :).

          • Hello Patricia,
            As you I searched for someone to do a website graphic for one of my website and after researching and reading the reviews I found someone.
            After telling him what I wanted he said that it was to complicated to do it in 3 days (that was the limit he said he would do any graphics that last 3 days most).
            So my guess is that you can find someone to do you a simple design, but for complicated ones you really have to search for people who are willing to spend a big portion of their time to do a design for five bucks :).
            I hope all works out for you.
            BTW, as an idea you could buy a template (something for 20-40 bucks) and have someone adapted for you (and wp) for 5$.

  • Oh! .. Alright 🙂

    When I first heard about it from I thought it’s the best place to buy, now I know what else I can do with it!

    Nice inspiration man.. really good!

    • You got that right my friend. Those places are very good to find real talents and for a relatively cheap price too. As for what else you can do with it, I think I know what you are talking about :). Good luck man and I hope you find that “magic” gig, hehe. Take care and thanks for stopping by

  • There seem to be more and more of these services. And it’s cool. I hope they accept people from outside the US for this

    • Hi Bryan. Thanks for leaving your comment. As for being accepted, no problem, none of them have any restrictions from outside the US. You can join without any problems. Just make sure that you have either a PayPal account on that there are no restrictions that apply to your country. Either than that, you are good to go

  • Which one is the cheapest in terms of commission they charge?

    • Hi Martin. the cheapest in terms of commission appears to be Gigswood as both Fiverr and JobsFor10 takes in 20%. Obviously you can confirm this through their Terms of Service which I always recommend for everyone to read first prior to engaging with them. Just to be on the safe side.

  • Hey DiTesco,
    Great article, I knew about fiverr but I never imagined that you could find such high quality services on it. I guess i was like one of those people who taught that if you pay less you get less. Thanks for bringing this to my/our attention.
    An other thing is the “business” idea you gave me. I have a couple of PR1 – PR3 websites that are sitting idle. I could do the same business you did, of course if you don’t mind letting me copy you (or if you already patented this, and it would be a rights violation 😛 )

    My kudos to you for a great article!

    • Hi Alex. Thanks for the compliment. As for the “business” idea, fire away and let me know how it goes for you. There’s room for everyone 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • I’ve joined Fiverr for quite a long time and I sold my 2 services there. The best thing about Fiverr that we could withdraw money anytime, however, they took $1 from each one.

    • Hi Tuan. That’s because Fiverr charges a commission of 20% or $1 for every gig. JobsFor10 charges the same thing but because the amounts can be higher, there is a higher retention. Giswood is the one that apparently charges less fees. Tks for your comment

  • I knew of these services but I didn’t quite research on them. I think they can provide valuable services, even if it can be hard to read through all the white noise since every service is on the same price tag and there are tons of them.
    Nevertheless, nice read!

    • Hi Gabriele. You are right about the noise and the price tag being the same makes it somewhat difficult to filter for “gigs” that one is looking for. One way of “finding” some good ones is by looking at the ratings and through the categories provided. While this is not ideal, it is for now the only way to find some good ones. Perhaps they will improve this in the future. We’ll see. thanks for stopping by

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  • Hi!
    Just stumble on your blog today, Even though have known about Fiverr sometimes ago but your post have made my imagination focused on things that I can do & make some money. Thank you 🙂

  • Thanks for the great post and i like the experience of yours that you have shared with us, that is quite good to read and to learn from. Thanks for sharing it with us…..

  • I like this post so much.if any one interested to earn money then he should adopt the way which are described in the article.thanks for sharing such a nice idea.

  • Thanks for such an informative post! This is the first I’ve heard of Fiverr, GigsWood, or JobsFor10. This sounds like a really great way for anyone to earn a little income on the side. Great Blog! I will definitely return here often.

  • They pay only through Paypal? I think I’ll join after the Holidays so I can focus on my priorities first. Thanks for sharing DiTesco! 🙂

  • These sites are really good, I run one myself. But I’ve found that the people who have had bad experiences using them go for gigs that are clearly not achievable for the price or they expect a high quality product for nothing. Keep it realistic and you will be ok.

  • You are right. We all can make money with whatever skill or knowledge we possess through and similar sites. I too was a buyer and seller in Fiverr. I am very much satisfied with the services of Fiverr. Their interface has improved substantially since I made my first sale almost 10 months ago.

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