WebMeUp: An All-in-one Web Based SEO App That’s Gaining Traction

First thing that you may be asking is what, another SEO Tool? I hear you, but just like anything else, new stuff are developed regularly, and the whole idea is to make things better, more user friendly, and preferably all in one place.

While WebMeUp.com is fairly new, development of this app has been ongoing for over a year, and only now that it is gaining a lot of traction. Why? Read on.

Why Do We Need An SEO Tool Anyway?

Well, I can give you a whole lot of reasons, but essentially, the most important aspect in my view, is that, online tools serve to improve the execution of daunting tasks and help our “digital” lives run a tad easier. As a matter of fact, there are some required tasks that are virtually impossible to perform, without the assistance of an SEO Tool. Just think for a moment what the best SEO practices require you to do, among other things. How would you analyze your competitions backlinks? Where will you get them? How will you track and monitor your search engine rankings? How will you ensure that your site is structured properly? Etc.. And that’s nowhere close to what you need to do when it comes to doing SEO of your own or even for a client.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s delve a bit on some of the main features this all-in-one online SEO tool offers:

  • discover keywords and check rankings
  • check ranking factors (e.g. Google PR, Alexa rank, number of pages indexed in different search engines, social media mentions, etc.)
  • optimize site structure and encoding, do on page optimization for the content of landing pages, etc.
  • find backlinks, rankings, ranking factors and other info about your competitors
  • find and manage your backlinks
  • run an audit of your website and your clients
  • community forum
  • WebPoints (wPs) that you apply towards your subscriptions – more on that later
  • and, lots more…

Here’s an introduction of WebMeUp

How To Use The App?

Not complicated at all, I must admit. In a few simple step-by-step actions, you are up and running.

At a glance, this is what your dashboard will look like.

webmeup dashboard overview

Onto the steps – Start by creating a project…

webmeup project step 1

Step 1 – Here’s where you enter the URL of the website

webmeup project step 2

Step 2 – Insert keywords

webmeup insert keywords step 3

Step 3 – Choose search engines (localized or not)

webmeup search engines step 4

Step 4 – Click Finish and wait for it to gather data – Things can slow up a bit while on this phase, because what the app is doing is gathering all data at once, meaning, it is checking for your stats, looking at keywords, backlinks, PR, Alexa, and among other things actually running simultaneously an audit of your site. Can’t bet that!

webmeup gathering data step 5

Advantages of WebMeUP

Tools like WebMeUp has plenty of advantages, and one that I really think is a big plus is the fact that it is web based, meaning you don’t have to install anything on your computer and you can access it from anywhere for information on the fly. Do your work, track your stuff, etc., from anywhere, for as long as you have an internet access. Cool!

In addition, another advantage I see with this tool is that the data are updated daily, as suppose to its peers that take longer than that. This is good because at least you are analyzing up to date information and not outdated ones. Obviously, “old info” is also good to view historical data, but that one, is nearly a given.

Finally, I really like the idea of having a community forum. This is very useful as all community members can discuss and exchange their experience with the app, in addition to sharing and learning SEO related topics from like minded people. Also you can get more visibility for you and your site — by showing up in the ratings, you can get featured and a link to your profile and another link to your website will show up.

Disadvantages of WebMeUP

Well, nothing is perfect and WebMeUp is no exception. While the app is web based and easy and a project is easy to setup, slow internet connection may hamper the ability to take the fun away of analyzing things. The first time you fire up the app, the analysis could take a while, I mean quite a while and this can be an issue with people who has slow connections. Nonetheless, once all the information is successfully gathered, things start to speed up. Keep in mind that while it takes a bit of time to complete, WebMeUp is actually running the whole lot of analysis. It is not just checking for stats, and all that, it is also simultaneously “auditing” your web site.

Another thing that may steer you away is the investment required to use the app. An app like this requires an awful lot of resources, a great and readily available support team, constant maintenance, never ending improvements (you do know that search engines algo change, right), and more. Due to this, it is but understandable that to use it, you will need to eventually upgrade your account to anyone of their available features and plans.

Fear not however, because there is one thing that WebMeUp is quite unique about. You may say, yeah sure, what’s new about having a forum. Well here’s the deal. Your participation in the forum earns you wPs (WebPoints). WebPoints (wP) are the internal currency for all WebMeUp users and community members. You can use wPs to pay for a WebMeUp subscription, or to buy some other occasional perks they will be adding in your personal account. Also, you can earn points by doing some simple stuff, like adding a picture to your profile, tweeting stuff, liking their page, etc..

wPs WebPoints

Lastly and for now, reporting and white labeling is still not available at the time of this writing. They do mention that it is in the works and should be available soon. I’m waiting for this one…


If you are skeptical about things, and sometimes you should, the best way to overcome this is by simply going for it. WebMeUp offers a free 15 day trial of their standard plan (more than enough for the average user), and it’s got everything you need to make a well informed decision. Like it, continue on, don’t like it, no worries and no money spent.

Here’s a hint. Why not at the very least look at how your site is structured. Think all is good? Look at the audit results and you may be surprised. I looked at one of my sites, and it seems I have some fixing to take care of myself.

webmeup oevrview audit

15 Day Trial Still Not Good Enough for you?

OK then. How does a full 2 months, and 1 month of a standard plan subscription, respectively, sound to you? Like the idea? Well, the WebMeUp team is offering these two prizes for two lucky winners. Just follow the simple rules set out below and you are good to go. Good luck!

That’s it! When you get the chance to take this all-in-one SEO tool, for a test drive, which I hope you do, please come back here and let me know what you think about it. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions, please do let us know. I’m sure the WebMeUp team will be more than happy to answer your questions and consider any contribution from your part.

this post brought to you by webmeup.com


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  • Thanks for the timely post! I’ve been a longtime subscriber to Raven Tools, but as of this month, they dropped SERP rankings from their service offerings. I’ve been looking around for a possible alternative and see that they offer rank tracking. I personally don’t care too much about it, but many clients still like this metric as it’s an easy thing to wrap their heads around when looking at the data. If nothing else, it also serves as a general indicator of your progress as an seo.
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  • WebMeUp focuses on this issue quite a lot and it’s all shown in its Competitors’ module, which is stuffed with newest analysis mechanisms and SEM intelligence. I have an easy answer to this: due to its user-friendliness, accuracy of search results. WebMeUp has incredible team of developers behind it. User-friendliness: WebMeUp online seo tool is easy to use and you will learn extremely fast how to use your online social media marketing apps.

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