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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. The buzz of the week goes to Bing’s latest campaign attacking Google, with its shift to pay-for-play search results (or listings?), on Google Shopping. Dubbed “Scroogled“, the site implies that if users want “more honest” results, to try Bing. There has been some mixed feelings about this campaign, which you can read here and here. The latter, Danny Sullivan explains in detail that Bing, may not be telling the whole story properly.

On a different front, Rand of SEOmoz, explains what it really takes to be an SEO professional. SEO is not just about on-page optimization, link building, content marketing and all those other stuff we know. An SEO job goes way further, and his video below covers pretty much what differentiates, good from bad.

Finally, and in case you missed it, Link-Assistant, the makers of renown SEOPowersuite, has recently released a new SMM app, called BuzzBundle. The app allows you to manage multiple personalities (or personas) and social media accounts in one dashboard. Quite cool actually. Have you given it a test drive yet? There is a free working version.

As usual, in no particular order:

SEO/Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing/Small Business Bites

Social Web/Other Roundups and Cool Stuff

Should I incorporate synonyms for important terms into my site?

If two terms are used essentially interchangeably, does Google realize that the terms are interchangeable? Should you be trying to use both terms, or just focus on one term to get the best search engine traffic?

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great weekend.


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6 thoughts on “Scroogled, SEO Job Description, BuzzBundle, Speedlink 47:2012

  • The stuff Microsoft has been doing of late is in very poor taste. This is the second time they’ve tried to blatantly attack Google… and the first time failed really badly. This new hate game they’re playing is already getting old!

    • I totally agree with you Kim. I think that instead of doing attacks like this, which sometimes fails badly, that they should just focus on making “things” better for users and enhance their experience

  • Yes that is the whole point of it. Instead of playing such bad games, they must focus on making the user experience better because these games won’t do them any good or bring any result rather an enhanced strategy that makes users wanting more will do a world of good to them.

  • I am glad I went to this site, these are great ideas you suggested. I belong to a few Article, but someone I never thought or heard of. I will join some of what you suggested. Thanks.

  • I think it has been fairly obvious over the years that Bing and Google don’t like each other that well. Competition brings out evil sometimes I guess. I don’t really pay much attention to whether search results are sponsored paid ads or how much of them are. Lets just hope that us smaller sites don’t have to end up paying to rank well in the future on Bing, Google, or anywhere else.

  • Downloading Buzz Bundle now to give it a go, but I’m disappointed to see that it doesn’t include a reporting portion.

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