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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. This week, Matt Cutts yet again made another announcement about the release of the long awaited “disavow tool”. This tool essentially allows webmaster to request Google to disregard a link that points to a specific site. While this may be an interesting tool, be adviced to use “extreme caution” as the results may “backfire” on you, if you don’t know what your are doing. Read this article from SEOmoz, to have a better understanding of this new tool.

Following is also a video of Matt Cutts, which explains how to use this tool. Note that he repeatedly mentions, “you may not need to use it”, several times. He is telling us something, don’t you think? What could that be? Bad news for SEO?

On another front, Rand discusses this week on WhiteBoard Friday, the egress of old link building practices and the ingress of new (old) link earning strategies that will help your site stay relevant in the SERPs and drive your traffic with a better user experience.

Finally, this week, I received an email from Timely (by Demand Force) saying that on November 16, their service will be shutting down. The only explanation given by them is that they haven’t been giving Timely that much attention, as more efforts are being directed towards Demandforce’s paid products. If you ask me, I think that Twitter’s new guidelines is the main culprit for this. Anyway, If you are looking for an alternative to Timely, try Buffer.

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13 thoughts on “Google Disavow Tool, Link Earning, Timely Shutting Down, Speedlink 41:2012

  • Google is regularly making search results more spam free and effective. And finally Google Launched a new SEO tool here.

    • I believe in that google has done this before in the past and On this way.I think this tools will be good.Hope this work and very good start…..

  • I got the email about Timely closing shop too. I was a little bummed out. I know there are other alternatives out there like Buffer, but I liked Timely because even with a free account you could queue up a lot of posts if you wanted. Buffer is a little more limited for free accounts, but they have more stats and options. I am not sure how Hootsuite compares.

    The Disavow tool is interesting and it seems to be the hot topic in the SEO world right now. I think I will wait until there is more feedback from people who have tried it to see what kind of results they have before jumping into that one.

  • The tool sounds interesting, but it might be another tool for Google to wipe out bad links on the Internet 🙂 Google is no God at all and don’t believe in Matt Cutt’s words 100%

  • I think when used with caution, the Disavow tool could be an advantage when facing a possible update from Google. As far as Timely is concerned, I won’t pretend that it didn’t come as a blow. I’ll check out Buffer and Hootsuite as well and let you know how it works.

  • I have read many more about this tool.It seems very good but will see what it has.It can fire the people which are making this blogging it is a alarm of that to shut their banter doors.
    Google is making our this world very clear and spam free.
    Thanks for the corporation by wonderful showing.

  • This tool is amazing. Although he says I may not need to use it, there are certain situations you may need to use it.

    Lets say for those who were affected by Google latest update. If you were targeted because you had bad links, instead of opening and editing each post, you just may need to use this tool and that’s it. Together with some plugins, you “deactivate” all those links you think are bad.

  • I was actually at PubCon in Vegas when Matt Cutts announced this tool. I think one of the things to consider when using this tool is that, if used incorrectly, this can be VERY dangerous. The disavow tool should really only be used if you’ve received a warning in Google Webmaster Tools about unnatural links, and you also saw a significant rankings penalty around the time of the Penguin update. In addition to this, you should be doing regular outreach to webmasters to try and get these links down. Once you’ve done all that, sure, give the disavow tool a try. That being said, since the tool is only a week old, I would wait for other SEOs to use it and write a case study on it before doing anything too dramatic.

    • Hi Tommy. I agree with you and a wise move to wait a bit longer to see what the industry as a whole would say about it. Luckily there is always someone who runs tests to see how things work 🙂

  • The Disavow seems like a good tool to save your self from the Penguin and the Panda. But it does seem like a lot of small time niche sites will have to bear the brunt of having any possible backlinks being removed. I was always using Buffer so Timely shutting down won’t affect me that much.

  • hi DiTesco, after reading this entry, i still not very well understand about link earning and google disavow, is there any simple explanation on what is this about? Sorry to disturb u about this… 🙂

  • Nice roundup, Francisco; off the check out the YouTube post. Just started a new YT channel (; could use all the help I can get.

    Thanks for the thumbs up!

  • Hi
    Says use this tool with great caution. I think I will avoid it like the plague for now. I don’t think my back linking has been bad anyway. Looks a great tool just don’t think my knowledge level is sufficient. I can se some people coming unstuck using it.

    Great info thanks lee

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