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Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week! This week Matt Cutts released another video on Google Webmaster´s Channel, this time answering to a question about determining quality content. What´s interesting in Matt´s answer is that he talks about “how quality was determined before links”. Now, I´m not sure what this very first sentence can mean to you, but to me, it looks like he his saying “links are still important today”. Does that sound about right?

How does Google determine quality content if there aren’t a lot of links to a post?

In general, that sort of reverts back to the way search engines were before links,” he says.

And while we are at Matt Cutts, here´s a video, perhaps with a bit of humor, about the most common SEO mistake – not getting found..

MozBar for Chrome

This week, Moz has announced the version 3 release of their popular SEO extension toolbar. The SEO toolbar is now available for Chrome users and expect the Firefox version to be available in a few weeks.



What is the MozBar?

The MozBar is a free browser extension that provides on-page access to Moz’s link metrics and site analysis tools.

And as usual, in no particular order:

Content Creation & Marketing/SEO and Search

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Social/Small Business Bites

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4 thoughts on “Content Quality, Common SEO Mistake, MozBar V3, Speedlink 24:2014

  • Francisco,

    I can’t believe that I haven’t installed the MozBar yet. It’s been something that I’ve seen mentioned often before and I have just never installed it. Now that I see it included in your roundup, I’m definitely going to check it out.

    As always, thanks for some great resources and content to share.

    • Welcome Sherryl. Do try the new MozBar, it works great and provides SEO info on the fly 🙂 Let me know how it goes for you. Thanks for stopping by

  • Same goes for me. Heard about Mozbar loads of time but never tried.. Now i am going to give it a shot!

  • Hi DiTesco,
    This is a great post, great information, getting your SEO right first time is significant, the longer it is not optimized properly the more damage is being done to your rank. I also have a page at my website that teaches some of the same things listed here along with a few other tips, my friends have been using the information at my website and it has been helping them to get more traffic.

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