Want Advertisers? You Need to Go and Get Them!

Do you have a blog that has open ad spots? Do you feel like you have a quality blog and traffic that your advertisers could benefit from? Then why the heck are you unable to sell out any of your ad space and make any money with your blog… the reason is probably much simpler than you think.

You need to find your own advertisers!

It really is as simple as that. If you have a quality blog with traffic and focus on a tight niche topic then there is no reason that advertisers wouldn’t come flocking to your site. That is of course unless they didn’t know about your site, which is usually the case.

Here’s five quick reasons why YOU need to find advertisers for your site.

  1. Let advertisers know your site exists
  2. Provide them with details on why your site provides value
  3. Advertisers has limited budgets. Contact them to consider your site now or in future months.
  4. Negotiate advertising packages with advertisers. Include reviews and mentions in future articles to improve ROI.
  5. Get your site listed on major ad networks and have a quality banner ad system in place.

In a previous post I wrote about some of the top plugins and ad management networks you should be using to manage your blog banner space. By using these resources you can manage your ad space, rotate banners and report stats to your advertisers.

I can’t stress enough on the importance of going out there and actually contacting sites that would fit in as an advertiser on your site. This is simply THE BEST way to increase your monthly revenue every month. Some advertisers will continually buy month after month, while other ad campaigns will end. Google Adsense will only make you so much, and you are killing your traffic!

Another important thing to stress is to look at other blogs in your niche and that you are in direct competition with. If these other sites are running banner ads and getting paid sponsors, then these advertisers would be just as likely to advertise on your site or blog.

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Unless you have a mega blog site that is getting hundreds of thousands of visitors per month, it will be very hard for you to simply join an ad network like BuySellAds and rely only on them to fill your ad space. You have to do the time consuming work of contacting web sites and letting them know about your site and how they can reach your audience of readers and potentially new customers.

To learn more about improving your blog’s monthly revenue and other ways I’ve connected with hundreds of advertisers over the years, be sure to check out my new book on Amazon.com titled “Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger!“. There are literally millions of wasted dollars in budget and ad spending that are going to waste on web sites and blogs that aren’t converting. Take the time to make sure you have a quality product and sync up with big name sites that have the money to start advertising on your site.

Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at BloggingTips.com and ZacJohnson.com, as well as the author of Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger on Amazon.

24 thoughts on “Want Advertisers? You Need to Go and Get Them!

  • Seriously this is a new concept. Going to advertiser. I am sure i will get a number of advertisers this way. Thanks for posting this Zac

    • With so much competition in the blogging space, you need to be more active and creative than ever. Advertisers have the money to spend, you just need to form the relationship.

  • Nice post Zac!
    In fact, it’s not hard to get advertisers to come or where to find them.
    Much more complex is how to build a blog itself.

    • Even better than finding new advertisers for your blog, is getting them to keep renewing month after month!

  • Thanks Zac,

    I am getting to the point where I would like to add advertising on my blog and been wondering how to go about doing so. This post gives me a great starting point.

  • Great post!
    Everyone’s talking about AdSense, but they all forget that there are also other ways. I personally know a few people who were more satisfied with the method you describe in this post that simply putting AdSense ads on their blogs. Point well taken!

  • Good point Zac. It is necessary that we need to let the advertisers know that our blogs exist – given the number of blogs in any niche! Thanks for the wonderful post.

  • Existence of anything is the overall image of a blog.If one cannot find the blog even exists then their will be no advertisers who opt to advertise your blog.

  • Truly is this post saying, you have to make your presence known. Be it the ad space in your blog, you have to find people who will want to utilize that space for something which will benefit you. There is immense competition all around and in this scenario waiting for things to happen on their own is just not acceptable. You have to be proactive in achieving what you are looking out for to fulfill your ultimate goal. This is what the post too says.

  • Hi Zac,

    Yes – I do agree. Not only having a quality banner in place but some sort of tracking measure to measure the progress of the banner ads featured on the affiliate websites.

  • Totally agree you can’t just sit around and expect people to find you 🙂

  • Hi Zac,

    I really love to read your post. I hope your post will help me to get advertisers. I hear is not so hard to find some advertisers. Thanks.

  • Thanks for sharing this Zac. I agree that we need to be more proactive when it comes to getting advertisers for our blogs. It seems that most bloggers believe that if they want it, they will come and get it. But I think just as advertisers need space to display their ad, so do we need revenue for the blog.

  • I think the biggest mistake a blogger does is by thinking that advertisers will come to me. I don’t have to go looking for them. What they don’t realize is that advertisers are not aware of every blog. And you must make yourself known and familiar to them for them to come and approach you for ads. At least for the first couple of months you will have to approach advertisers to come and advertise on your blog.

  • Hi Zac, thanks for the commonsense article.
    What you say is true about writing a quality blog with passion will get your advertising revenue, but you do need to get out and target the right people!

  • I believe this is something which comes to everyone’s mind but I suppose in the hustle-bustle of your business the obvious skips our mind. And when we see it written somewhere or someone using that technique, we instantly remember it. The same is happening to you if you have free space in your blog and you are not using it to generate revenue. All you have to do is to find a company who will advertise their products in your blog – simple.

  • I worry about the state of internet advertising. A reported 60% of all internet users claim they use some adblocking software. Adblock plus is one of the most downloaded peices of software around. There are even rumors that browswers will soon include adblocking software in the browswers themselves, and if one browser does it (which Firefox most likely will) the rest will be forced to follow suit or be the browswer that shows “annoying ads.” So we arive to a point here, is it smart to even consider online advertising with this storm on the horizon? I have seen my adsense earnings plumet drastically since this boom of adblock popularity. I went from making a lofty four dollars a day on average to 20 cents a day if I’m very lucky, and this has happened all while my traffic has been increasing daily. Adblocks code is evolving to the point where people have managed to block out the ads from Googles search page, which was suposedly unblockable. I think people relying on ad revenue better diversify their incomes a.s.a.p…thoughts?

  • Hey Zac,

    It’s like putting your site out there, sitting back and hoping they’ll find you. We all know those days are over.

    Finding your own advertisers might take more time and effort but it’s one thing that generates revenue so it’s a good task to put on the front burner, especially if your ‘to do’ list is overflowing.


    I look at it this way, the answer is always ‘No’ if you don’t ask, right?

  • If you want to make money in this game you have to get the adds.

  • Hi Zac, I’m using BuySellAds and not getting any advertiser even when I’hv 10,000 visitors per month, a good blog design and business niche then what is the problem ?

    Should I leave BSA and hunt for the advertisers directly as you described above ?

  • Your blog can help you earn in numerous ways, you just need to think and find out how. If you have an active blog and you feel that marketers can use your blogs for promotion then what are you waiting for. I am not telling you to do charity here, you can sell them the free spaces in your blogs for advertisement, and can benefit yourself too. The bottom line is that you have to find them and let the marketers know that you have free space available.

  • Great advice. Sometimes it is even enough just to show that your blog is open to advertising. Most people will get an idea to buy ads from you when they see something like “advertise here” in a sidebar. But I am all for searching for advertisers actively, it takes a little time and action on our part but it can pay off ten fold.

  • Nice post Zac!
    This is a new concept for me.This post gives me a great starting point on how to build a blog itself.
    Thanks for this post,very helpful

  • i lost my adsense account. I have been finding it hard to find some advertisers for banner ads. My Tech blog does not have the required PR and stuff. but a banner ad with small payments would do. how should i find them??

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