How To Use Google’s AdSense Channels – Video Tutorials #1

google-custom-channelsAs you know, one of the topics that I often write about is how to improve and maximize your AdSense earnings. AdSense is still one of my top performers when it comes to making money online and as such, I always share anything that can be useful for publishers to take advantage of everything possible to improve earnings.

What I will be sharing with you today is a deeper look at AdSense Channels. Although I have covered this topic already in an article called more AdSense tips to improve revenue, the difference is in the form of its presentation. While in my previous article I have provided information in text format, the tips below are in video format and directly from the source (AdSense Team). Sometimes it can be somewhat confusing to understand certain “how to’s” written in text, whereas in video mode, you can have a better understanding on how it works and how to do it. Note that the key element here is “do it”, i.e., put it in motion or take action.

A deeper look at channels: URL channels (Part I of III)

In this first video, Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo talks about how you can use URL channels to help you track revenue on a specific URL or domain. He explains how to set up a channel within your AdSense account, what available metrics you can track, and how to use this data to increase your earnings.

A deeper look at channels: Custom channels (Part II of III)

Boyar Naito walks us through on how to set up custom channels to track the performance of specific ad units, on this second video tutorial series. You will find three pieces of information that are of utmost importance to them. These are: ad format, ad placement, and page content. He will also show you how to analyze this information to figure out what ad formats work best for your website.

A deeper look at channels: Custom channels (Part III of III)

Part III of this video tutorial has not yet been released, but rest assured that as soon as it is, I will update this post. The final chapter of this three part video tutorial on AdSense Channels series will be covering placement targeting, and you will not want to miss that. Here is a peek of what placement targeting is, if you still don’t know what it is.

That’s it for now. Head over to your AdSense account and ensure that you are taking advantage of Google’s AdSense custom channels.


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