How Much Does Google AdSense Pay You?

For long, this has been a question that many Google AdSense publishers wanted to know. Google has been pretty much secretive with this information up until recently were they decided it was time to divulge their Google AdSense Revenue Share to AdSense publishers. This move in my opinion is positive since there are many “competitors” who provides this information before hand and Google with its previous policy, was not as transparent as the rest of the market. On a recent blog post, Google reveals the revenue share they pay publishers on two of their most popular AdSense products, these being, AdSense for content and AdSense for search.

As you probably already know AdSense for content allows publishers to generate revenue from ads placed alongside web content. When someone clicks on those ads you get a portion of Google’s revenue (your share). AdSense for search works relatively similar, only the ads are displayed based on users searching for results using a custom Google search engine placed within your website. Since AdSense for content and AdSense for search are different services, the revenue shared by Google with publishers differs for each of these products.

What Does Google Pay It’s AdSense Publishers?

AdSense for content and search, which represents the vast majority of the services used by publishers earn a 68% and 51% respectively, on revenue share worldwide. This means that Google pays 68% of the revenue collected from advertisers that appears on your sites and 51% for the AdSense search ads that appear through their implementations.

Looking at these percentages certainly provides an added boost to a publishers motivation to display further AdSense ads on their websites. I am only slightly confused as to how the revenue share/CTR works in conjunction. I may be going aboard here but it is still not clear to me and maybe someone reading this could give me an insight as to how this works. Here is an example:

An AdSense for content advertiser pays a CPC of $10. If someone clicks on this ad and my CTR is 1,5%, I will earn 68% of $10 multiplied by 1.5%. The end result is $1,02 or roughly 10%. Well, this is nowhere close to 68% and this is why I am confused. As I said, I will be trying to demystify this formula and when I get there I’ll let you know :). Anyway, it is good to know that Google is now more transparent and this helps us publishers to gain more insight into our business partnership with them. As for the other AdSense products; AdSense For Video, AdSense For Domains, etc., we will still be waiting a while longer as they have not yet been included in this recent announcement.

To finalize, here is a small excerpt of Google’s announcement worth reading:

We believe our revenue share is very competitive, and the vast number of advertisers who compete to appear on AdSense sites helps to ensure that you’re earning the most from every ad impression. Additionally, when considering different monetization options, we encourage you to focus on the total revenue generated from your site, rather than just revenue share, which can be misleading. For example, you would receive $68 with AdSense for content for $100 worth of advertising that appeared on your site. If another ad network offers an 80% revenue share, but is only able to collect $50 from ads served on your site, you would earn $40. In this case, a higher revenue share wouldn’t make up for the lower revenue yield of the other ad network.

What do think? Is the revenue share a straight forward math or there is something more to it? Are you happy that you now know how much Google AdSense pays you for being their partner? Let’s here those voices.


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47 thoughts on “How Much Does Google AdSense Pay You?

  • Well, no comments as I haven’t yet been paid anything from Mr. G. I have been using adsense from long but it has been a waste. No benefit whatsoever. But anyways, it looks all very confusing in the end. I cannot still understand it how its all calculated. If you come to know everything finally, please do let me know too. Thanks and have a great weekend 🙂

    • Hi Aswani. It is a pity that your experience with AdSense has not been as good as one would expect. Maybe it does work for some and not for others. Go figure. Anyway, if I do find out how it exactly works, I will let you know. Have a great weekend yourself.

      • If your niche is mmo, seo then you cant make a single penny out of cpc campaign.

        • I disagree Shekhar. I don’t think that CPC campaigns are solely for other topics that are not MMO, SEO related. I am on those topics and I can guarantee you that I am making a lot of pennies 🙂

  • I haven’t much experience with google adsense. But in the last month, my earnings are going very slowly as my traffic builds up. Once my site getting a lot more traffic I believe my earnings will go up.

    As for Google’s announcement, it doesn’t make sense and they pretty much can do what they want. I do not worry about it.

    • Agreed. The more traffic you have the higher your possibilities of earning money from AdSense. Good luck!

  • Two things to keep in mind:

    Google frequently bans legitimate sites from their AdSense program with no recourse to recovery (unless you think suing a company with bottomless resources is a good idea) and keeps the money you have earned that has not been paid out. I was not personally banned but I do know personally know people who have been.

    Google already has too much power and we need to stop handing them more. They currently control 60-90% of Internet traffic for many sites which means they can take away 60-90% of any businesses visitors, leads and sales any time the wish.

    If you decide to use AdSense you CAN potentially make substantial money but do be very careful to read their TOS, avoid anything that puts text links on your site (that can get you banned), and don’t spend the money until you actually get it – just in case Google decides to keep it and throw you out.

    For me, I continually seek out independent alternatives. I see you are using BuySellAds for example and research I have recently done indicates they are the leader of the four ad selling solutions I have found. Bloggers would do well to add a way for advertisers to buy ads on their sites.

    I encourage bloggers to collaborate with each other as we develop best practices and share our experience with what works. I invite anyone who is interested in joining our private blog collaboration to contact me through my blog. You will definitely know many who are already in there.

    • Great advice Gail. I totally agree with what you said and one should use different programs when monetizing a blog, aside from other forms of doing business online. Thanks for your opinion and I have sent you an email regarding your private blog collaboration through your blog. I am interested

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  • I have been paid once by Adsense. I hope when my traffic goes up i start making more money from it.

    • Having been paid once is already a good thing Shabnam. Keep up the good work and I’m sure you will reap up the profits

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  • Hi DiTesco, thanks for the run down. This is interesting, but I’m not sure how it benefits Google to share this information, or how it benefits publishers. I haven’t had a payout but it’s not surprising since I don’t get much traffic to my Blogger blog. One good thing is that Google has been talking a lot about being “open” so I guess this adds to the list. Now they just need to take it step further and give examples or case studies so that everyone understands the system.

    • Hi Ileane. I agree and this is also the cause of my confusion. The percentage that have been announced is only but a drop to being more specific as to how exactly they calculate the publishers shares of the revenue.

      • DiTesco, How can I unsubscribe from the comments on your blog? I think there are going to be a lot of them but I come back to the blog to keep up with them.

        • Hi Ileane. For now I have deleted some of your subscriptions to my comments. I think now I have found the culprit for the non-appearance of the unsubscribe link. Hopefully it is now available for future use. Thanks for calling my attention. Appreciate it

  • I was very disappointed in the number they stated. Adsense really doesn’t work well on my page, I am finding an alternate advertising network for it.

    • Hi Tek. There are a lot of alternatives for AdSense. The problem that I found with other contextual advertisers is the CPC which normally are very low. Despite the threshold being low, it also takes time as the clicks and very low in value. I fortunately have been lucky with AdSense and I still recommend it.

  • I think this is a good move by Google to make Adsense revenue sharing transparent.

    But if you have low adsense earnings like me, the percentages doesn’t matter, 68% or 51% of $1 is a few cents difference only.

    For the probloggers who make a living on adsense, a slight adjustment can mean a difference of few hundred to thousands of dollars.

    • Makes sense but if you look at it another way. Evryone started with AdSense basically the same way and today there are people who make a good amount of money with AdSense. Just have to work on it.

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  • Nice write up adsense earns a reputation as the number one choice for bloggers making money online but still very confusing i think the reason for Googles openness is that it has not got the vast amount of publishers under its belt any more this is just my opinion and also i feel that google charge advertisers a fee and pay publishers less than the figure they publish i am still confused

    • Well join the band wagon of the confused as far as AdSense calculations are concerned, haha. Thanks for your input Lawmacs, always good to see you here

  • My experience is that Adsense has not paid me anything. However, my blog is young and a very niche site so there is not enough traffic for most of the other places to approve me. All I tried told me to come back when I get more traffic.

    • I am sure that the day will come when you will tell advertisers that you are not interested in having their crappy ads on your website 🙂 Meanwhile, who are these people who told you to come back later? I can send you a list of good programs that do not require any of that crap. Shoot me an email and we’ll take it from there. Thanks for visiting

  • Tell you the truth I’m not at all worried as long as I see the money coming in. Once they stop paying out, or if the money per click goes down to an unacceptable level, then I will look for other revenue sources.

    It’s a smart move on their part in an effort to become more transparent but it still doesn’t answer all the questions as you’ve reflected in your post.

    • I’m with you here Sire. Provided they keep paying and the payout is good then I will continue to run the program without any concerns. Good to see you here.

      • Also I think they know that as well and they need us because without publishers they have nothing to sell the advertisers. That’s not saying that they won’t try to screw us, they will if they think they can get away with it.

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Before I respond to this, Ileane has a good question; your comments feed doesn’t have an unsubscribe link in it.

    Now, I think you’ve misinterpreted what Google is saying here. They’re not saying you earn 68% on each click. What they’re saying is that out of all the revenue they receive, they pay out 68% of it to those of us who have content supporting Adsense. They’re keeping 32% and spreading the rest to us. After that, how much we earn is still dependent upon how much the advertiser is paying per click; out of that figure, they’ll keep 32% and pay us the rest. From what I remember, the algorithms change based on that figure.

    • Hi Mitch. Thanks for reminding me about the unsubscribe link, I totally forgot. I will check and see how to solve this problem. I agree that what Google is paying us per click is dependent on what the advertiser is paying them, however, I am still confused as to how it actually works when it comes to CTR. I have heard that if you have “AdSense Ads” scattered on several blogs can hurt your CTR if the performance on another blog is not so good. For example: I have two blogs displaying adsense ads, one has 1000 impressions and 30 clicks and the other has 500 impression and no clicks.

      The theory is that blog one will have a CTR of 3% and the other is 0%. But the other theory is that Google will calculate my CTR by adding all impression, i.e., 1500 and divide it bu the amount of clicks, 30. This way my CTR is only 2% and therefore lower earnings. Have you heard anything that resembles to this?

      • No, I’ve never heard anything like that. I tend to not believe it’s true because I have Adsense on multiple blogs and regular webpages, and if that were true then the sites that get little traffic would be killing my income on other sites, and that doesn’t seem to be true at all.

        • Well, I hope you are right Mitch. Like I said, still confused as to how they calculate our earnings 🙂 I’m sure that one day we’ll all figure it out (hopefully).

  • I dont’ even try to calculate how to increase the CPC earnings on my blogs from AdSense anymore it just fluxuates so much how I can earn $2.00 from one day on my blog and .02 cents the next. I just know that since I tuned my AdSense blocks I have seen a 40% increase in AdSense earnings over the past few months and am almost at my goal of $100 per month in AdSense earnings across my 3 blogs, with 80% of it coming from DragonBlogger.

    • Hi Justin. You are spot on. Why bother when the answer is so far away, right? What makes sense right now is to hope that you get really quickly to attaining that threshold 🙂 it always feels good.

      BTW, 80% from DragonBlogger makes sense since that is your main flagship.

      OK, Off Topic… now why in the world is Xbox putting my kids at risk? Off to find out now, lol… Good to see you here Justin

  • I have recently done a lot of experiments and found that the less adsense unit you place on your blog, the more CTR and eCPM you will get. This is because if you have only one adsense unit, all high paying ads will be there in that unit and so you can earn more for a single click by someone.

  • I have Google adsense in my blog, but not receiving the payment, still wait for it 🙂

    I think adsense earning is really not much, but it is free money, it’s earning while we don’t do anything, as long as you have good traffics and good conversion, it can be fine.

    However what i don’t like is, adsense contains many javascripts that can’t be combined until now 🙁

    Other than that adsense is great!

    • Hi Kimi. I agree, AdSense is great and it has been working well for me 🙂 It is not easy to make a decent amount of money on AdSense but if you have the patience and are willing to put in some effort, then it pays off. thanks for stopping by

  • I have one Question. My adsense reports are now showing 100$ and i am going to apply for it. Now please tell me how much i will receive, the whole 100$ or 68$. Please reply me as soon as you read it.

    • Hi Adeel. If your AdSense report says $100 then you will receive all that. The income that shows on your AdSense reports are already net of Google’s expenses.

  • I worked in some ad rotating company before. I got some formula to calculate how much you can earn but I’m really sorry since its been 3 yrs when I practice that formula. I think Google already cut their share in the amount you are getting. Its like a TAX. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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