Revenue Generating Widgets by pubMarketplace

An Alternative To AdSense?


Google’s AdSense Program as we know is one of the most popular programs in contextual advertising. It has reportedly generated plenty of revenue for many, and is still today one of the most utilized forms of making money online.

Consider this. What if, you have been banned for using AdSense? What if, you feel that your ads are not generating enough income for you? What if, you think that you are never going to make that minimum payout? What if, you are thinking of trying a different program just to see if it works better for you? What if, you are tired of seeing the same form of advertising and using up a lot of space in your website?

Enter pubMarketplace. adMarketplace, Inc. launched five days ago, a site that offers revenue-generating widgets to web publishers and bloggers of all sizes. While other programs continues to cut payouts to publishers in its Content Network, offers web publishers and bloggers high-yielding Pay Per Click ad units.

pubMarketplace is a great alternative for publishers who are forced to choose between declining Google yields and running CPA ads, adMarketplace CEO Jamie Hill said.’s innovative pubTools – including an Ad Tag Cloud, Search Box, and Text Ad Box – generate revenue for publishers while enhancing user experience and delivering quality traffic to adMarketplace advertisers.

Performance marketers do not have to buy Pay Per Click traffic only from search engines and branded web properties in order to achieve their goals. Many long-tail publishers have excellent traffic and they are partnering with because we compensate them accordingly, adMarketplace President Adam J. Epstein said.

The three pubTools are easy to install and can be customized to fit any website’s design:

The Ad Tag Cloud places contextually-relevant keywords in an ad unit on the page, allowing users to view a selection of offers by rolling over a keyword or phrase. This leads to high conversion rates for advertisers, while enhancing the user experience offered by publishers.

The Search Box pubTool enables publishers to monetize type-in queries without losing the user traffic to a search engine. pubMarketplace’s Search Result Page overlays the publisher content in the same browser. This allows users to interact with the results, and then return to the site.

The Text Ad Box pubTool contains multiple relevant text ads in a single ad unit. Like all pubTools, the Text Ad Box is offered with IAB-standard or custom dimensions, and its color and size can be customized to maximize user engagement.

There you have it. A fast and easy way for web publishers of all sizes to make money online by displaying relevant adMarketplace ads. All you need to do is apply for an account and once accepted, log in to your account, build one or several PubTools, and get the HTML code to insert into your webpages.

One final note. If you run AdSense or any other contextual advertising program and decide to give pubMarketplace a try, please check their Terms Of Service and ensure that you are allowed to run different programs simultaneously. Google’s AdSense Program does not allow it, so you may want to disable temporarily AdSense while testing for pubMarketplace.

What do you think? I have just joined the program and so regrettably I am unable to vouch for this opportunity yet. Nevertheless, it does sound very interesting and I would very much appreciate your feedback on this in the future.


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  • As long as it does no harm on on-line marketing businesses this widgets will effectively hit the taste of fellas out there. And it doesn’t affect running a simultaneous program.

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