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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. For the last couple of weeks, I have been mentioning here and there about the “new Digg“, and on August 1, it finally happened. The new Digg was born, and quite frankly I am yet to find out how to work with it. At first glance, it reminds me of Delicious stacks, and aside from the design, everything else seems to be completely new. And by this, I mean, all my previous posts are gone, links from search engines that point to “cached” URLs return 404’s, can’t login with my old credentials, access for now is limited via your FaceBook account only, etc.. It does seem to offer integration with FaceBook and Twitter. WTH are they doing there, I really don’t know, but considering that the relaunch was made in such a short period of time and from scratch, its really to early to make any evaluation about it, we’ll see. What about you? Have you tried or seen the new Digg yet? What do you think about it?

Anyway, on the bright side of things, SEOMoz has published an awesome video sharing valuable tips about YouTube ranking factors. If you are using videos as part of your content marketing strategy, the video below, along with this article on how to optimize your videos, are a great way to start and learn a bit more about video creation and optimization.

And since we are talking about videos, perhaps you would want to know about Viddy, a sort of Twitter for videos. Here’s a cool article that tells you how to connect with your audience using 15 second videos.

YouTube Ranking Factors

As usual, in no particular order:

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Around the Web [more roundups]

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great weekend.


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20 thoughts on “YouTube Ranking Factors, DIGG DOA,, Speedlink 31:2012

  • Hi Tesco,
    Awesome work done by you here.
    There are great way to optimize video and these are very marketing is great way to attract more traffic so here is some information for is very good.
    Thanks for sharing great ways to attract audience.

  • Hi DiTesco, I am baffled by the changes at Digg as well and I will be avoiding the site until the dust settles. I get the idea that we will not be able to submit stories there anymore but we’ll see.

    I like the White Board Friday video and I need to watch that one again because there was so much info there.

    Thanks for the link luv!!

    (btw – CommentLuv is stuck….not showing any posts for me)

    • Hi Ileane. I’m with you on Digg, let’s see what happens over there, although I think that depending on what they do, it will not be as popular as it once was.. Just a feeling 🙂

      As for the CL not working, I have to check again. I have already increased memory and it still appears to have some problems. Maybe has to do with incompatibility issue with cache or some other plugin. Thanks for the heads up, will check on this one. Have a great weekend

  • Hi Francisco,

    Great compilation and I’m with you Digg is now a new site, brand new, I don’t know how it’ll work in the future. I’ll wait to see the evolution.

    Happy that Hesham has the sites back, what a nightmare!

    Lost Michael Phelps’ post on Copyblogger – they have timely titles to catch up attention and traffic, going there 🙂



  • I think that Digg just got dugged i don’t like the idea of logging in with FaceBook as mandatory however the old owner was smart to sell digg because i think they ran out of idea

  • Even, I am furious over the new changes at Digg. It doesn’t make the new version any better than previous version. Moreover, my three years of hard work went in drain due to their simple make over.
    BTW, thanks for the YouTube ranking video.
    P.S: Getting ‘file_get_contents could not read the file’ error in commentluv plugin. You might want to have a look into the code.

    • Hi Ricky. Thanks for the heads up about CLP. I have already contacted Andy to see if he can help me out. Not sure what “bug” is causing the problem. Thanks for stopping by

  • I am also agreed with most of people and don’t like Digg new version. I hate to know that it is affiliated with facebook and it got compulsory to log-in with facebook id. I don’t think Digg will get as popular as it was in short time because its need a lot of time to adjust.

  • I get tired of all the login with Facebook or Twitter stuff. I don’t even know how many or what I have tied to my accounts anymore. I would rather just login with user/email and password. I know some people like it better because they only need to remember one login, but not me. It should be interesting to see what they can do with Digg. Whether it picks up or not.

    • Hi Ray. I hear you. While OAUT is convenient, I too prefer signing up separately. With this method, you are sharing data that sometimes for one reason or another you would not like to. We’ll see, although I have to admit that, unless there is something really good to come out of the new Digg, I am afraid tat I lost that “momentum”.

  • i’m submit my post on Digg, but i don’t know whether my post is appear or not on digg

  • I haven’t visited Digg recently, so I didn’t know about that!
    Anyway, thank you for that Whiteboard Friday vid, there’s so much to learn from there!

  • Never was that into Digg and I guess now I have even more reason not to be. I knew I was a trend setter.

    Thanks for the read.

  • Like Ileane I’m very underwhelmed by Digg. I did however do a post showing how to get signed in without giving Digg the permissions it wanted to spam your Facebook wall. It’s bad when the only thing I can say about it is “watch your back”.

    The ranking information for youtube was useful. Great collection this week as always.

    • Thanks Kim for your input. Not sure how I missed that post of yours, but I am off to remedy that right away. Anyway, I think that for now, all of us are basically feeling the same way about Digg. Thanks for stopping by, always a pleasure to see you around 🙂

  • You tube has turned in to the social web site and the factor which is behind that the content of the you tube is according to the policy of the web site.So this is the reason that why the you tube is now famous among the people of all age groups.

  • You tube has always been a great traffic source and after the penguin and panda thing everything has drastically changed.

    • Digg is not good any more, I try to understand it but it has just lost it soul since all these “stupid updates/change over!?”.
      Also for small bloggers the linking power is not as powerfull as before.

  • Digg is just going over my brain and its never gonna be at the level which it was before, totally disappointed with Digg and it has copied the model of DrudgeReport.

  • Hi DiTesco,
    I don’t remember how long its been when i last visited Digg.It was creating some problems i don’t know why that’s why i stopped using it.But now i am pretty much satisfied with my decision.Digg has lost its credibility.

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