Don’t you just get overwhelmed by the amount of information available out there that teaches you how to become an Internet Marketing Guru, a SEO expert, a business coach, a problogger and just about anything you can think of? Well, there is a reason for that, and I like to call it “the learning curve” (I’m sure you heard about this before). I don’t know about you, but everyday, I find that there is always something new to be learnt. Changes in methodologies, new technology, blah, blah, are just but a few things that add up to the learning process. If you are thinking of providing services about SEO, Internet Marketing, Content Creation and all things related, or simply want to improve your knowledge and implement stuff on your own, there is one thing that is extremely important to succeed. You need to know what you are doing. Simple, right?

Right. Providing internet marketing and SEO services or anything similar, where you don’t have a clue as to what the whole process entails will just make you look…, well, you fill the rest. And so, the education process is important and the more knowledge you have, the better you can execute your services, or succeed with your online endeavors.

Internet Marketing University

Inbound Marketing UniversityThe fine folks over at HubSpot never cease to amaze me with the amount of “juicy” stuff they provide. Inbound Marketing University is, just as the name suggest, a place where you can learn about the whole Inbound Marketing Process. Inbound Marketing entails a lot of things, including, among other things, content creation, SEO, social media, lead generation, lead management, and analytics. Whew, sounds an awful lot, is it not? Yep, its no walk in the park and the sooner you get educated, the better.

Anyway, recently I have enrolled myself on their program, and hopefully after the training process, pass the Inbound Marketing Certification. The program includes 18 classes, mentored by people that know what they talking about (e.g. Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki, and more). The program includes reading assignments and optional homework assignments to walk you through each step of inbound marketing and you can complete the classes at your own pace. OK, I guess you get the point.

Now, you may be asking the obvious, how much? A mind boggling zero, nada. All you have to do is create your profile and you are good to go. Can’t beat that.

Not interested? Well, you may have your reasons why you want to miss this one out (not sure what would that be), and if you are interested in only some reading material, here are a few I can suggest. They are free and only require registration. And yes, they are aff links :).

Inbound Marketing Process (Infographic)

The Inbound Marketing Process Infographic

Learn How to Code with CodeAcademy

Code AcademyHave you ever wished to know how to do some basic coding? Don’t know about you but it is something that I always wanted to learn, at least some basic. Why spend money to do some simple stuff, when you can learn how to DIY? CodeAcademy (not aff link) is the easiest way to learn how to code. It’s interactive, fun, and you can do it, also at your own pace. Won’t give you more details here, as it is pretty much self explanatory – learn how to code. And yes, it is 100% free. No excuses, unless you hate coding for completely :).

That’s it! I really do hope that you found these resources helpful for you. If you do, can you please share it with your friends and do the “button” dance? Will appreciate it.


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7 thoughts on “Inbound Marketing Process, Resources and More

  • Hey Great post on the IM university, I was checking it out thanks for your site I got some good info about it. Thanks for the good review

  • Looks like a really great course, Francisco.

    To be honest as much as I am revved up and ready to jump in, I am currently falling behind with a Online–offline Management/ Entrepreneurial course, and another course for building a successful site.
    They are only Diploma level, though, the first course requires a fair amount of time to get through each module.
    Diploma courses aside, I may still jump on board that inbound marketing course.
    I will go and suss out their site, just to get the “Low down”.
    Great visuals, by the way. You do a fine job of keeping your copy- images in a well balanced, easy to digest proportion.

    • Hi Daniel. I know that there are courses virtually all over the place and one sometimes just does not have the time to do them all. The courses you are doing sounds great and to be honest with you, if you can find the time, inbound marketing seems to be like a pretty compliment to what you are taking now. Good thing about it is that you can do it are your own pace. Even if you are not interested in the “certification”, there is still a lot to learn.

  • Hi DiTesco,

    I like your approach to internet marketing. You made it very simple to follow and easy to keep organized. There really is a lot of information out there and it can be easy to get overloaded with poor information.

    Thanks for the quality content!

    Take Care,


    • Thanks Jeremy. Glad you found this article useful and I hope you can put it to good use. All the best

  • I came to read this article because I think it may have information for my readers. I got lots of value from the infographics and will help me a lot with a presentiation I’m to do to a huge corporation in April. Wish me luck! And thanks 😉

  • PPC has always made me nervous (as a blogger) because I don’t think I can convert ‘leadership’ niche browsers into customers well enough to be able to afford the cpc. I think it’s because other leadership sites selling consultancy services, and so I can’t compete with that level of marketing budget!

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