How To Design Your Template On Blogger?

blogger template designerBlogger dot com has been bit by bit (that’s why it counts), making some enhancements in it’s platform for some time now. Several improvements have been made since they launched “blogger in draft” and recently they have made yet another addition to it’s features which is the reason why it is still my number one choice when it comes to free hosting and why I wrote a post that provides some tips on how to become a better user. The most recent addition to is the ability to design your own template. While there are many free blogger templates on the internet, Google decided to launch this feature so you may “put out” the creativity within you:)

What’s Interesting about the blogger template designer?

For one, it’s the ease of use. The only tool you need is virtually just a mouse and the rest is up to you. You can customize your layout, colors, width, backgrounds, number of gadgets and just about anything else. With this new tool, there is no need for any knowledge in coding as you can easily design your own template and be unique. How cool is that? Newbies and enthusiast will certainly welcome this addition.

Watch this quick video that the blogger team prepared:

And some of it’s great features:

* 15 new, highly-customizable templates from our design team, split into four families: Simple, Picture Window, Awesome Inc, and Watermark
* One-, two-, and three-column layouts for each template, with complete control over the size and arrangement of the columns
* Hundreds of background images and patterns from iStockphoto, the leading microstock image marketplace

With the various combination that are now at your disposal, figure the math and see how many different templates you can create. Be creative, tailor your background in accordance to your topic or simply your taste. Or you can really design some good templates and have it available for the world. The blogger template designer allows you to include the attribution gadget (added to the footer by all new templates) which is there to give credit not just to the designer and artist of the background image, but to you as well. great way to get backlinks, don’t you think? Just edit its settings by clicking “Edit” on Layout > Page Elements to add your own authorship or copyright information. This is all now more reason to consider using as your free hosting platform of choice. You can read the official release on The Blogger Template Designer.

So, what do you think of this new addition to blogger? For those interested, I have written a post that provides some tips on how to become a better user. Happy blogging!


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  • CAn you talk about SEO for this new template, on previous I knew where to add keyworkds and came out on page one of Google for that blog But new desinger html is trickier to tamper with. Any ideas? Sorry I dont ‘liek WordPress, Ihave tried repeadtly and find it hard to use.

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